Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~Transfer week~

Well hello mi familia!!! Como estan a todos? Espero que esten bien! Yo estoy bien. Yo he tenido ungran semana! No me voy. Voy a estar aca in Miami Lakes South con ElderBowler.
How is everybody doing? I hope that all is well! I have had a really great week! So to answer the burning question......... No I am not going to get transferred. I am staying here with Elder Bowler! I am super excited! I didn't feel that I had accomplished everything that I had been sent here to do yet. Don't worry, I am definitely working on that.
So, how has everything been with everybody this week? Dad you are right, I do most of the cooking. Trust me, every time that I cook, I brag about i twas only through my Papa (and Mother) that I am able to cook. But, my companion does it sometimes. I have actually been really surprised at how much I have remembered. However, I have been cooking a lot of Latin things as of lately. I'm basically turning hispanic. Sometimes I joke around with people here telling them that I am from Cuba or Honduras, and they really do believe me! Haha it is so fun to talk with the people. "I tell you what!"
Each day I can feel and see the hand of God in my life helping me understand and talk Spanish. It is amazing. So, yes I did receive your handwritten letters to me Mother and Father! Thank you so much for writing me! I was so excited to get them! It came as quite a surprise! Also, Mele thank you! As well, thank you so much Riley!!! I did get your letter. I think I got it the day after I wrote last week lol. 2 days later at the latest. This week was actually letter rich. I could hardly believe it lol. By the way, for everybody, it is better if you write me handwritten letters so that I can reply back to you.I don't have enough time to write President Hale, and then all of you. Thank you so much, and I know that you understand!
So usually for our preparation day activities we usually stay at the apartment and write letters. In the morning we clean the house and go shopping and write our e-mails. But, then after that we go back and write letters, and I usually take a nap. I get so tired by the end of the week lol. It's starting to get hotter here, so the sun just drains Elder Bowlerand I (sorry I didn't mean to rub that in or brag about that to anyone lol). I must say I have been sweating quite profusely. But, honestly, it feels good to sweat. It makes me feel good. I have been feeling so good since I have been riding my bike so much. I love my bike. I need to buy some lights for it, the ones that it came with already went out on me. Oh well, not a big deal.
These little nieces and nephews of mine have been really touching my heart this week. They are SO cute, and I love them so much. Tell them that Uncle Elder Hardman loves them SO much, and misses them SO much too. Give them the biggest hug and kiss for me. They are so sweet and loving. I only hope that I can be that way one day. They have had such a big influence and impact on my life, more than they can understand.
Well family, not a whole lot to report on this week. Just know that it has been a great week and that I am doing amazing! I am so excited for the upcoming week! I believe Hna. Tyson is on her way to Florida today. I'm not going to be able to see her for a little while though I'm afraid because I'm not transferring and she won't be coming to my zone most likely. So,I'll let you know when I get to see her.
I love you family, each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.You all are amazing, and thank you so much for your love and testimonies.Thank you so much for being such a great example to me in my life. I too have a great testimony of this great work, and this wonderful amazing restored Gospel that we enjoy. May we share this with others, and give those blessings to all of God's children. I promise you great blessings oflove and comfort in your lives as you do so. In the name of Jesus Christ,Amen.
Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*JD making 'Friends' in the mission field*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

*EldEr BowlEr**EldEr HardmaN*

JD got a new companion awhile back
*wanted to put up a pic of who is serving with now*
Elder Bowler & Elder Hardman
Miami Lakes South

*Spiritual Week*

Well Hello mi querida familia!!! Como estan a todos? Espero que esten bien!!! I am doing great this week! It has been such a great and spiritual week. It has truly been very powerful, and we have seen many miracles this week.
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAKE MAN!!! Good heavens I can't believe that little boy is 3 years old today. What a cute little boy! It sounds like you all had so much fun at Disney on Ice. I too am sure Mother that that was an experience that the little kids won't ever forget with Grandma.
So, yes we too are involved in day light savings time. Needless to say, we lost an hour of sleep. We went to bed at our normal time, and one hour just kind of disappeared from us in the middle of the night. I don't know what it was but... LoL needless to say it was rough waking up in the morning. We had such a big day yesterday too. After church we had a baptism for the other Elders, and then after theirs we had the baptism of Joshua and Nathaly Ruiz.
We were
*Joshua & Nathaly Ruiz & their Family*
*Elder Hardman, Joshua, Nathaly & Elder Bowler*
We were at the church from about 8:30 in the morning until about5:30. It was so nice! What a great spiritually filled day! I truly believe that their baptism is going to be the factor for their whole family coming back to full activity. It is going to be amazing to see.
*Extended Family of the Ruiz*
* At the Ruiz family's house after our busy day...Nathaly is VERY VERY SHY!*
Before I forget, next week is transfers so I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday. So don't forget about that. I can't believe another transfer has already come and gone. It is crazy! I can't believe that I am almost on my fourth transfer. So crazy and weird to think about.
Anywho, so I'll be honest I am not receiving many letters other than your weekly e-mail to me. Matt has been really good at keeping me updated and writing to me, but that's about it. I've only received 3 letters this transfer. One from our stake back at home, one from Matt, and one from Elder Bracken. Those have been the only 3 letters I have received for about a month and a half or two. But it's okay, I know that you all are busy. Riley when did you send your letter? I actually was thinking about that acouple of days ago wondering if you had written me back. I haven't received anything yet, but I'll keep a look out for it this week.
Hey um, I kind of have a want right now. If you all send me an Easter package, or anything of the sorts, I really would lik some of those RobinEggs candy. I love those things!!! Thank you family! So this week we have received two GREAT referrals from that family of the kids we just baptized! They are both very interested, and want us to continue teaching them. It has already been a miracle to see, and I can't wait to see what the near future holds in store for them. I have Faith and confidence enough to ensure that we do everything, and that they do everything, to have them come unto Christ.
Well family, I hope that you all know how much I love and care for each andevery one of you! I hope that all is well with everybody! I hope you all know and can feel that I pray for you every day! I love you all SO much! Take care, and be careful in all things that you do, and in all places that you go! I love you much!
Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*A Rainstorm that came through*

* A view from a building durning a rainstorm*

Friday, March 11, 2011

*Fabulous Week*

Hello My family!!! How is everybody doing this week? I am doing so good this week.
This has been a really great week. Elder Bowler and I have seen some amazing miracles happen this week. The Lord is caring a lot for His children.These kinds of weeks make the not so good weeks SO worth it. Definitely, we had some sad things happen, but it has been a fantastic week.
Elder Bowler and I are working together real well, and our minds are becoming one. He helps me out so much, and I am so very grateful to have such a great companion like him. He has a good heart, and tries his best to serve the Lord. The weather has been beautiful this week. It has been around 75-80 degress this week. It feels so great, especially riding bikes. My bike is doing really good. We got everything figured out with the rims and everything. Also, my conditioning is going through the roof. But, I guess that's what happens when you ride 15 miles a day or so lol. It is so refreshing being on bikes though. It gives you time to really ponder and think while you are riding. It truly has been a blessing in so many ways being on bikes.
We have been meeting so many amazing people this week. Non-active's,non-member's, investigators, and members. One of the little girls in the ward just turned 8 this week, and was baptized as well. She is such a little cutie. She's about 3 foot nothing, and just a doll. She actually got up on her day of baptism and spoke in front of everyone! She wrote, and gave her own talk! It was the sweetest, most pure talk I have ever heard.Everything was so doctrinally sound, and just perfect. She gave the perfect example as to why the Scriptures say that we need to become as little children. It was an experience that I will never forget. I love that family. They have been very special to me in this area. Through this family, and many other families and people, I have felt the love of God grow inside of me.
Everything is going well. I'm feeling great, and all is well. The reason for the doctor bill Mother and Father, is because while I was up in West Palm Beach I was having this pain in my right leg. It would just come and just kill. So I went to the doctor's, and they ordered me to get an ultrasound. So that's what it was. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry, but I guess the doctor's ratted me out lol. But don'tworry, all is well. I'm good.
Hey you're all going to get pictures this week! I got the device lol. So that'll be fun for ya. It has been great. I truly do love this area. I need to start taking more pictures though. I'll get better at that. By the way Mother thank you for doing that transfer for me at the bank. I got it,and much appreciated and needed lol. Gracias Mamita! That's so nice to hear that you all had such a great Stake Conference weekend! I love Stake Conference! I'm sure that you all learned a lot! That's so good to hear. And Mother, that probably was Mason. I'm sure that he could be home by now. I don't know though for sure, obviously lol.
Anyway, Family I had better get going if you all want some pictures. I hope that you all can feel and know of my love for each and everyone of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAKE!!! And Happy Anniversary Mother and Father! Everybody be safe and careful in all things that you do this week. I love you all with all of my heart.
Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman
*enjoy the pictures*
Zone Council

Cooking some Chicken...Rice..and Beans!!

Beautiful Moon one night...I'm sure he was thinking of MOM...looking at the same MOON!!

Exactly how I felt when I was SICK!!

Talking on the phone with some SPANISH of course!

Friday, March 4, 2011

*A Great Week of Missionary Work*

Well hello everybody! How is everybody doing? I hope that all is well with everybody, and that everybody had a great week and Sabbath Day!
This week has been a pretty good week for my great companion Elder Bowler and I. We have had some ups and downs, the life of missionaries lol. But all in all it has been a pretty great week. The biking is going good. I am getting a lot of exercise everyday. Trust me, lol. Hopefully I'm dropping a little. But to answer your question Daddy, my bike is holding up good. I actually had to call CTR Bikes and have them send me a couple of new rims for my tires because for some reason the ones that I have now are cutting the air stem of the tube. It has happened like 6 or 7 times. I have even had professional bike mechanics work on it and they are still doing it. So CTR said that they would send out a couple more rims for me. Don't worry, free of charge. It has just been really annoying. Anyways, it's all good.
That is so cool to here about you running into Mike Jex! That is so cool that he is in the mission with Elder Cameron. That is so much fun.Speaking of Elder Cameron, please tell April to tell him that I am going to write him a hand written letter and send it to him because I'm not allowed to write friends on e-mail. Thank you! Clint was always such a good kid,I'm happy to see him doing so well. If you see them again, tell them "HI"from Elder Hardman please. That is SO cool and amazing to hear about Anthony Boynton getting baptized! When I read that I was SO happy to hear that. I can't believe that he is married. I grew up with these kids. LoL it's so weird, but it is so good.SO amazing to hear and see the changes in people. Our Heavenly Father really does know each and every one of his children. Tell everybody back at the ward "Hello" from Elder Hardman and that I love them. Tell Avery that I truly hope he makes the decision to go on a mission. He really would be such a great instrument in the hands of the Lord. He is a good kid, and has a good heart. Wow, I'm just full of favors from you today aren't I lol. That's okay, I have the trust and confidence that you guys will do them for me.
How is everybody doing, really? I hope you all know you can write me and ask/tell me about problems that you may be having. I am all ears, and am happy to help in any way that I can. Don't think that it would be a burden on me because it wouldn't be. I'm a missionary, and a child of God. My duty is to look out for the welfare of others and work according to the will of the Lord. And his will is that I help others come unto Christ. This is my purpose. Sorry, no pictures again. I am going to get that device this week so that next week I can share some pictures with you all. Sorry, I just haven't really had any time to go and get it. But, I will work on it don't worry about that you can count on me.
Well family, there's not much else to report on this week. Just that I have had a really good week, and that the work of the Lord is moving forward.That'll never change. May we keep doing our part to move the work forward.Por favor, give a BIG hug and kiss to all of the little ones from Elder Hardman! And also know that everyday I give each and every one of you a big hug. I hope that you can feel that. I also hope and pray that you can feel of the love of our Heavenly Father for each and every one of you, as well as for the whole world. I love you all dearly, and hope you have a great week. Take care, and be careful in all things that you may do, and in allof your travelings.
Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman