Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


How is everybody doing? It sounds like every one is doing good and I am so
grateful to hear that. I am doing well as well. My headaches are gone,
accept for the usual Sunday headache lol, but all is well. This last week
we had Zone Conference, and we got flu shots. And no, it didn't hurt lol.
I was actually kind of glad to get it. But I am doing well, Elder Flores
and I had a pretty good week this week. This week we went on an exchange
and I went to an English area, and it was really weird being in English.
It made me realize how much I missed and how much I do love Spanish. Even
though I've got a long way to go with the language, I love it. While we
were on the exchange I got to talk to a Spanish person and it felt like a
huge relief lol.

So my plans for Thanksgiving are to give thanks, eat, eat, eat, and........
eat. I'm hoping that it works out like that lol. We have one appointment
set up right now for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm so
stoked for Thanksgiving and Christmas. At our apartment complex they have
all of the trees and the signs and stuff with Christmas lights and
everything. I need to take a picture of it to send to you all. Every
night when we come back it's so fun to look at. As far as do I have any
kind of Christmas tree or ornament that I can set up, no I don't have
anything. We can but I don't have anything. And as far as my favorite
homemade Christmas treat, I'm sorry but there's nothing like Grandma's
homemade sugar cookies. When you asked me that Mother my mind went right
to them. So Granny, I don't want to burden you but if you don't made, I
would be forever grateful to a Grandmother and Grandfather that I love so
dearly. I'm happy to hear that you and Grandpa are doing so good.

Bishop Petersen!!! Oh man that is the coolest thing ever! I'm so happy
for you Tom! You are going to be great! Remember, the Lord doesn't call
the qualified, but he qualifies the called. He knows you and knows that
you are going to do great things to build and help His kingdom here upon
the Earth. Suzy's the right one to help you all along the way as well.
What a great calling you have.

That's cool that Stacy bought a new car. But it's not so cool that Brady
is working at Smith's lol. No it's a good job I'm happy for him. What is
he doing there? If it's not Dairy, I think that he'll be ok haha.

We don't have too many plans for Preparation Day today. Last week we
(Elder Flores and I) were able to make the music CD at the library where we
are e-mailing. Elder Flores helped me make it.
By the way, next week I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday because if you can
believe it, it's already transfers again. So I'll let you know how that
goes and if anybody is going.

This week has been a great learning week. With Zone Conference and
continuing to work, many things have been learned. That's a wonderful gift
that we have from our Heavenly Father is that we can continue to learn.
Learning is essential. We are never done. There is much to be learned,
but what a great gift we have that we can learn, change, grow, and know of
the truth of the things.

Well family, I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving week, and know
that I am with you. I love you all so very much. I am grateful to have a
FAMILY like you. Please all of you be careful in your travelings to other
places for Thanksgiving and throughout all the week, and return home
safely. Take care and have a great week.

Elder Hardman

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