Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning Portugese with New Elders

Hello there my family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like everybody is doing great and
enjoying some great family time together! That is amazing and I love to
hear that. I love nothing more than seeing a family united together loving
each other, and people feeling that love that comes from that unity. Let
me explain myself a little bit more. Yesterday we had a baptism of a
sister of a member here. You all know her story because I wrote to you
about it last week. Last night after the baptism and everything, we went
over to their house. As we walked in, there was family and friends all
gathered around playing cards and laughing and having a great time. Diana,
the one that got baptized, said that she felt like it was a one week
party. As I looked at Diana's sister, I could just tell the happiness and
joy and gladness that she was feeling inside because her sister just got
baptized. Diana's niece came up to me in church and said, "Elder, I almost
started crying in class." I said, "Why what did they talk about?" She
said, "We were talking about Eternal Families."
Wow now that I am reflecting on this, it makes me so happy. That family is
becoming complete. What a beautiful experience it is. I can't describe
what I am feeling about this right now.

Ok so transfer information. You're never going to guess what happened. I
can still hardly believe it. As you know, I stayed here in Lauderhill.
Lets just say my language study went from 1 hour of Spanish to a half hour
of Spanish and a half hour of Portugese. I am in a trio now with two
portugese Elders. They speak English too though. It is kind of fun, but I
can't believe it. It's fun learning portugese. It's pretty similar to
Spanish. I can understand for the most part what they are saying when they
speak portugese. So, now there are 5 of us in the apartment. My
companions are great though. Their names are Elder Perrotti from
Brazil(pronounced Pihotchi) and Elder Machado from Utah, but who's family
is from Brazil. It's super fun and they are great Elders. They came from
the new zone that we received from the Orlando mission.
We live with the Zone Leaders, Elder Reece and Elder White. Elder White
came from the Orlando mission too. They are two great Elders. Elder Reece
is finishing his mission after this transfer. Oh as well Elder Machado is
finishing his mission in a few weeks, on my birthday to be exact.
But we are still driving a car, but we are going to have to get out on our
bikes a lot more this transfer too because we have to go kind of far to
find the Portugese, so we can't go over on our miles that we are alotted.
It will be super good though.
The ward here in Lauderhill is super good. They are amazing. The members
here love doing missionary work and are helping us out so much to continue
forward the work of God here in this ward. It's been a great ward to serve
in. They take such good care of us missionaries too. I'll send them your
thanks for that.
We only serve in one ward per area. The wards and stakes are so much
different here. Our ward boundaries here are probably about the boundaries
of our stakes there in Utah. My area that I am in, and our ward, is super
big. I'll have to take a picture of our map and show you the size. I'll
just say this, West Palm Beach where I was at the beginning, is a part of
this stake. Yeah, it's big. But it is super good. I love this stake and
we have a great Stake President working with us too. He likes to go out
with us on exchanges. I don't speak too much in the wards, mostly just
giving and bearing testimony. The sacrament meeting is time for the
members to get up and speak. It is really good.

The weather here has been great. Windows rolled down in the car, feeling a
nice cool breeze. It has been great to feel. That's crazy that you had
that wind storm come through. I bet you were really sad Daddy that the
power at work went out. Darn it! Haha NOT!

I wasn't able to watch the First Presidencies Christmas Devotional
yesterday, but we are going to watch it with one of our investigators and
his family. They are a part member family.

Tell Landon that I am so proud of him serving a mission and that it is the
best thing that he is going to do right now. Tell him that I hope that he
gets called here to the great Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission. That would
be amazing, and he would be a great asset to this Mission! He already will
be a great asset to whatever mission he goes to, because he is called by
God to go there.

Elder Diaz is a missionary that I was serving with in Miami Lakes. We
lived in the same apartment together. He is a super funny kid. And yes,
he is quite short. I felt like a giant around him haha. He is a great kid
though. I'm glad that Sister Martinez sent you that picture. Write her
back and tell her that I love her and I'm greatful for her and her family.
I received a letter from her daughter last week. Let her know that I got

Well family I've got to go. I love you all each individually so very much,
more than you can know. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in
all things that you do and driving to all places that you go and all of
your travelings. Enjoy "The Forgotten Carols" with Beth! That will be a
great experience for her, and let her know that I say hi and that I told
her to listen to her feelings as she goes. I love you all!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC!!! I love you little guy!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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