Friday, March 9, 2012

Staying in Lauderhill East

Well Hello there my family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like you all are doing so good, and I am
so glad to hear that. It sounds like you all had such a great Thanksgiving
weekend! I did too! And yes, I ate, and I ate, and I ate some more. We
had 3 dinner appointments that day, and I went out of the first one that
started at 1:00 pm just absolutely rolling. Then right after that we went
to another one, and I bearly got everything down. Then right after that
one, we went to another one. At the third one I was about to die. I got a
plate and started eating and I had an empanada in my hand just looking at
it and trying to play it off that I was full by talking to others and
Brother Reyes looked at us and said, "Elders, are you ok? Did you eat
somewhere else?" Elder Flores and I both looked at each other and shook
our heads, "yes." He said, "Elders don't feel bad if your full, don't eat,
we'll wrap you up some and take it to go." I put my empanada down and
said, "Thank you." Haha it was a pretty amuzing experience. I took
pictures of me after each meal, but forgot my camera so maybe I'll send you
those pictures next week. And no, I didn't get to kill my turkeys this
year lol.

I will be staying here in Lauderhill East!!! I'm super excited!!! Elder
Flores however is leaving. I don't know where he is going yet, but I will
tell you next week when we find out. I'm so happy to be staying though.
We have a baptism coming up this weekend. I want to share with you a
little bit of our experience with her, this is what I wrote to President
Anderson regarding her (her name is Diane who is getting baptized this
weekend): She is truly an indirect blessing that Elder Flores and I
received through our changing our ways to become more in line with God's
will through Harvesting an hour a day, and diligently talking to everyone.
She is the sister of one of the members in the ward. She has attended
church for a very long time off and on with her sister, and has even met
with the missionaries before and has never accepted getting baptized.
Three weeks ago this member family invited us to dinner on Sunday and Diana
was there. After we got done eating, we sat down and started talking about
Christmas. We testified much about Christ, and felt that we needed to
invite her to be baptized. She accepted with not even a question. This
last Sunday we went over again to teach her and we asked her how she felt
about her baptism and she said, "Good." We then went over the baptismal
interview questions with her and after she got up and said, "Wow, I'm kind
of excited," with a huge grin on her face. Her sister in turn started
crying, and it was such a great and powerful moment.
It was probably one of the most powerful moments I've had on my mission. I
loved it and felt that she was one who I was sent here to help and to get
to know.

As far as things for Christmas, I live with 3 other Elders, so there's 4 of
us in total. I'm really excited to get those Christmas Decorations! Also
with my shoes, my Rockports have been the ones that have worn out the
fastest and the worst but my Florsheims have stayed in perfect tact, and I
wear them just as often as I do my Rockports. I usually switch off
everyday. But they have been really good shoes. It's mainly the souls on
the Rockports that don't last very long. They were starting to ware down
when I was in the MTC. And also yes, I do need a belt, maybe even 2. I'm
so sorry that I'm so rough on clothes, I don't get it lol. I have always
been that way. I'll try to do better.

We are teaching another man named Tomy. He is the coolest guy ever. He
actually took us fishing last week. He has seen many miracles this week
because we have been teaching him more, and he is coming to church and
doing so good. His wife is a member and some of the kids, but he is not a
member yet. He is doing so good though. He's the Dad of Paolo, the cute
little kid that I sent the picture home a few weeks ago with him with my
tie and plaque on. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what
people we are teaching.

Well family that about catches you up for this week and gives you a little
run down on what's coming up this week for me. I hope that all is going
well with and for each and every one of you, and know that I love you all
so much. Please take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you do and going to all places that you go.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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