Friday, April 15, 2011

Well hello there mi querida familia! Como estan? Espero que todo este bien! How is everybody doing today on this fine day! I really hope that all is well with each and every one of you! I am doing good! All is well here with me don't worry about that. So to let everybody know, President Hale is doing AMAZING! The surgery went really really well. We heard on Thursday night. We had another conference call. When they got in there, they discovered that the tumor wasn't all the way on the nerve like they thought, but it was off to the side. The whole thing came out, and the surgery was a complete success. President Hale is recovering and on the mend right now. Their family is doing great as well. So, all is well with the Hale family! I truly thank you all for your fasting and praying on behalf of our dear sweet President Hale! So to answer the question who is in charge while President Hale is gone, it's President Lake. One of the councilors in the Mission Presidency. He is great too! Don't worry, all is taken care of. The mission is doing great. So to let you all know about the weather, it is disgustingly hot here lol. I can't believe how hot it is right now, and it's only going to be getting hotter. Morgan wrote me and said that as she was writing me, the mission blog said that it was 91 degrees outside. Yep, and that was probably a good day. It is so hot, and the humidity here is insane. I feel like I am breathing in water lol. It's crazy. But it's all good, it feels good to sweat and drop a few lb's. And yes, I do wear sunscreen. Except for the past few days. I forgot lol. It's crazy how hot it has been getting. Don't worry, I've been drinking A LOT of water lol. Mother, good job at sitting with that new member at church! New members need a friend to come and sit by them and give them that support! I am very proud of you for doing that Mother! Now, keep going with them! So yes I did receive a DearElder from Alicia. Also, I did receive your letter Mother. Yes it all made sense. You didn't need to print out and send the e-mail with it. I understood it. But thanks anyways Mother! I wrote Elder Bracken a while ago. He replied, and I replied back. I also wrote Elder Cameron. I hope that he gets my letter to him! So Mother, you said that it seems like the days are just flying by. You have no idea lol. Days are going crazy fast for me. It's like we leave the apartment, and then come right back. It is crazy. It's been crazy to see. So the work is going really well. This last week Elder Bowler and I committed a couple to being married and baptized. They excepted, and we are still working with them on that. They are a great couple, needing this truth in this time of their life. They are amazing. Also, the other girl that we are teaching is doing amazing as well. She came to Church yesterday even though she was sick! She is awesome! We really love her a lot. But the work is going well and moving forward. I am very extremely grateful to have this opportunity to fulfill scripture, and gather the lost sheep. I am so very grateful to be a servant of the Lord. I am merely his hand doing as he would do if he were here on the Earth. He would be doing the exact same thing. For that, I know that he is right next to me with all of the people that I talk to. I know that he is with each and every one of you, giving you strength to share His Gospel, and do all things that you need to do. I love you all so dearly! You all are amazing children of God, and my family. I am so very grateful for that blessing that God has given to me in my life. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things that you do and in all places that you travel and are. Devin, Alicia, and Carson be careful coming back from California! I love you all! Love, Your Son, Brother, and Uncle Elder Hardman

~a Wonderful Confrenece~

Well hello my Family! How is everybody doing this week? I am doing great, it has been a great week for me here in Sunny South Florida. And that is exactly what it has been, sunny. I have never sweat so much in my life. Riding bikes and everything, yeah I sweat quite profously. It's pretty bad lol. By the time we leave the apartment and get to our area and where we are going, I take off my back pack and you can see my sweat line on my white shirt, and then some. It is quite disgusting lol. So how was General Conference for everybody!? It was amazing for me! I love Conference on the mission. It's amazing how everything applies to the work, as well as my personal life! I have grown and learned so much from this conference! I urge you to take the challenge from President Uchtdorf and read Doctrine and Covenants 20. 84, 107(I think), and 120. Through this, the Spirit will teach us how to access the power that we have as Priesthood holders, and that we may not live under our privilege. That talk was amazing to me, and I too am doing that myself. Pray for that guidance, and I promise to all of you that it will be given to you! Look for opportunities to use that Priesthood in which we hold. It was a very love, doctrinally, and inspired filled conference! Oh by the way, a member here looked at my blog the other day. He loves it! He says that you do such a good job on it! He absolutely loves it, and the music selection that you have on there (Which I had no idea about by the way lol). He says that the primary songs on there are so inspiring and beautiful. Thank you so much for caring enough to do that for everyone to enjoy my mission right along with me. So we are teaching a couple of people right now, and let me tell you, they are amazing. Honest seekers of truth that are willing to do what they need to do in order to receive that witness that this is the true Gospel. One of them is searching, because he wants to know where he can put his Faith. He wants his children to grow up right. We promised that this is what he is looking for, and if he searches, he will find. Trust me, he is searching. He is a great guy, and a true family man. He has a lot of love for his family. Another person that we are teaching is absolutely wonderful! She wants that comfort and knowledge, and each time we go and visit her has more brilliant questions waiting for us. They are amazing questions! Questions that only an honest seeker would ask. She is reading in the Book of Mormon, and understands it perfectly! She is amazing, we love her a lot! I ask for each of you to pray for our investigators during your mighty prayer each morning and each night. Trust me, those prayers are felt, and are real. Well family, I truly hope that you all can feel and know of my love for each and every one of you personally! I think and pray for you constantly, as well as I know that you are doing the same thing for me. I want to give you my personally gratitude and thanks for those prayers. I receive and see the blessings from those prayers each and every minute of the day. I challenge you all to do as President Monson has asked, that when the Ensign comes out with the conference talks, study them. Study them dilligently, and I promise you that you will feel and be amazed at the comfort, peace, and knowledge that you will gain from doing this. I leave you with these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Love, Your Son, Brother, and Uncle Elder Hardman

Saturday, April 2, 2011

*It's Getting Hot*

Hola mi Familia!

How is everybody doing?! I hope that all is well with everybody! I am doing great! However, it has been an extremely hot week. It has been reaching up to about 100 degrees, with all of the humidity. I have never sweat so much in my entire life. I think that I have dropped about 6 or 7 pounds this week just by sweating. It's kind of nice though riding my bike and sweating. It makes me feel like I'm doing good exercise and keeping myself healthy. Don't worry Mother, I am drinking A TON of water!

It has been good though. And no, I don't really think that there is a Spring here. Basically hot all of the time lol. So it has been a great week. Nothing special has happened really, but it has just been a great week. I'm so glad that you all were able to see those videos that I sent home to you! I thought that you would like them. Did you notice that I almost fell off of my bike in almost every one of them?haha yeah there's a lot of bumps and I don't really pay attention to them most of the time.

So to answer your question, no this area is nothing like West Palm Beach. You don't see houses and/or cars like that. This is a pretty wealthy part. I love it though. The people are really nice and receiving us well, and my spanish gets better and better every day. Honestly, everybody down here is Spanish. LoL it has been great. I get a taste of every kind of culture from basically every single country in central and south america, and Cuba and Puerto Rico. Any kind of spanish you can think of basically lol. It is great though I love it! It keeps me on my toes, and it's helping me to understand how to teach each individual person to their needs and what they need. The members here are great! We just bearly got a new Ward Mission Leader two Sundays ago. He lives in our area. The last one didn't, so it is very nice to have him there! He's the one with Max, my big dog. He has a greatf amily. His wife is excited because the rule is is that we can't eat with members after 5:00 unless an investigator or non-member is there. But, that rule doesn't apply for the Bishop, or the Ward Mission Leader. She loves cooking for us lol. Definitely one family I am never going to forget!

Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Kit!!! That is so cool that you got the piano sold! What a blessing that is! And so quick it happened too lol. That was a nice comparison between that story, and tying it to the Gospel Mother! Very missionary like. You teach like a Prophet! Good job Mother. By the way Mother, don't worry, questions are good. You search and ask for guidance to find the correct answer, and walk away extremely uplifted and edified. I really would like all of the e-mails printed out for me and put in abook. I am not able to do that. So if you could help me out with that,that would be great and very much appreciated! Thank you very much for your efforts to preserve my pictures from the mission! They are very extremely precious to me, and are very sacred to me. They are from the best time of my life, here in beautiful sunny South Florida. So I really do thank you and appreciate that sacrifice that you are making for me!

So I have been getting extremely tan! But, only on part of my face, and a little past my elbows lol. I say part of my face, because of my helmet and sunglasses. I kind of have a tan line from my sunglasses (which makes me feel right at home because I've got my raccoon eyes back, which I absolutely love!) and from the straps of my helmet. Haha it's pretty cool, but yes Mother, I am using sunscreen.

Well family, hope you know that all is going well with me. I really hope that all is going extremely well with each and every one of you! I pray and hope that you can feel and know of my love for each and every one of you each individually! Big hugs and kisses to the little kids from Uncle Elder Hardman. I love you all so much!


Your Son, Brother, and Uncle

Elder Hardman

PS...Sorry no pictures this week. I forgot my connection, and not didn't take to many either. Love you!

PPS... I haven't heard anything on Elder Vilorio. E-mail them and see howthey, and he, are doing. That would be great, I know that they would love that!