Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hola Mi Familia

Hello everybody!!! How is it going? Things are going pretty good for me here, other than I am sicker than a dog right now. I've got a sinusinfection and it is killing me. It really slammed me about 2 days ago. But all is well. That is what Elder Shumway had as well, but he is doing much better now.
Well I have some exciting news that I thought that you guys might want to know :) This last Sunday we changed District Leaders. So now, I am theDistrict Leader! I'm pretty happy about it I'm not going to lie. I hope that I can help my District in every way that I can.

Well, tell the Hobbs hello for me, and if Lindsey misses me so much shebetter write me lol. i'm really looking forward to seeing the Daybell'scome in on Monday! That will be so nice to see them! Oh and another piece of good news. Every Tuesday night we have adevotional, and guess who came just this last Tuesday? Russell M. Nelson!It was sweet! He is such a sweet man, and has a strong Spirit. The Spiritwas so strong in the meeting!

Be sure to give hugs and kisses to all of the little babies for me. Isaac that cute little turd "JD's out of town." Haha that cracked me up. Theyare so funny! I miss those little ones somethin' terrible though. Yes, I did get the letters from Aunt Sharon a while back, and Grandma andGrandpa. I was planning on writing Grandma and Grandpa back today. Tell Aunt Sharon she needs to write me again and I'll reply back her letter wasn't long enough lol.
Morgan we are thinking some orange ties. Kind of like the one that youbought me. That color of orange. Any style, but we just want it brighter!Thank you sister I love you!!!!!! As far as packages go, you all know what I like and that I'm not picky. Don't even worry about something not getting eaten. Trust me, I have a district, and a zone, of hungry missionaries so don't even worry about thatlol.

I'm not counting down or anything, but I only have 3 weeks and 5 days untilI am out of here! I'm so excited! And no Matt we haven't had a truffle shuffle contest yet. I'm trying to getsome of us to do it though. I doubt that it will happen though haha. Idk though maybe we will see.

I'm glad that you all liked the pictures and the package. And yes Mother I do have a Florida shirt as well. I'm actually wearing it right now. I knewthat some of those pictures would make you cry though Mother haha. Elder Shumway said that his Mother would love it if you called her. She would really like that.
How is Ben doing? Will you ask Momma 2 how my buddy is doing? Also tellthose two little brats Heather and Kyla to write me. I haven't heard fromBen in a while, but I know that he is busy. Well family sorry that this letter seems short but we kinda do the samething every week in the MTC lol. But it's all good. Elder Jensen just leaned over and asked me, what are you writing about? It's so hard to knowwhat to write, we do the same stuff everyday lol. He's a funny kid. I love you guys!!!

Keep writing me! Letters are like gold out here lol.It's crazy. Well I love you guys!!!

Love,Elder Hardman

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love from *Oct 7,2010*

Well, how are things going at home? Things are going well for me here at the MTC. Just kinda doin' my thing and learning as much as I can.
First off, Matt, when is tha girl from your ward going to write me? Es noimportante pero yo tengo saber. Did you guys let the Burton's and the Kinikini's my love? Thank you for all of the letters!! i loved the ones from the littlebabies! they were so cute!
I'm glad that you guys had such a goodconference weekend. Conference here in the MTC is amazing! It iseverything and more that everybody made it to be. I was feeling the Spirit so Strong! I was really feeling close to all of you guys back home, and I know that that is exactly where everybody is.
Thank you very much for the package!!! It was amazing but I must say that the jerky is already gone lol. Yeah things usually don't last too longaround here. Especially since the food is so disgusting. We taste something good and take full advantage of it haha. Has everybody, exceptfor Mom and Dad, gotten their letters that I have sent them? I hope that you all have gotten them. I really needed all of those pictures that you sent to me! Thank you so much! That one of my Taz man makes we want to cry. That one and my puppy.
Yes Matt it is cool that you took the baseballs. I guess. I won't need them for a couple of years, and odds are they'll be gone by that time soit's cool. Matt Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for you with that job interview/bank robbery of yours. Thank you for the advice of being grateful. I am really trying to do the best that I can to give thanks immediately as I realize a blessing that has been given to me. Also, I'mtrying to always know that things are a blessing from our Heavenly Father,and not just a coincidence.

Elder Shumway and I don't have too many similarities, other than we both have good families. We just get along really well. Idk we do have a lot incommon but I can't think of anything in particular. He is a really loving,and humble kid. He is very patient and has a real positive attitude abouteverything. His family is active, except for one of his brothers I think. Thank you for the DearElder in Spanish Matt. I'm working on translating it,but I think I'm doing pretty good at understanding what you are saying.Keep it coming. Mother my hair is fine the way that it is. Nobody has had a problem withit, but I gotta get it cut soon it's atarting to get kinda long.

No I wasn't in the MTC Priesthood choir. I really wanted to be so bad but icame in about a week or 2 too late. But I did know quite a few Elder's in the choir. That is definitely not a coincidence with Joe and Kris. Tell them to keep talking with him, and please send and give them my love and testimony, and if they have any questions... tell them that I am MORE than happy to answer them the best that the Lord would have me answer them for them. Please tell ALL of the little babies "HI" for me and that I love them so much. Give them BIG hugs and kisses from Uncle JD and tell them that I will see them soon. Yeah the mountains are starting to look pretty good. The "Y" isn't myfavorite part, but I can look past that and see the beauty of all of themountains. It is definitely starting to feel like fall. Well family I love EACH and everyone of you guys more than anything. You are my rock, and I am so grateful to be blessed to be a Hardman. People love our last name by the way. Everybody is always saying... "Man I love your last name. It is so strong." I've always known that we have sucha sweet last name. Well I love you guys, and have a good week! Take care and be safe in everything that you do! I love you! Let me know if you need anything from me, questions answered or anything. I am more than willing to do so for anybody.

Love,Elder Hardman