Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


How is everybody doing? It sounds like every one is doing good and I am so
grateful to hear that. I am doing well as well. My headaches are gone,
accept for the usual Sunday headache lol, but all is well. This last week
we had Zone Conference, and we got flu shots. And no, it didn't hurt lol.
I was actually kind of glad to get it. But I am doing well, Elder Flores
and I had a pretty good week this week. This week we went on an exchange
and I went to an English area, and it was really weird being in English.
It made me realize how much I missed and how much I do love Spanish. Even
though I've got a long way to go with the language, I love it. While we
were on the exchange I got to talk to a Spanish person and it felt like a
huge relief lol.

So my plans for Thanksgiving are to give thanks, eat, eat, eat, and........
eat. I'm hoping that it works out like that lol. We have one appointment
set up right now for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm so
stoked for Thanksgiving and Christmas. At our apartment complex they have
all of the trees and the signs and stuff with Christmas lights and
everything. I need to take a picture of it to send to you all. Every
night when we come back it's so fun to look at. As far as do I have any
kind of Christmas tree or ornament that I can set up, no I don't have
anything. We can but I don't have anything. And as far as my favorite
homemade Christmas treat, I'm sorry but there's nothing like Grandma's
homemade sugar cookies. When you asked me that Mother my mind went right
to them. So Granny, I don't want to burden you but if you don't made, I
would be forever grateful to a Grandmother and Grandfather that I love so
dearly. I'm happy to hear that you and Grandpa are doing so good.

Bishop Petersen!!! Oh man that is the coolest thing ever! I'm so happy
for you Tom! You are going to be great! Remember, the Lord doesn't call
the qualified, but he qualifies the called. He knows you and knows that
you are going to do great things to build and help His kingdom here upon
the Earth. Suzy's the right one to help you all along the way as well.
What a great calling you have.

That's cool that Stacy bought a new car. But it's not so cool that Brady
is working at Smith's lol. No it's a good job I'm happy for him. What is
he doing there? If it's not Dairy, I think that he'll be ok haha.

We don't have too many plans for Preparation Day today. Last week we
(Elder Flores and I) were able to make the music CD at the library where we
are e-mailing. Elder Flores helped me make it.
By the way, next week I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday because if you can
believe it, it's already transfers again. So I'll let you know how that
goes and if anybody is going.

This week has been a great learning week. With Zone Conference and
continuing to work, many things have been learned. That's a wonderful gift
that we have from our Heavenly Father is that we can continue to learn.
Learning is essential. We are never done. There is much to be learned,
but what a great gift we have that we can learn, change, grow, and know of
the truth of the things.

Well family, I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving week, and know
that I am with you. I love you all so very much. I am grateful to have a
FAMILY like you. Please all of you be careful in your travelings to other
places for Thanksgiving and throughout all the week, and return home
safely. Take care and have a great week.

Elder Hardman

Friday, November 18, 2011

*Answered Prayers*

Hello My family!

How is everybody doing this week? It sounds like you all are doing so good
and I am so grateful to hear that good news. What a great week it has been
for me too. Elder Flores and I have had some great experiences this week.
I'll share one with you in a minute. So I'm glad that you had a hard
Birthday week Mother lol. I'm glad that you got to have some good fun

So to help Joe, you need to bear strong testimony that you know that God
lives and Jesus Christ lives and about the Plan of Salvation. You need to
testify what you know from your heart. Also you can read and study in
"Preach My Gospel" ch. 3 lesson 2. These are the basic, yet very powerful
doctrines that we teach to people so that they can *feel* the Gospel.
Pray, study, pray, then your testimony will grow. Also, you need to
challenge him to meet with the missionaries. Missionaries are set apart to
teach the Restored truths of The Gospel. I'm not saying this just because
I am a missionary, it's the fact and reality of it that the missionaries
are ordained of God to help Joe in this specific time. He needs to meet
with them. That's the only way the he is going to get the answers to his

So this week we had a really cool experience. I'm going to copy and paste
what I e-mailed to President Anderson:
Last week also in my letter I told you that I want to have an experience
where we knock on the door of a person and they say that they have been
praying for somebody to come by and pray with them. Well, just that
happened. I have been waiting all week to tell you about it. On I think
Tuesday, maybe even Monday, we were walking and harvesting. We saw this
kid walking down the sidewalk so we decided to run after to talk to him.
We got done talking to him then there was a man sitting out in front of his
door smoking. We go up and start talking to him and he invites us in. We
walk in and around the corner was him Mom confined to a chair do to medical
problems. We explained what we were doing and she said ok. We knelt and
gave the blessing, and as we stood up she said, "You know I have been
praying that I could go somewhere to pray with someone, but it looks like
it came to me." It was a beautiful moment in my mission for me because the
Lord answered my prayer.

It was an experience that I can't nor ever will forget. Knowing that the
Lord answered my prayers because I was obedient, because Elder Flores and I
were obedient. God grants us blessings according to our own personal
righteousness, which includes our own personal obedience to His

Well family I don't have much time left. Just know that I am doing great
and that I am loving the work. I love each and every one of you
individually. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you are doing and do and in all of your travelings.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Friday, November 11, 2011

*a BIGGER MISSION for Fort Launderdale*

Well hello this week!

Hello my family! How is everybody doing? It sounds like you all are doing
fine and good. It sounds like you all had a good trip to Idaho this week
and visiting with Great Grandma on her birthday. Thank you for giving her
a big hug and love from me. Thank you so much for the pictures! By the
way, little miss Jessica is so much little miss Jessica anymore. Holy cow
she is tall! I couldn't believe it! Wow, it's amazing and so fun to see
pictures like that!

Haha that's my boy little Carson, getting your first real bump and bruise!
Haha that made me laugh so hard when I heard about that. Yes Alicia, boys
do things like that. Haha but none the less, be careful little guy.

So as for weather for me this week, it has been nice and cool again. There
were a couple of days when it was pretty hot, but it wasn't too bad. We've
been driving with the windows nice and it has been feeling nice. So yes I
am driving to our appointments and everything that we are doing now. And
also speaking of weather, I think that you're right Daddy, the weather is
what's giving me the headaches because my headaches are gone now. I
noticed that the other day I was kind of like, "wait a minute, I haven't
had a headache for a while." It's been nice. Although yesterday I had
one, but it had been a while so it doesn't worry me. All is good with my
headaches! Don't worry about a thing. By the way, I must say I can't
really remember what snow feels like, or really looks like in person for
that matter. Our Bishop in this ward that I'm in right now got back from a
trip in Provo and said that it was cold and a little bit of snow. It got
me thinking that I don't really remember snow lol.

So some cool news for and from our mission, I forgot to tell you last week,
is that our mission got extended in size. We now have a new zone up to the
North from the Orlando mission. They were added to our mission by
revelation through the brethren. It is really cool, and it is a big area.
From what I have heard, most of those areas are English, so I don't know if
I'll ever be able to go up there. Either way. I want to stay in Spanish
so that's ok.

Well Mother, I'm glad that you have enjoyed your birthday month so far.
Happy Birthday Mother and I love you! But just remember, your Birthday is
only on one day, not a week or two. Just sayin'.

So this week has been a pretty good week. We set a few more baptismal
dates with our investigators. It was kind of a cool story. In our
missionary coordination meeting after church yesterday we were talking
about a couple of our investigators and some recent converts said, "we
might know them, can we go with you today." Of course! We said. So they
went with us, and it was who they knew. They had been out of contact for a
few years it sounded like. It was a miracle, and a witness of the works of
the Lord. What a great blessing. It came just at the right time too. We
were about to lost these investigators, and now they are preparing to get
baptized. The Lord gives us the miracle after we show and after the trial
of our Faith and just in the right time. It is His time, not our time.
Always remember that in everything.

Well family just know that all is well with me, and I hope that everything
is good and well with each and every one of you! Please take care and have
a great week and be careful in all things that you do. take care in all
things that you do. All is good here with me.

I love each and every one of you. Please know that and feel that each and
every day, and the love that your Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ
have for each and every one of you. Please know, and if you don't
know, learn about the love of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it's a love
you can't describe. It is unconditional. Read the book, "The Continuous
Atonement" By Brad Wilcox. Your testimony will grow.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

This is the cutest little boy ever. His name is Paolo. He came up to me
last night while I was sitting on their couch and pointed to my plaque and
said, "What's that."
"My plaque." I said.
He pointed to his shirt and wanted me to put it on him. Then he pointed to
my tie and wanted me to put that on him too. It was the most cutest thing
ever. He walked around with it on for a little while.

He did that before to other missionaries from what I heard, but it was the
absolute most cutest thing ever.

*Driving in the RAIN & Halloween*

Well hello to my dearest Family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like, and I hope, that everyone is doing
well! It sounds like Grandma and Grandpa had a fun weekend with all of the
grandkids! Thank you so much for sending me the pictures, I loved them! I
too can't believe it is Halloween already. But, you all thought that I was
going to dress up as an LDS Missionary today right? Yes I am an LDS
Missionary, but today I get to dress up in "normal" clothes. Because today
is Preparation Day, while we are in the apartment I get to wear normal
clothes! Yes, something a little strange for me. My "normal clothes"
right now is a white shirt, tie, and slacks and a plaque. So "normal
clothes" are weird. I hope that that all made sense to you all lol.

So as far as Halloween plans for today, we are going to relax, then work
from 5:00-7:00 then we are going back to the apartment for the rest of the
night. We are thinking about carving pumpkins ourselves and having a bunch
of candy, but we'll see how the pumpkin carving goes whether we do it or
not. But we will have a lot of candy lol. Also as far as activities at
the church for Halloween, the primary held a little party with a costume
contest and stuff. It was fun, but we didn't stay for very long we went to
an investigators house after that.

So as far as memory cards and journals I am doing really good. I have 2
empty memory cards, and 1 empty journal still, so I am doing really good on
those. Honestly I have thought of what you could send me for Christmas and
Birthday. I really need maybe about 3 new pairs of garments, 2 new white
shirts a couple new belts, more ties, and a new pair of shoes. One pair of
my shoes are getting pretty worn out. As far as anything else, just
pictures and a whole lot of that Hardman family love.

I figured Mother that you called the mission office last week lol. You
probably talked to either Sister Steimley or Sister Collins on the phone.
Both of those ladies I love so much. I love calling in to the office for
something and just saying hi to Sister Steimley. If it's been more than a
couple of weeks that I have called in for something she says, "Elder
Hardman I was starting to have withdrawals." She is, and all of the senior
missionaries, are amazing. We have the best.

I am in a car and bike area now, and I am driving. I know I kind of
thought the same thing like, do I even remember how to drive it's been so
long lol. But I still do know how to drive. It's been fun being in a car,
although I really do love my bike. I took her out a few days ago and I
loved it. I missed her a lot. For being in a car, I have been having to
have a good work out in the mornings. Yes Mother, I promise that I always
take my back in to consideration. Heavenly Father reminds me of that
constantly, so don't you worry. Thanks for being a Mother though, but not
only that, thanks for being my Mother.

We had a really powerful experience this week. A few days ago we went to
one of our investigator's house and his Dad was there from Peru. He has
not been feeling well, so we gave him a Priesthood blessing. Yesterday we
went back and he was just a running around saying that he feels like a
cannon. The power of the Priesthood is real. I told him as we were
talking, "looks like somebody received a Priesthood blessing." And he
said, "I believe so." It was a very powerful experience with a true
manifestation of the Priesthood of God.

All is well for me family. I am loving this area. The past couple of days
it has been raining super hard and the streets have been flooding. It has
been a ton of fun to drive in. I'll send home some pictures that were
taken as we were driving. I was the one driving, and I loved it, it really
was so much fun.

You all please be careful going up to Idaho and come back safe and well
ok? Please give Great Grandmother a big hug and a kiss from me. Tell her
to keep recovering and that I love her so much.

Well family, please take care and have a great week and be careful in all
things that you do and in all of your travelings. I'm glad to hear that
Skyler and them are having a really good time. Tell them to be careful
coming back and that I will continue praying for them. I love you all each
and every one of you individually so much. Please always feel and know of
that love, and most of all of the love that your Heavenly Father and His
Son Jesus Christ have for you. What a great work this is that I am in, and
I will continue sharing it with others.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

DRIVING IN THE RAIN......I don't think he likes it one bit..LOL!


Well hello there my family!

How is everybody doing? I hope, and it sounds like all are doing well.
Tell Skyler and Morgan and Tom and Suzy to be careful going down to Cabo and
to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Also know that yesterday I wasn't able to e-mail because the internet was
down county-wide, so we had to put it off until today to come and do it. So
no worries, all is good.

Alright so now my area is Lauderhill East. It's back up North of the
mission. It's about 30 South of West Palm Beach. I have been waiting to
come to this area. My companion is Elder Flores. He is from Honduras. I
love this kid. I met him at the beginning of my mission at a Zone
Conference that we had one time. Ever since then I felt pretty close to
him. We both were shocked and so happy when we found out that we were
companions now. Our area is a car and a bike area. Our area is huge though
lol I mean super big. But it's really nice though. In our apartment
complex, we have a gym that we get to go and work out every morning. It's
so nice. The weather has been super good too. It's starting to cool off.
About mid day now it's about between 80-85 degrees, which feels really super
good haha. In the morning we wake up and head to the gym, and it's almost a
little cold. Man I am loving it. It really hasn't been rainy. It rained
once the other day and that was it. It's been super fun. That's not to say
though that I haven't missed Hialeah and back down there. Thank you Mother
for writing to Sister Martinez and thanking her so much for everything that
she did for me. She really was and is great and did a lot for me, along
with many others.

Happy Birthday Emily and Jessica! I love you!

So as far as my headaches go, there is nothing to worry about. It could be
because of the sun being on bike and stuff. There really is nothing to
worry about though I'm all good.

I'm glad that you had, and that you got home safe from your St. George trip
Mother. That is really cool and what a small world it is that you met
somebody who served here in this mission as well. That's so cool!

Ever since transfers, Elder Flores and I have been working hard. The day we
got put together we went to an appointment with this man named Willy. He is
a super cool guy. He called us before we went over and told us that he
doesn't want to change churches so we didn't need to come by. My companion
talked to him and said that we are just coming over to say a prayer and
leave the blessing of Christ upon him and his home. So he allowed us to
come over, and when we got there we started talking to him. He is an older
guy, but super nice. He leaves alone, his wife passed away a little while
ago. We taught him, and he now has a baptismal date. It was a very strong
and powerful lesson. The converting power of the Gospel is real. The
Gospel is real, and true, and I love it. We blessed his home just before we
were leaving, and he felt great with that blessing. Elder Flores and I
really love him a lot and we gave him a big hug as we were leaving.

Another experience we had this week is that we went over to a less-active's
home. I didn't know that they were less-active until after we left. We
taught them for a minute, and then we left a blessing upon them and their
home. I gave the blessing and I felt impressed to bless them with the
Spirit of Missionary work and that they could share the Gospel to all around
them. As we ended the blessing, the Dad of the child walked in
(Non-member), and he asked us to sit down and talk to him for a little
while, so we did. We talked to him and taught him, and at the end he said
that things make more sense to him now. He was and is a really good guy.
Him and the less-active family came to church this past Sunday. It was such
a miracle, and again another testament of the truthfulness of this Gospel
and the converting power of the Gospel.

Well family, everybody please take care and be careful in all of your
travelings and doings. Skyler, Morgan, Tom, and Suzy please be careful
going down to Cabo, and have a great time. Don't worry about the kids.
They're with Grandma and Grandpa, all is good. Please each and every one of
you individually please know that I love you and how much I love you. Be
good in all things, and be an example for good in all things. Take care and
have a great week! I love you!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

It's Raining, it's Pouring..the ELDERS are SOAKED

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY..the ELDERS have WORK to do!

All the week has been raining in South Fla. Our missionaries had been very soak almost every day. It's incredible how Our heavenly Father protect them.
They pass to my house for a few minutes to say hi and eat Gummy Bears. They complete their goals for this week and they are happy for that.

From Sister Martinez

*Oct 11*

Hello Family!

How is everybody doing? I hope that everything is going good for everybody! It sounds like all is going pretty good for everybody, and that makes me happy to know that. All is going pretty good for me this week, just a continuing to chug along working hard and doing the Lord's work. What a beautiful and challenging work it is. I have been feeling a lot of growth in many things in myself as well.

Mother I'll have to write you next week about your last e-mail about how to teach principles and things. Yesterday was our Preparation Day, but all of the libraries were closed, that is why I am writing today. Also, before I forget, next week I won't be writing until Tuesday either because if you can hardly believe it it's transfers again. We'll see and I'll let you know how it goes and what is happening.

So I had a really great interview with President Anderson. We talked about many things and how we are going to further the work. We feel a great thing coming here in Hialeah. Something is going to happen, we just need to continue pushing forward and showing our Faith.

Last night Elder Osborn and I had something cool happen. We were knocking doors at like 8:00 and later. We knocked this one door offering to come in and leave the peace and blessing from Christ in their home. The lady who answered the door was stirring for an excuse kind of stuttering but then said, "ok come in." We walked in and her husband kind of looked at us like, "who in the land are these people?" We told him and so we knelt and offered the blessing. After the blessing, we got up and it felt like we were going to be really good friends. We were laughing and felt very comfortable with them. We have a return appointment to teach them tomorrow night. We're pretty excited.

So as far as my headaches are going, they are still present. I'm pretty sure that we are going to be getting me in somewhere. I have tried, but all the places that I have called either haven't answered or don't take the insurance. So, we'll see what goes on but I am in good contact with our Health Coordinator senior missionary about everything, so no need to worry about anything.

Thank you for the update on the Utes Daddy. They'll get better don't worry. And just in time for me to get home and we can go and cheer them on haha. And yes Daddy, it is just a game haha. Obviously I'm not too focused on that stuff, which is a good thing, so there in turn I'm not feeling too bad right now lol. All will get better. Tell Matthew that we will throw the baseball around soon, I promise.

So yeah there was a couple of days there where the weather was kind of bad. We still did go out and preach during the storms. It was kind of fun though. We were blessed a lot though because each time it started to rain hard, we were covered up. It was nice. It was so nice though because it made it nice and cool here. It was so nice. Right now it is still pretty warm, but you can tell and feel it cooling down.

So conference is still going on in my mind. We went to an investigators house the other day and watched Elder Callister's talk about The Book of Mormon. We set him with a baptismal date. They divinity of the words of the Lord's servants is real.

So as far as trying to find things to write, sometimes it is hard for me, but as I reflect on the week the Spirit helps me remember other things that have gone on during the week.

Well family, I love each and every one of you individually so much. Give Raegan a big hug and kiss from Uncle Elder Hardman so that she gets feeling better too. Thank you all for sending your love and prayers to me, and please know that I do the same thing. Take care all of you, have a great week, and be careful in all of your travelings and all things that you do. I love you so much.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*OUR Prophet Speaks*

My dearest family,

How is everybody doing?! All is going well for me, and it sounds like
everything is going good for you all! I am glad to hear that you all had a
good conference weekend, and that you learned a lot. I too learned a lot
from General Conference. What a great blessing it is in our lives. We get
to hear from God's living day prophet hear upon the Earth today. I hope you
all realize what a great blessing that is. I want you all to study about
what a Prophet of God is, why they are important, and then ponder why it is
important to you. I want you all to know how real it is that we have a
living day Prophet here upon the Earth today. He leads us and guides us.
He has communication with God, for our benefit. These things are not just a
good idea, however they come directly from God. I hope you all realize the
blessing that is, that God has given us a Prophet, and they we have been
born and are living in this time.

One thing that edified me a lot during conference came from President
Uchtdorf saying that we need to have self-reliance. We do need other people
in our life, but we to need to be self reliant. We are entitled to
receiving revelation from God. We can do so through sincere prayer and
looking through him. He wants, and commands us to pray to him in the name
is His beloved to receive answers from Him. As President Monson, and many
others said, the answers will come. Look for them. They may, and may I add
usually do, come line upon line, precept upon precept What a great blessing
prayer is. We having a Heavenly Father, a person with a physical body of
flesh and bone just like us, a higher and most powerful being, asking us to
pray to Him. Wow, what a great blessing that is. There is a most powerful
being over the whole universe, and asks us, His children, being
insignificant, to pray to him. Wow, what a great blessing.

There are so many things from Conference that lifted and edified me, and I
now have the desires to go forth becoming the missionary, husband, father,
and priesthood leader that He needs and knows that I have the potential to

The childrens choir on Saturday touched my heart dearly, as you can imagine
why. That was so beautiful and they did such a great job. Heavenly Father
loves His children.

As for the weather here, it is still hot. I have been told that it is going
to be cooling down soon, but we're still waiting for that to come lol. It
has been good though. Still just sweating like crazy. I've become pretty
used to sweating so much though, and it kind of feels good lol.

Thank you for writing to Sister Martinez. Yes she did get it and she is
grateful for it. Spanish is still coming along. I am learning more and
more each and every day. It's fun because there are so many people frombasically all South and Central American countries that you learn so many
things. It is great. I still have been eating good lol.

Wow I can't believe my little cousin Cameron is turning 20 today. Happy
Birthday Cameron! I love you!

So as for last week it was just a rough week, but hey they happen.
Everybody has them. For that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us,
and sent His only Begotten Son to suffer for us so that we can endure our
trials with Faith in Christ, knowing that all will go well and that Heavenly
Father will take care of us. All is good.

Well family I love you all so very much, each and every one of you
individually. I am so glad to hear that Matthew is doing good and is going
to be transferring to Las Vegas soon. Send him my love and big hug to him.
I love you all so very much. Take care, have a great week, and please be
careful in all of your travelings and doings each and every day.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman


Hi Hardman Family ! Another photo. He is doing great, working good and a little sick. He is enjoying his mission a lot !!
He really love it.
Here is waiting for give a blessing to sister Sabalza, another mom of him. She love your son a lot. She bring food for him at church. He loves AREPAS
she made for him, is like a tortilla with meat or eggs inside. Your son have a good appetite and he like everything. He is a great missionary.

This week was very hard for them. He usually pass to my house to talk with us. Sometimes is frustrated for the persons that are annoying or rejected
the message, or when is tired or not feeling good. We prayed a lot for them, sometimes had headache and he is riding his bike and the weather is not good, to much sun, about 102 degrees
or heavy rain.... but he love Florida and we love Elder Hardman. Be proud of this guy, he is great.
I' m taking care of 4 missionaries :)


*Sept 26*

My dearest Family,

How is everybody doing this week? It sounds like you all are doing good. I'm glad to hear that. I am glad to hear that Isaac and Kenley are over at the house. Give them, and all of the other babies a big hug and kiss from Uncle Elder Hardman. Tell them all that I love them so much, and am grateful for the support that they give me. I think about them often, and they help me get through trials that I may be going through.
As for me I am feeling fine. I am getting over a cold or something that I have had for a few days. My headaches are getting better. I haven't seen a doctor, but they are getting better. So all is well.

Yes Mother, on Saturday I got your letter. Thank you so very much! That's good that you haven't been being a typical state worker lately Mother lol. I too am so very grateful that you have such a good job and such good people to work with. No your e-mails aren't too long for me to read and then write you, it's just that last week I didn't get yours until a while in to my time.

So Miami Beach was super cool. We had the greatest training. It was about The Doctrine of Christ, and How to Begin Teaching (PMG Ch. 10). I learned so much, and feel the Holy Ghost guiding me, as well as Elder Osborn, since that time and training. It was so good and spiritual. Elder Pacheco was driving. He lives with us, and is from Puerto Rico. He's a good Elder. Elder Furch was with us that day too. It was a great time. Seeing ocean water was awesome. We saw a jelly fish and many other cool fishes. Man it was awesome.

So as far as Preparation Day activites, that depends on the week. One week we'll go to the church and play dodgeball, another week I'll write letters and take a 3 hour nap, and so forth. The naps are great as you can imagine lol. Also it consists of cleaning the apartment and everything. This morning we did a major apartment cleaning. President and Sister Anderson are coming down on Wednesday to inspect and to have interviews with President Anderson. I'm super excited. You all would be so proud of me for how much I cleaned this morning, It was fun though I liked it. It always feels good to have cleanliness, because without it the Spirit CAN NOT dwell. That is a fact and true, and I have a testimony of that and am so grateful for that knowledge.

So as far as my week has been, I won't lie it has been a rough one. Elder Osborn and I have been tested on our Faith, and our patience this week. It just has been rough, but nothing to worry about. We will get out of it, we just need to prove our Faith, and over come the trial of our Faith. We will receive blessings, we just need to keep going forth.

We have one investigator that is amazing. She came to church yesterday, and we love her a lot. We also had a couple of new investigators that came to church yesterday. It was great.

All is well with me though family. I love you all each individually so very much. Please take care and be careful in all of your travelings and doing every day. I thank you all so very much for all of the prayers in my behalf, and please know that I pray for you too and your safety and care, and that you'll have love in all things.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*Sept 19*

Well hello there myh family!

How is everybody doing? I really hope that all is good and that all is going well with everybody! All is going well for me, I am fine.

Thank you all so much for the package! Yes, my pants do fit thank you very much lol. I really needed them because I was only using one pair because I ripped my other too. Don't worry, Sister Martinez is fixing them for me. She is great and I love her a lot. I will tell her thank you so much from you for taking care of me. I know that it does mean a lot, and it means a lot to me too. You can e-mail her back on the address that she writes you and tell her thank you. She can read English very well, plus her daughters speak English.

So as far as that doctor visit in July, I don't know. The only thing I can guess was for my chest from my accident, but I thought I used the missionary insurance. I don't know. Speaking of that, I'll be honest with you. I am still having headaches from that, and am working to getting a doctor's appointment to get that checked out. They went away for a while, but now they are coming back. Don't worry, all is good. Sister Martinez put my name in the temple, so all will go good.

Sorry I don't have too much time to write a whole lot today, sorry lol.

Tell everyone hi for me and send them my love as well back. The Dangerfields, Pattens, and Cody Hancuff. I'm super excited for Landon to be going out! Man that is awesome.

So I hope that everyone is doing well on their study about the Atonement. One thing I would like to add, it is vital that we use The Atonement to gain Eternal Life. It helps us here on Earth, but is of Eternal importance and great value. Read in "Preach My Gospel" about The Atonement. It has a brief, but very powerful explanation of The Atonement, along with scriptures. I am counting on those letters coming this week.

Well family I love you all individually so much! Please take care and have a great week, and be careful in all of your travelings, driving and all things. Give everybody a big hug from Elder Hardman. Tell Grandpa that I love him.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Went to a Training in Miami Beach and he got to see WATER!!!!

Ready to work after Lunch!

Hello family, friends and ..... !!!!
Elder Spencer (Arizona) Elder Chinchilla (Costa Rica) Elder Hardman (Utah) Elder Osborn (Utah)....LOVE THAT J's EYES ARE CLOSED!!!

*Sept 12*

Hello mi querida familia!

How is everybody doing on this fine and beautiful rainy day here in Sunny South Florida? It sounds like everybody is doing well, and I am grateful to hear that. How are you doing in school Big-D? How is Matty doing? I hope that all is going well with everyone. So as far as weather goes it has been hot this week, but rainy. Right now actually it is raining really hard outside lol. Dad I can't wait for you to come to Florida and witness a thunder and lightning storm here. It's nothing like you have ever seen before. The thunder is so bad that it literally shakes our apartment. The other day my companion was not feeling good so he was laying down, and it started storming. I saw this huge flash of lightning, and before I could blink again this HUGE clap of thunder just goes roaring. It was awesome. I thought right of you when I heard that thunder. It was incredible. I thought about that storm up at Flaming Gorge when you and Grandpa went down to the dock and I was scared to death, looking back that was nothing lol. It's awesome.

So as far as the package, I have not yet received it. It's ok though with transfers and everything I am sure that the office will send it out soon. I might even get it today. Who knows we'll see. Thank you so much for sending it though! I am super excited to receive it though. I have been waiting for it. Thank you for loving me and sending me a package.

So Hermana Martinez is basically my Mom in this area. I actually met her when I was in Miami Lakes because she is the Stake Geneology coordinator or something, so she was always at the Miami Lakes chapel on Wednesdays. She was praying for me to come here to Hialeah, and look where I am haha. I love her to death. She does take very good care of us and me, and I will be sure to let her know that you send your love and thanks to her. She really is a great lady, and a great member of the church of Jesus Christ. They are such a great family and we love them a lot and they mean a lot to us. They gave me those sweet aviators. I like them a lot. I still would like some bigger aviators, but these ones are really good.

So with those two little old ladies in the pictures, we were teaching them. I say were because with the transfers, our area boundaries changed so they belong to the other Elders that we live with. It's ok I still see them at church. I love them so much, they are so cute.

Please give President Meservy a big hug for me and tell him thank you. When I heard about stake conference I got a little emotional thinking about President Meservy. That man means a lot to me. Tell him thank you so much for always sending me an update letter on the stake and a very inspired and spiritually uplifting talk by an Apostle.
I still haven't found "The One Family" that President Coombs was talking about, but as you said Mother, it could have been and be many families and people. I'm going forward to find this family. I want to find them.

This week has been a week full of miracles. I would like to share a couple stories with you:
Elder Osborn and I went harvesting yesterday. A couple of days before I got this impression that we needed to knock this certain street close to the chapel. We started knocking. A little while later we came to this house with a "welcome" sign out on the front and I said, "Look Elder, they have already welcomed us. This is the door we are getting in." An older lady answered the door and wasted no time letting us in. We gave her the blessing, her husband and others did not want to join us. We got back up off of our knees and asked testified of that Spirit. We then asked her if we could come back and she wasted no time saying, yes. She walked out with us and waved us bye.

A little while later we knocked this door and this guy came out and answered. He asked us, "Is it only going to take a moment?" He said moment, I couldn't believe it. It was amazing. We said yes it's just going to take a moment of your time. So he let us in. We got to know the family a little bit. We asked if there was anything in specific that they would like us to pray for. A lady that was there, Madelyn, said, "I have somebody. My dad." I have never really had anybody tell me somebody in specific like that, I loved it. We knelt and gave the blessing. After the blessing, she was emotional. As we testified of that Spirit and who and where we come from, her tears started getting thicker and heavier. It was a very powerful moment. The man who answered the door could feel the Spirit too.
There have been many more miracles than that, but I just wanted to share a couple with you.

I want you all to know how happy I am for you, and how proud I am of you. I see your progression each time I read your letters. You all are amazing. I love you all so much. Everything that you are learning, I am learning too. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and has been restored to us again. I continue to urge you all to fulfill that challenge that I gave you last week. I have been thinking in that and am really looking forward to your letters coming soon. Take care all of you, and have a great week going forth in the knowledge of truth, standing up being an example of the believers, standing up in all righteousness. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

A cute member that the elders spend time with sent Momma Karon these pictures one morning...she was VERY SURPRISED to get them!! What would we do without those other sweet momma's that take care of our ELDER!!