Friday, March 9, 2012

SKYPE for Christmas

Hello my family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like everybody is doing good and that
everything is going well, and I am glad to hear that. So this week has
been a really good week. More details later on. The weather here is
sunny, a little cloudy and sprinkly today, but it is good. Does it look
like Christmas? For me, no. But, I can still feel Christmas coming. I do
miss the cold though. I miss the snow lol. All is good though here in
Sunny South Florida.

Thank you so much for the package with decorations and ties! It was super
cool and I'm excited to get everything put up and done. It will be cool to
see the whole thing put up. Speaking of packages, the razor heads that I
need are Gillette fusion Proglide. Thank you for making sure of that!
Also, one other thing if it's at all possible. A new white tie for
baptisms would be great. I accidentally wrote on mine with a pen and can't
get it off. Thank you so very much!

The mission is progressing a lot. As you know, the First Presidency felt
inspired to extend our mission boundaries, therefore we gained some
missionaries that we currently serving in the Orlando Florida mission.
That's where my two companions came from. It has been really fun to have
them bring the stuff that they knew from their mission and bring it here to
combine them. It has been a very good change and has helped us all grow so
very much. It's been kind of fun learning Portugese. I can understand
mostly all of it so far, but I need to learn how to actually speak it. I
feel like I'm at the beginning of my mission again lol. But having said
that, I'm so happy to be learning a third language. I think that that is
such a cool blessing given to me. I look forward to learning it more and
actually speaking it now.

So it's fun living with all of these Elders. As you know there are 5 of
us. We are working hard to keep the apartment clean. I think that you all
would be so proud of me and my cleaning abilities now. I sometimes amaze
myself lol. But yeah there are challenges living with all of us, but it is
good. It helps us grow so much and we learn a lot from each other. We
learn about the Gospel, and also life lessons as well.

As far as sending anything in specific for my companions, I can't really
think of anything. They are both doing really good, and Elder Machado goes
home 3 days after Christmas on my birthday, so I don't think there's really
anything, but I'll let you know if there is. On that, is there anything in
specific that any of you want so that I can send it to you? Please let me
know, I'm willing to get what I can so don't be shy.

For the Christmas call we can use SKYPE if you would like to. I'm going to
talk to one of the members that we are having a Family Home Evening with
tonight with one of our investigators if he has it and if I can use it on
Christmas day. Let me know if that's what you want to do and have a way to
do it, and if not I'll just call Dad's phone. What time I will be calling,
I don't know. I only have 30-35 minutes this year though. I don't really
know why so short, but rules are rules and you do it and follow them
because your leaders told you and know what's best.

That's super cool that you got to go the The Forgotten Carols this last
week! I love that play. Of course I remember a lot about it, I've seen it
quite a few times and love it each and every time.

I want to share with you a couple of experiences that we had this week:
We were Harvesting mainly looking for Portugese people, but then we
knocked on the door of a Spanish man named Carlos. He let us right in
without any hesitation or guff. We explained to him our purpose in being
therea dn we knelt down and gave the blessing. He had explained before the
blessing that he is divorced and has a little 9 year old girl who was with
her Mom at that time. After the blessing we asked him how he felt and he
said that sometimes one feels alone and that that blessing helped him feel
better. We then explained how God knows him and loves him and knew that he
felt a little weak at that time and a little alone, so that is why he sent
us to him. We then went back yesterday to visit him and taught him. He
accepted the Restoration fairly well. It was a great experience for us.

Also, another really amazing experience that we had was we were coming to
the end of the night and not knowing where to go. We then looked and found
a person on the ward list that we weren't sure who she was, whether she was
active or not, and she lived close to where we were so we decided to go and
find her house. We got to her house and knocked on the door, and the
people said that we had the wrong house, so she probably moved. We then
gave them the Harvesting approach and asked to come in, and they said yes.
They gathered the whole family around. My companions and I thought that it
was going to be an awkward blessing at first, but then during the blessing
we felt the Spirit come in very strong. We asked them how they felt after
the blessing, and they said very calm and tranquil and good. As we were
leaving, the lady who was laying on the couch told us, "I really wasn't
feeling good when you guys came, I had just gotten home from work and I was
tired and not feeling good to the point where I don't think I could have
gotten up. I thought to myself, these guys just woke me up. But now, I
feel great." She said all of this with a smile on her face and laughing of
happiness standing and happy. The blessing healed her by helping her
feel the Spirit. It was such a great experience. We walked out with such
big grins on our faces, because it was a good time. We felt very close to

Well family I love you all so very much individually. Please all of you
take care, and be careful in all things that you are doing this week in
your busy schedules and in all of your travelings.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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