Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~ONE YEAR~..but I don't think he is thinking about that...

Hello mi querida familia!

How is everybody doing on this fine and beautiful rainy day here in Sunny South Florida? It sounds like everybody is doing well, and I am grateful to hear that. How are you doing in school Big-D? How is Matty doing? I hope that all is going well with everyone. So as far as weather goes it has been hot this week, but rainy. Right now actually it is raining really hard outside lol. Dad I can't wait for you to come to Florida and witness a thunder and lightning storm here. It's nothing like you have ever seen before. The thunder is so bad that it literally shakes our apartment. The other day my companion was not feeling good so he was laying down, and it started storming. I saw this huge flash of lightning, and before I could blink again this HUGE clap of thunder just goes roaring. It was awesome. I thought right of you when I heard that thunder. It was incredible. I thought about that storm up at Flaming Gorge when you and Grandpa went down to the dock and I was scared to death, looking back that was nothing lol. It's awesome.

So as far as the package, I have not yet received it. It's ok though with transfers and everything I am sure that the office will send it out soon. I might even get it today. Who knows we'll see. Thank you so much for sending it though! I am super excited to receive it though. I have been waiting for it. Thank you for loving me and sending me a package.

So Hermana Martinez is basically my Mom in this area. I actually met her when I was in Miami Lakes because she is the Stake Geneology coordinator or something, so she was always at the Miami Lakes chapel on Wednesdays. She was praying for me to come here to Hialeah, and look where I am haha. I love her to death. She does take very good care of us and me, and I will be sure to let her know that you send your love and thanks to her. She really is a great lady, and a great member of the church of Jesus Christ. They are such a great family and we love them a lot and they mean a lot to us. They gave me those sweet aviators. I like them a lot. I still would like some bigger aviators, but these ones are really good.

So with those two little old ladies in the pictures, we were teaching them. I say were because with the transfers, our area boundaries changed so they belong to the other Elders that we live with. It's ok I still see them at church. I love them so much, they are so cute.

Please give President Meservy a big hug for me and tell him thank you. When I heard about stake conference I got a little emotional thinking about President Meservy. That man means a lot to me. Tell him thank you so much for always sending me an update letter on the stake and a very inspired and spiritually uplifting talk by an Apostle.
I still haven't found "The One Family" that President Coombs was talking about, but as you said Mother, it could have been and be many families and people. I'm going forward to find this family. I want to find them.

This week has been a week full of miracles. I would like to share a couple stories with you:
Elder Osborn and I went harvesting yesterday. A couple of days before I got this impression that we needed to knock this certain street close to the chapel. We started knocking. A little while later we came to this house with a "welcome" sign out on the front and I said, "Look Elder, they have already welcomed us. This is the door we are getting in." An older lady answered the door and wasted no time letting us in. We gave her the blessing, her husband and others did not want to join us. We got back up off of our knees and asked testified of that Spirit. We then asked her if we could come back and she wasted no time saying, yes. She walked out with us and waved us bye.

A little while later we knocked this door and this guy came out and answered. He asked us, "Is it only going to take a moment?" He said moment, I couldn't believe it. It was amazing. We said yes it's just going to take a moment of your time. So he let us in. We got to know the family a little bit. We asked if there was anything in specific that they would like us to pray for. A lady that was there, Madelyn, said, "I have somebody. My dad." I have never really had anybody tell me somebody in specific like that, I loved it. We knelt and gave the blessing. After the blessing, she was emotional. As we testified of that Spirit and who and where we come from, her tears started getting thicker and heavier. It was a very powerful moment. The man who answered the door could feel the Spirit too.
There have been many more miracles than that, but I just wanted to share a couple with you.

I want you all to know how happy I am for you, and how proud I am of you. I see your progression each time I read your letters. You all are amazing. I love you all so much. Everything that you are learning, I am learning too. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and has been restored to us again. I continue to urge you all to fulfill that challenge that I gave you last week. I have been thinking in that and am really looking forward to your letters coming soon. Take care all of you, and have a great week going forth in the knowledge of truth, standing up being an example of the believers, standing up in all righteousness. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*Look who it is*

Mother Dearest was sent these pictures from a Member......Elder looks soooo good!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Staying in Hialeah*

Hola mi querida familia!

How is everything going for all of you?! It sounds like all is going well
for you all, and that you all had a great time with my big little brother
Mateo this week. Those pictures were so nice to see. He really does look
like a military man with his haircut. It looks good. Another thing is man
those little kids are getting so big. I can't believe it. I can't even
believe little Carson. He was eating a sucker! (I don't know if that's how
you spell it). Last time I held and saw that little guy he couldn't even
think about what a sucker is! It is amazing to see the growth in these
little kids. I love them so much. I love you all so much.

So this has been a really great week for me too. I am staying here with
Elder Osborn in the great city and ward of Hialeah. I'm excited. We really
are working hard together, and he has a ton of fire to go out and do the
work and find the elect people who are going to hear the voice of Father.
My really good friend Elder Nielsen is getting transferred though. I'm kind
of really sad about that, but it's all good. We know that this is the work
of The Lord, and he is going because the Lord sees it fit for him to be in
another place.
We experienced another great miracle this week that I would like to share
with you all:
We had an appointment set and a good back up, but they both fell through.
We both then realized that a member called us that day seeing if we had time
to go and bless one of her neighbors houses. We told her that we had those
appointments, and if they cancelled or something, she would be the first
one. The Lord needed us to go and bless her neighbor's house that day
because both appointments fell through. We went to her house, and she took
us to her neighbor's house. Her neighbor has been involved with the
missionaries before. We knelt down and offered the blessing. After the
blessing she was crying, and was feeling good. The next day she herself
experienced a miracle as to where she had a very high hospital bill and
couldn't pay it, but now she does not have to pay it. It was a great
miracle for her, and she promised that she would come to church. She came
to church. It was fast and testimony meeting. She, the investigator, stood
up and bore her testimony about that experienced that she had, and she did
so so beautifully. It was a great experience for us. She thanked us over
the pulpet for that blessing, and for her neighbor, the member, for thinking
in her and taking that blessing to her. It was such a great miracle that we
experienced, and more importantly that she experienced in the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.
It was so great, and she is the sweetest lady. We love her a lot.

I love you all so very much and I am so very grateful for all of your love
and support and prayers on my behalf. Please know that you have mine as
well in return. Mother please be careful going down to and back up from St.
George. And yes I do not like talking about how much time I have on the
Mission because it makes me very sad. But yes, there has been so much
growth and change, and I expect it to keep happening. Please be careful in
things that you all do this week and in all of your travelings.

So I was thinking in a couple of things during your e-mails to me, and the
Spirit has inspired me to give to you some challenges and commitments. For
all of you: I challenge you, and ask for your commitment, to each learn
more about the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ this week, and to report
to me in a handwritten letter the new things that you have learned. I will
be expecting that letter the week of Sept. 19-25.
Mother and Father, I challenge you and ask for your commitment for you two *
together* to start and finish reading The Book of Mormon and to pray before
and after reading it. I promise to each and every one of you a new light
will come in to your life. A new love will come in to each one of you,
and for and towards each one of you because you will come to know our Savior
Jesus Christ just a little bit more. I give you my witness that these
blessings will come to pass on the condition that you do these things. I
have seen it come to pass in all of the people that have done these things,
including myself with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and I know that these
promised blessings come from The Lord and they are yours for the taking. As
a representative of Jesus Christ I promise you all of these things and do so
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Two of the sweetest little old Cuban ladies that you will ever meet. Their names are Rita & Pura. It was Rita's birthday a couple of days before, so we bought her a cake and took it to her. They are cute and I love them a lot. They are "mis viejitas bonitas." Don't worry Grandmother, you'll always be my only "Viejita bonita que yo amo mucho!"

Heavy rainstorm that came in while we were & after we got done teaching Rita & Pura

~Much Prepardness...NO IRENE!!~

Hola mi Familia!

How is everybody doing? I really hope that all is going well with all of
you. It sounds like everything is going ok. It sounds like you all had a
great weekend as well. That Ute fan weekend looked amazing! Man all of
those pictures were awesome! I'm so proud of my little ones in red, and man
do they look good in it. It looked like they had a blast! That's so cool
that they had a good time with swoop, and also got to meet a couple of
players. That's so awesome! And of course I remember the Kreugers! Man I
can't believe it's coming football season again. Everybody is busting out
all of the Dolphins stuff down here, you would love it Mom and Devin. There
are Dolphin stuff galore.

So as far as my package. Could you please put a bag of dried fruit from
Costco in there? That sounds really good lol. And whatever else you would
like to send me. Thank you!!!

Before I forget, I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday next week because, if
you can hardly believe it, transfers are next week. I'm pretty sure that
Elder Osborn and I are going to be staying together for at least 1 more
transfer. It will be good, I love training him. He is a great missionary
who's skills are developing everyday.

Thank you so much for that update on Sister Tyson. Another one of the
Elders that we live with knows her too so he will be glad to hear that
update. I'm glad that the doctors finally figured out what it was.
Hopefully she can come back out real soon. I miss her here. When we went
up for all of those mission conferences I thought to myself, where's Karli?
I hope that she gets on the mend and completely healed very quick.

So as for my hurricane experience, there was none. Monday morning last week
we found out about the hurricane, we had to just buy a few more things, we
were basically prepared, and just waited for the word to evacuate and go to
the shelter. We never had to. Hurricane Irene took the different course,
and all we got was a couple little rain storms, nothing bad at all. It was
kind of fun though with the anticipation of a nasty hurricane coming our
way. But, like you said Mother, I am in the Lord's hands. Leave it that
way. I am good. President Anderson will always keep you updated and
reassured when there is a hurricane or something coming, or if something
happens. Don't worry about that.

Elder Osborn and I have had some amazing experiences this week. Here are a
couple of them:
Elder Osborn and I have had to very spiritual experiences and miracles this
week. Two in particular. One is a man that we harvested named Pablo. We
haven't been able to go in to his house to teach him yet, but we have been
by several times to see him. We went over to talk to him a few days ago,
and he was out washing his car. We talked with him for a while, and we felt
impressed to give him a Book of Mormon. He gladly accepted it and said that
he was going to read it. Yesterday we passed by and we went down by his car
to talk with him again, and he pulls out The Book of Mormon from his car and
tells us that he took out his Bible and took it up stairs and is reading the
Book of Mormon and making it a priority. He said, "This seems to me
something written by God. I don't know why, and I want to know why, pastors
are neglecting talking about this." It was so amazing to see the power of
The Book of Mormon already working with him.

Yesterday night it was about 8:30 pm, and we were heading to go and do some
more harvesting. We were wondering where to go, so we decided to go to some
buildings that we have been knocking. We went to the specific building in
that complex, and we started climbing the stairs. We had finished the
second floor earlier that day, so we were going to go to the 3rd floor. We
get there, and the very first door we knock, he lets us in very kindly. He
tells us to sit down, so we do, and we start talking to him for a minute.
He tells us that his family is in Cuba, and he is here alone for about 9
months. He got a little emotional and said, "It's not easy." He then
started telling us that he was just passing through a hard time because
he received a picture of his sister and other family from Cuba and you could
tell that he missed them a lot. He was in the kitched making him some food
and he said that he looked up and just said, "Help me." Then he said, "No
more than 30 seconds later, you knocked on the door." He got very emotional
at that time and said, touching his hand to his heart with tears in his
eyes, that feeling gets to me. We left the blessing and told him that he is
going to be ok. He was telling us that he had a lot of Faith, which we
could tell too. We have a return appointment with him on Tuesday at 8:00.
It was an incredible experience, and truly a miracle from God.

Also, we had a great baptism this week as well. This man's name is Rafael.
He is a very nice Cuban guy. He received the missionaries about 2 years
ago, and some of the ward knew him. Elder Osborn and I's first Sunday here
in this ward (he had come once the week before, which was the first time in
a while from what I understand) he walks in and says, "I want to be baptized
August 27." What a miracle it was and is. He wanted to bring change in his
life, and he knew that baptism and confirmation was going to do that. He is
a great man, and we love him a lot. He had and has so much Faith and Hope
that baptism is what's going to bring those changes that he would like in
his life. One time when we were teaching him he had a question, and as we
were thinking how to answer that question he says, "Well either way I am
going to get baptized, I just want to know." What a miracle. We always
taught him at the church, and everytime that we pulled up he was sitting
there in his car waiting for us reading in The Book of Mormon. What a
prepared man. It was and is interesting to see how the Lord prepared this
man. It takes for all men to humble themselves before God to realize and
know how much they need him in there lives.

Rafael is the one in front of JD..there were 2 baptisms in the ward. Jd had the privilege to confirm Rafael. A member was able to Baptize him. It was really great!

JD & the other Elders

I hope you all know how very much I love each and every one of you
individually. I really do. I pray for you, and I thank you for your
prayers, love, and support in my behalf. Take care, have a great week, and
be careful in all things that you do.


Your Son, Brother, Uncle
Elder Hardman

*Preparing for Irene to hit Florida*

Hello My Family!

How is everybody doing? I hope that all is going well. It sounds like
everything is going well for each of you! Hey Big D...U..T..A..H..UTAH
fight fight fight! I am so excited to see you with a big red football
jersey on with me! That is going to be a beautiful day. Dad, I am proud of
you for standing up to what you know is right to Hailey and buying Isaac the
right jersey :) Haha that is so much fun. You know that I am just teasing
you all. I am glad that you are back in school though Big D and ready to
work hard. I am also happy to hear that Alicia has a good job. She is
really good at taking care of those sweet and special kids.

So this week has been a very great week. On Saturday we had another Mission
Conference where we heard from Elder Gibbons of the Seventy. It was great.
We actually interacted with him while he was talking, we didn't just listen
to him. It was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about growing in
my Faith. I just felt really energized and ready to go and get people into
the Gospel. It was a great, spiritually filled meeting.

So things are going so good with President Anderson. He is amazing, and I
truly love him a lot. I love Sister Anderson as well. She is a very
spiritually filled lady with a lot of knowledge. They are great. Yesterday
was stake conference for us and he came. he had all of us missionary stand
up, and he bragged about us for a little while. One thing that he said was,
because he had asked the question, "Do you know how to get to Heaven?" (To
the whole congregation). Then he said, talking about us, "They know how to
get to Heaven, and they know how to teach your neighbors and friends to do
so as well." It felt so good. The Spirit was really strong. He had the
whole congregation look at us. I felt so good.

One new procedure that we have with President Anderson is the Harvest
Approach like I was telling you about. Other than that, things have just
advanced and become very good, but no really big changes. I still have my
hair do though lol. That's not going to change.

So we are all doing really good in our apartment. It is really crowded with
six of us, but it has been going really well. We all have become better
from our sicknesses, and our floor is all fixed now. It didn't take the guy
too long to do it. It's nice to have our room back though. It has been
really fun though. We all do our work, and have a great time together. I
haven't done too much cooking for everybody as of lately. We haven't really
had the time and all resources to do so. One of the members wants us to go
and cook for them though. That will be really fun. I love that family.
They are the Gonzalez family. They are from Costa Rica. I love them a
lot. They are so fun loving and caring. They are great missionaries too.
They do a lot of missionary work. They have a son on his mission in Boise,
Idaho. He loves it there.

Well family okay here comes some news, but don't worry everything is and is
going to be ok. Mother, especially you don't flip. There is a hurricane
heading our way and is supposed to hit us Wednesday evening. We will be
going to a shelter, which is a local High School, to help people out. We
become a service mission instead of a proselyting mission. Don't worry
though, everything is going to be ok. It is called hurricane Irene. We are
getting all of things prepared. We went through and took some inventory.
For that I am going to be pulling out $40 cash. Oh by the way, in case you
are wondering, I pulled out $60 because I bought some covers for my Spanish
Scriptures directly from Nicaragua and they are made out of pure leather,
hand made. They are amazing, I will show you some pictures.

But again, don't worry. Everything is ok. Please do not try to call the
Mission Office. People will keep you updated (I believe President Anderson,
and all is going to be ok.

Well family I love you all each and every one of you individually. I hope
that you can feel may prayers and love in your behalf each and every day, as
I do feel yours. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you do.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*Elder Robert C. Gay and Elder M.Russell Ballard visit*

Hello my family!

How is everybody doing on this great and beautiful day? I hope that all is
going well with all of you! It sounds like all is going well, and that you
all have had a great week. Thank you Mother for getting back safe from
Idaho with Aunty Sharon. I'm glad to hear that Great Grandma is doing
better. That story gave me a little bit of a scare at first, but all is
good. She is doing great.

Okay so to clear you up Mother, my area is Hialeah and we are living in
Hialeah. I had to go up to Plantation that day because that is where we
hold transfer meetings. I hope that that clears you up a little bit now
lol. So our apartment is pretty cramped right now. the other night I was
asleep and woke up in the middle of the night to a huge crack. I thought
that it was my box spring to my bed, but it wasn't. I realized that I
couldn't sleep on one side of my bed though because it would still make
cracking noises. So I fell back to sleep for the rest of the night and when
we woke up in the morning I got out of bed and felt like I was going to fall
through the floor. Our tile had broken in the middle of the night. I guess
the glue or something went bad. So right now we have a guy at the apartment
fixing the floor so we had to move everything out of there into other
rooms. We're pretty cramped, but it is all good. We are all getting along
though and all is going great. There has been a lot of sicknesses roaming
around though, and I think that I am starting to get it right now. Oh well
though all is good.

So guess what? I got to hear from somebody yesterday, and also meet him and
shake his hand. Any guesses? Actually there was two of them. The first
was Elder Robert C. Gay of the seventy, who also is an area 70 for our
mission. The next, Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorom of the Twelve
Apostles! It was so great and amazing to see him and hear his words. He
talked a lot to us about becoming Master Teachers and that we can do it. It
truly was a great and choice experience that I will never forget. The
Spirit was very strong during that lesson.

Elder Osborn and I had a very spiritual experience this week. We, in this
mission, are doing something that's called, "Harvesting the Field," where we
knock and doors and ask and offer people a blessing from Jesus Christ for
them. I will copy and paste my story that I wrote to President Anderson
about it:
I have become more confident in Harvesting this week, and have been
confident that we can get in to every house. We had a really spiritual
experience while Harvesting during the week. We had planned to go to a
building to go and knock. It was a building that we had previously knocked,
but not completely. As we were in the elevator, we said that we stopped on
the 2nd floor, so we needed to go to the 3rd floor. But then my companion
told me that we should go to the 4th floor. We then realized that that was
where we needed to go because we had stopped on the 3rd floor, or so we
thought/think. We go knocking and nothing. We had two more doors left on
that floor. The very last one opened and said the he was busy working on a
job application. We told him that the blessing is in the form of a short
prayer and will only take a moment of his time. He opened the door right up
and let us come in. As we were talking with him for a minute, I felt the
Spirit right away confirm to me that this was going to be a great blessing,
and that he needed it very much. As we first knelt, his wife walked in the
door. You could tell she had a look like, "Who are these people, what are
they doing here, and why did you let them in?" We asked her to join us and
too said that she was busy. We told her the same thing, and she came and
knelt down with us. We gave the blessing. It was very powerful and I could
feel the Spirit guiding that blessing. At the end the lady's countenance
changed totally. We asked if we could come back two days later, and they
said of course. We went and saw them and the man told us, "Just that day I
was feeling like I was being guided by the Spirit, and then you showed up.
The Lord brought you here for a reason." It was a great miracle. You could
definitely see the difference in his countenance as well. You could tell
that he recognized that that blessing helped him a lot. He asked for a
special blessing so that he could learn english to get a job, and I felt the
Spirit confirm that to me that he was going to learn english to get a job.

I am so glad to hear that my big little brother Matt is doing so well. I am
so very proud of him. I plan on writing him a letter today. Hopefully that
last address that Daddy gave me for him will still work. It's not the very
first one, but the second address of his.

Well family I hope you all know how much I love you all so so very much, and
I am so very greatful for your love and prayers on my behalf. Please know
that I too do pray for each and every one of you. Take care, have a great
week, and be careful in all things that you do and in all of your

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

~New Area...New Companion~

Hello my family!

How is everybody doing this week? It sounds like everybody is doing pretty
good. I really hope that all is well with all of you. I am doing well this
week. My companion has been sick the past couple of days. We have had to
stay inside. I think he caught the flu from somebody that we went and
visited. It's all good he is doing better though. I have been doing good
this week though. Oh before I forget, next week I will not be e-mailing
until Tuesday because we have a mission conference on monday, so we will be
working on that day.

So I don't know if I told you all where I am at now. I am in Hialeah. It's
not too far from my last area, but completely different. It is a very nice
place. It is so fun living with 6 missionaries. We all have been getting
along really well, and having a great time staying busy and sharing with one
another. The ward he is so good. They are doing really well. The members
are amazing. So excited to do missionary work, and do all they can to share
the Gospel, and take care of us missionaries. They always make sure that
our well-being is taken care of. If anybody even has a cough they make sure
that they get you medicine. They are amazing and I am truly blessed for
being in this ward. Elder Osborn is doing great. He is from Salt Lake, and
he is a Ute fan, so we have been getting along really well. He's really
patient and has a great heart.

Thank you for getting my pants replaced. Exactly what you are sending me is
perfect Mother. And also yes I did get your letter. Thank you so much for
writing me! I was so happy to see that letter in the mail box!

It sounds like the Hardman family reunion was a great time. Tell Stacy that
she needs to write me, and also Brady. Good old Uncle Alvin. I can still
picture and see him, and hear him laughing and seeing his smile. I am glad
that all of the Hardman family is doing well. How is good old Uncle Pete
doing? I'm sure that it was great catching up with the family.

That is so fun that you all got to go out to Magna and see all of the old
ward. That is really cool to hear that Will Riding is on his mission.
What's even crazier is that Jordan O'Neil is getting married! What!? That
was fun to hear, but I just couldn't believe it. I'm glad to hear that
Thomas is doing well though. Send them all my love when you see them all
again. That is a very choice experience that Brother McCauley got to seal
Heather and Jake. Very special.

Tell everybody in the home ward hello for me to and thank you for everything
and their love and support. It really means a lot to me, and is felt.

I am so happy to hear that little Raegan knows who I am. The pictures of
her are incredible. She is getting so big. She was just a itty bitty
little baby when I last saw her. Those kids are growing up so much. I love
them so much. They keep me going. Give them all a big hug and kiss from
Elder Hardman.

Mom you be careful going up to Idaho with Aunt Sharon, and return back
safely. Thank you for giving Great Grandma a big hug and kiss from me.
Tell her that I love her, and that I hope that she can feel that warm love
from me.

Okay so funny story, but extremely scary for me. So the other night I was
kneeling by my bed praying. As I was praying I felt a little tickle on my
arm. I itched it and felt something, so I freaked out. I stood up yelling,
what is that?! I got my little flash light and started looking on my bed.
I couldn't see anything so I thought that it might have been my blanket
rubbing up on my arm funny. As I moved the flash light I saw something
quickly crawl across my bed. I saw what it was and I yelled, "Oh no it's a
cockroach!" I had a nasty, huge cockroach crawling on me. I went and got a
shoe, and asked my companion to come and help me. He covered himself
completely with his covers and said, "No! I am not helping you I hate
cockroaches!" So I'm there trying to catch this thing, and it sneaks into
one of my drawers. i was flipping out at this point. I finally got him to
come out, and I smashed it. It fell, but was still running, so I had to
smash it again. Finally it died. After that I went into another room and
kneeled on a chair above the ground to finish my prayer. I did not sleep
good that night. I woke up 3 or 4 times thinking that there was another
cockroach on me. It freaked me out. I'll send you a picture of it. It was
so gross. So yeah, I officially hate bugs.


I love you each and every one of you individually. I hope and pray that you
all can truly really feel of that in everyday. Take care, have a great
week, and be careful in all things that you do.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

PS How is my big brother Matty doing?

*Elder gets Transferred...after Transfers*

Hola mi querida familia!

Wow, what a great letter. That sounds like it was a camping trip to never
forget! What a testimony builder! That is so amazing. Daddy, I am so
proud of you. You have grown so much, and I can see that growth in you.
You are being so blessed. You and all of the family. The Lord provides a
way in everything. I commend you all for being in tune with that Spirit,
and recognizing your answers. Remember, the Spirit is quiet and peaceful,
and can not be heard when it is drowned out by anger or any other thing that
is not in harmony with peace. Daddy, I can't begin to even describe to you,
and tell you how proud I am of you. That prompting to know that the battery
terminals needed to be cleaned was a true prompting from the Holy Ghost, and
God knew that you were in a state to receive that prompting. He loves you,
and he is so proud of you.

Well this week has been a very eventful week for me as well. So, do you
remember last week how I told you all that I wasn't getting transfered and
that I was staying with Elder Odar Barboza. Well, the Lord saw fit for me
to be transferred. I got a call on Tuesday at about 4:15 saying, Elder
Hardman you are being transferred, and you are also training a new
missionary, be in Plantation tomorrow by 8:30. So I went to Plantation, met
my new companion (Elder Osborn from Salt Lake), and now we are opening up a
new area. We both are in a different ward, and a different area. It has
been quite the week. We are 6 missionaries living together too. It is
still a bike area. It was pretty tough at first. I prayed for guidance and
comfort. I received it. My testimony has strengthened knowing that the
Lord does give you comfort, and the Lord always provides a way.

Our first
day, we went finding and we found one person who we are going to go back and
see. We have gotten to know the ward pretty well as well. Yesterday, a man
walked in to church who has come to church for a while, but the other Elders
have never been able to meet with him. He walks in yesterday and says, "I
want to be baptized on August 27, I feel that that is a good date for me.
He is in our area. We now are going to be meeting with him this week to
help him prepare himself for that day.

The Lord always provides a way. It
has been truly amazing, and I now feel very comfortable. I have also seen
the Lord take over Spanish. I have been able to understand people
perfectly, and I have been able to talk very well and the people have been
understanding me more as well. The Lord qualified me, and has given me that
gift. This week has been such a testimony builder. The Lord has put you
and I in a situation this week to grow and strengthen us in our
testimonies. I am so very greatful for you all growing stronger and
becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

I am so overwhelmed with love and
gratitude right now. What a great week full of experiences. You have
truly witnessed miracles from God in your lives. I have truly witnessed
miracles from God in my life. he loves you, and wants to bless you like
that always. Be obedient, and I promise you in the name of Jesus Christ
that He will bless you.

I love you so much family. Thank you for sharing so much with me. Take
care, have a great week, and be careful in all things that you do. I am so
greatful that you got back from Flaming Gorge safely. I love each and every
one of you so much individually. I am so very greatful that the kids had
such a great time with Grandpa catching the fish and spending that good time
with the family. Your safety is everything. I love you so much.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Feeling good after a crash on his bike!

Sorry everyone..I'm have been a little busy and got VERY FAR behind...so sorry!!

Well hello my family! How is everybody doing on this fine sunny day?
All is going very well for me here. To answer your questions, all is going well with my health. My head is feeling good, without anymore headaches from my accident, and my chest is feeling better. Like I said last week, Nothing is broken, it's just a nerve that I bruised that will take at least couple of months to heal. But it is all good, I am feeling so much better.
Speaking of that, this morning I sent off that package with my helmet and my pants. Yes Mother, will you please send me a replacement pair? Thank you! Also, I did receive that package from Morgan and Skyler. Thank you so much! I loved everything in there so much! Elder Odar Barboza, Elder Diaz, and Elder Dent send their love and gratitude and thanks for those ties. We all 4 wore them on Sunday. I Love that Red! I started singing....U...T...A...H...UTAH fight fight fight! Haha I love it! Nice red! Also, thank you so much for that shirt and hat! I love them! You know me, Camo. Plus, I am super proud of my brother so I have been wearing that shirt. I love it thank you so much!
So as far as transfer information goes. I am so very greatful that the Lord has seen it fit for me to be able to stay with my companion Elder Odar Barboza again! I love it and I am so excited. Our area is progressing, and he is progressing amazingly as well. It is going to be a great transfer, and we are going to work hard.
So it has been an extremely hot week, but a rainy week as well. I have been staying hydrated. We have gotten wet at least 4 times this week. We get out and like 10 minutes later the clouds just open up. There was one night where we just got a little damp, but our path was lit the whole way home. I say that because we were right under a bunch of lightning that was just lighting up the place. It was kind of scary because we really were so close to it. It would flast and like 1 second later a big clap of thunder would come. It was insane. It reminded me of that trip Daddy when you and Grandpa left me at the campsite when you and him went down to the Marina at Flaming Gorge to go and cover the boat. I felt like crying again lol. It reminded me so much of it.
I am really sad, but very greatful to hear about Great Grandma. I hope that you gave her a big hug and kiss from her great grandson. She is a great lady and a wonderful example of strength, faith, and enduring to the end. What a great lady and a great example. Everybody loves seeing the picture of her and knowing that I have a Great Grandma. I love showing it off too. I'm greatful that you were able to travel up and back. Good job Daddy! An all dayer, with Mom and Grandma and Grandpa catching flies lol.
Oh man I am so excited for you all to be able to go on the trip to Flaming Gorge! Please be careful going up, while you are there, and coming back. I know that the Lord will protect you. Have a great time though! And yes please send me some pictures next week. It's been a little while since I have seen a mountain lol. I saw a hill a couple of days ago and thought it was huge haha. So yes I am excited to see the mountains again. I am sure that the little kids are going to love it a lot. I know that I always did being with Grandpa and Daddy as a young boy spending time up in the mountains. Give all of the little kids a big hug and kiss from Uncle Elder Hardman.
So this week Jose was confirmed. I was given that great opportunity and privilege to perform that ordinance. It was great. He is so excited to be able to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and guide his family in the way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so excited to gain the Priesthood, and understands the sacredness of it. He is so excited, and it is so great to see that excitement from him. I love him and Madelyn and their family a lot.
We have gained a few really good investigators this week. It has been a great week. Elder Odar Barboza and I have had some great learning experiences and teaching experiences this week. One of our new investigators is so excited to read the Book of Mormon, and build and complete his foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a great man. He has a great wife too. Really nice Cuban people. They have big hearts, and a lot of love for us. They always tell us that their house is our house. He tells us that he loves us, as well that we love him a lot. A true honest seeker of truth and of the fulness.
Well family it's time to go. I love you all so much. Each and every one of you individually. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things that you do. Always remember that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Be good! Go to the temple, read your scriptures, and pray daily, and I promise you that you will see a great change in your life.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman