Friday, March 9, 2012

BIG 21...*i'll be home next birthday*

Well Hello My family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like everybody is doing good when I
talked to you all. It was so good to hear from all of you, and I am so
happy that I was able to. It was a fun Christmas Day, especially being
able to talk to you. That was so much fun using SKYPE! It was really nice
being able to see your faces and actually talk to you. It wasn't hard or
anything, it was super good to be able to see your faces. Thank you Mother
and Father for doing those 3-way calls too so that I could talk to all of
my siblings. That meant a lot.

Yeah I too cannot believe that I am going to be 21 years old tomorrow.
It's also weird to think that it's my birthday again in the mission field.
I look back saying..."It feels like it was just a year ago I was doing
this." Haha just joking you Mother. But really I can't believe that I can
look back a year ago and say, I was in the mission field a year ago on my
birthday. I still remember who I was with and what we did. I was with
Elder Sepulveda in West Palm Beach and it was Preparation Day and when we
left the apartment at night, Elder Sepulveda took me to a Chinese
Restaurant and we met a member there with his son who was not a member. We
also went to the Vilorio's house and they had a cake for me. Wow crazy
that I can remember that lol.

It was fun yesterday going fishing. We didn't catch anything but hey, my
worst day of fishing beats my best day at work (except for missionary work
I think but you all know what I mean). We then went and taught a lesson
and then went for another Brazilian barbecue for Elder Machado because he
is leaving. I talked to him and he said that he can come and visit you
guys and that he is going to. I'll give him our address today before he
leaves tonight. I'm going to miss him a lot. It's really super weird to
see a missionary leaving and going home and finishing his mission. It's
giving me a chance to reflect back on my mission and think about it and
what I need to continue to do.

Well family this is going to be short because I've got something that I
need to do here on the computer. Just know that I am safe and well and
well taken care of. I thank you all so very much and love you each all so
very much individually. Please take care and have a great week, and be
careful in all things that you do especially driving in the snow.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Sister Martinez *JD's Mission MOM* drove up to wish this cute Elder a Happy was a surprise for him! We sure do Love Sister Martinez for loving him! This is a letter she sent Momma Karon with the Pictures.

Its was my pleasure sister Hardman. He was very happy see us again. He is very special for me, as I told you. His area is almost 35 minutes from Hialeah.
He look so happy, really I never saw him sad or angry, he is smiling all the time or doing jokes, huging his companions, he is really funny !! I was talking with his companion about him, and he said that your son is very nice, funny and... and...and he can't found the exactly word for describe your son, and then he said: he is so sweet, with a little emotion.
You know sister hardman, here in the 2 wards that your son served, ALL the members love him, all !! you are so blessed with a son that have a special touch to love others. When we have talking to him, my cell phone rang and I saw that was Elder Chinchilla (missionaries father) then I pass my phone to Elder hardman, and they was laughing and talk and talk suddenly your son stop to talk and just was listening, Elder Chinchilla was singing for him the Happy Birthday song. Your son was emotional and say aawww tanks Elder Chinchilla. I felt great that my sons missionaries call me and show me their love but I felt more great that he called me in the right time to talk with Elder Hardman, he says; it was a great gift too.
I told him that we went to celebrate his birthday, because the next birthday he will be at his house with his family and he look me and says; yes, is true, but I will miss you a lot.
He is so sweet.


Sister Martinez

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