Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love from Jason

Hola me familia!!!

How is everything going? So I am being timed so I am going to make a list
of all of the answers to questions that everybody in the family has asked me

- Yes I am getting The Dear Elder letters the same day that you send them.
They print them off then they put them in my mailbox and give them to me.
- My Spanish is coming along pretty good. Somebody told me yesterday that
my Spanish was very good for only being here for 1 week. That came from a RM
so that made Elder Shumway and I feel pretty good :)
-Mother I am just trying to always think positive, and find the fun and
funny in all things. But I am doing good.
-Yes I am looking for and seeing goog in my life.
-Everyday we get about an hour for gym time. We can go out on the field and
play futbol or volleyball, I've even been playing horse shoes lol. Now the
gym is open so we can play basketball and things too.
-Elder Shumway and I are still getting along, and helping each other out a
lot. I love the kid. He talks in his sleep though. More like yells but
it's all good it's just funny to me now haha. Kind of annoying but it's all
good haha.
-My first Preparating Day has been amazing. We got to go to an early
morning session to the temple. After the session we get to eat at the
cafeteria! The food is amazing!!! It really makes me realize how crappy
the MTC food is lol. It is incredibly disgusting! Dad I have been starting
to drown everything out in A-1. They got that and some Cholula Hot Sauce so
it is all good lol.
-I haven't done the jell-o challenge yet because they haven't had jell-o
lol. But it's all good.
-I am on the bottom bunk. I was the first one in our room last Wednesday so
I got my pick lol.
-Oh yeah, I broke the ice pretty early with burping and farting. Now it is
just like I am at home lol I am loving it.
-I have my address book but I don't have everybody in the families address
in it so I would like that. Send me something that would help me get those
in there.
-Also I do not have pictures of the family. Honestly I didn't think that I
would want them, but now I really realize that I do need them lol. So
please send me some of those. Oh and before I forget will you send me some
towels that don't shed those little fuzzy things. My black ones are
shedding so flippin' bad. I hate it.
-And Matt, as much as I do want a picture of that, I can't lol. You'll know
what I'm talking about.
-Yes I have received both packages and they are amazing! Thank you so much!
-MTC life is starting to go pretty good. I'm starting to get into things,
and it has been very good for me.
-Alicia- The ice cream is pretty darn good, and I have plenty of chapstick.
Trust me, my lips are so moist lol. But if I ever need any I will only get
it from you lol. That was so cute Carson telling me Te Amo. He's so cute I
love it how you speak to me for him! Tell him that I love him!
-Tell all of the kids that I love them so much and give them the biggest hug
for me!
-I am starting to feel a lot better physically. My lungs still hurt a
little bit, but I am doing a lot better. Spiritually and mentally I am
doing pretty good on now. Thank you for ALL of the advice and support and
love that all of you guys have sent to me! I love all of you guys more than
-Oh man we had a TRC yesterday. That's where volunteers come in and we
teach them as a companionship and speak the language to them as well. It
was so amazing! Such a spiritual experience!!! Elder Shumway and I were
directed by the Spirit so much! It was amazing! That was where we were
complimented on our Spanish!
-I am so sad to hear about Uncle David!!! I was so sick and shocked to hear
that! Mom how are feeling? How is everybody else in the families feeling?
I hope that all is well!
-Yes I have seen Josh Burton, Tyler Brough, quite often at lunch and dinner
and things. Plus I have seen quite a few other kids that I know. I see
Smiley a lot lol. He's doing really good!
-I have heard from all of my siblings. Thank you so much for everything
everybody!!! I love you all!!!
-Matt thank you so much for sending me your testimony in Spanish. I could
understand a little bit but I'm working on getting to know more!
-I am rooming with Elder Watko, and Elder Jesen. They are so funny and
spiritual and cool! We all get along so good. Elder Jensen is from where I
am going!!! It has been good talking to him about things that go down in
-Devin thank you so very much for the scripture!
-Oh yeah and guess what? Wouldn't ya know it but I've got another in-grown
toe nail lol. I'm getting it taken out tomorrow. I get to go off of campus
again lol. I'm not going to lie I am pretty excited lol.

Well everybody it is time for me to go.

I hope every one of you individually know how much I care for you and truly
truly love you! You guys are my rock, and I am so grateful for everything
that EACH and everyone of you have done for me! I love you guys

Nos Vemos,

Elder Hardman

Alright this one is for Skyler:
"Alright I'm not going to be able to sleep until we get this cleared up.
You mean like freakishly big right?"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MTC "The BIG Day"

Elder Hardman has finally entered into the MTC. We all gathered together Tuesday night to spend time as a family before he entered into the MTC the next day. The following morning, we all traveled down to Provo the one of many CHUCK-A-RAMA. It was fun to be together with JD before the big moment.
Now that only two people are allowed to drop the missionaries at the curb, we said our goodbyes at the temple. Yes, some were balling and others teary eyed.
Only a couple of days in, we received a call home that Jason has pneumonia. : ( But we know our Jason and know he will pull through this. He is staying positive, happy, and really trying to have fun, but still work hard.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hasta Luego Elder Hardman

Our beloved Jason gave a wonderful farewell talk in church. As his family, we are all so proud of him and know that Jason is going to be an amazing missionary and instrument to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Jason will be serving the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mission; spanish speaking. He will be serving the people of Florida from September 2010-September 2012.