Friday, March 9, 2012

Moved apartments...lower level!!

Dear Family,

What a great week it has been. It has kind of been an eventful week, but in a good way. This week we moved apartments. We moved in the same complex just into a different apartment on the bottom floor instead of the 3rd floor. It's sweet having a bottom apartment! We started moving on Tuesday. Tuesday in the morning we had our District Training. After the District Training we had lunch together as a District. It was really nice to be able to do that. But after we got done eating, my stomach turned for the worst. I got a pretty bad little bug in my stomach. It went away Thursday morning though. It wasn't too bad that it kept me down, but it kept me from eating, which probably isn't too bad of a thing for me. So I'm over that and all is well. I feel good and am ready to go. I have been doing really good this week.

So the weather has been kind of warm here. Not too extreme, but enough where it bugs me a little bit. Not too bad though can't complain. As of right now I am still in car.

I will get that package out today. As we were moving I found a few other things that I am going to send home. Just some clothes and things like that. So I'll get that out today since it's Preparation day. so hopefully you will get it soon. Preparation Days are nice. We usually go and play a sport of something. Last week and today we are playing volleyball on a sand court that's close to our apartment. It's a lot of fun. Elder Kata and I and our District, which consists of a companionship of Elders and one of Sisters, and the Zone leaders, whom we live with, go and play. It's a lot of fun and we all have a good time together. We write letters after and do things that we need to do so that we can focus during the week wholey upon the work of The Lord. Then at 5:45 we are out the door working again. It's nice.

It's really fun being a District Leader. I have an awesome District. We are working hard on setting and achieving goals as a District. This week we were so close to achieving the goals that we had this week to bless 36 homes and set 6 new Baptismal dates as a District. We were so close, but we'll achieve it. I love it because every week I prepare a training for the District. I love these trainings they help me, and all of us grow and learn how to invite others to come unto Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that Uncle Kit is doing so good and that he is up and running and exercising. Tell him to be careful. That makes me so happy to know how he is doing. I'm greatful for the protection that has been put over him.

Elder Kata and I had such a great experience yesterday. Two Saturdays ago, a day after that leadership training, we went to a less-actives house and taught her about the ordinance of the Sacrament. She came the next day to church. This week she also came to church for Stake Conference, and about the Conference got over she came up to us and said, "You'll never believe it. You remember how you told us about the blessings for coming to church. Well, this week we received a great blessing. After church last Sunday we went home and that afternoon we got a call." She then went on to tell us of the great blessing that her Grandson, who lives with her, received which was such a blessing to both of them. She was so happy and just had a great change of countenance in her. It was a great blessing and miracle for Elder Kata and I to receive.

So Mother I got your letter and I'm so happy about that experience that you had. I've been thinking, I think that I want to go to that Branch when I get back. That was a beautiful experience that you had Mother, and yes, that is what I do. That is what we do as missionaries. Now I think you can see how rewarding it is for us, even though we face a lot of rejection, it is so beautiful and sweet to see these people coming unto the fold of God, and makes everything so worth it especially when you can tell that these people know. It's a beautiful blessing to see in the eyes of others.

Well family, take care. Know that I am doing great. Take care in all things and be careful in all things. I love you all so much.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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