Friday, May 27, 2011

"Be thou an example of the believers."

Hello mi familia!

How is everybody doing?! I really hope that all is well and that you all
are doing good at work and in everything! All is well for me. I am still
hydrated and walking, so all is well lol. This week has been hot, but not
too bad. One day we had to ride home really quick. We had to ride about
8-10 miles and change our clothes in about 30 minutes. Guess what... We did
it! I was so tired after, but we got it done lol. It was so much fun!

So a little update on my activities for this week. We got the chance to do
something extremely fun! Do you all know who the BYU Young Ambassadors
are? On Wednesday night they were performing here in Miramar, which is part
of the other Elders area but we live close by it. The Stake President here
bought us tickets, with the permission of President Hale of course. He
bought us tickets and we were able to go and see them perform that night!
It was so much fun! I must say though, we felt kind of bad being
missionaries in that kind of setting, even though we had the permission from
President Hale and that he was there as well haha. Then the next night,
Thursday night, they Young Ambassadors came to the chapel and we had a
fireside with them! It was beautiful! Being able to hear them sing and
give their testimonies, it was wonderful! We also had a less-active come to
that fireside. She loved it! It touched her heart so much. The Spirit
really was very strong. It was a very unique and special experience.

Just a reminder, next week I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday because it is
Memorial Day on Monday. So we are going to be working on Monday, and
Preparation Day will be on Tuesday. So just keep that in mind.
Also, I need something from you. When you send that package with my new
ties and everything, and if you already have I need another package lol, I
need a new journal. I am really running out of space. Thank you!

So just to let you know I did get Matt's letter to me this past Saturday. I
was so happy when I got it! It's always so wonderful to hear from him and
all of you! How is he doing? I hope that all is going well for him!

Daddy I'm sorry that you are going stir crazy. I can only imagine. I don't
really remember what the cold/weather is like anymore. It's just always hot
and sunny here lol. By the way Mother, you're welcome for the roses! I'm
glad that you like them! Thank you so much for planting those for her

It sounds like Jordan's talk went well! Nice funny with him Daddy lol.
Sounds like him and Devin also had a great time together!

That made me feel good to hear that Steve Bracken sends his love. When you
see him again, tell him that I send my love to him! That will be great to
give him the work painting the basement. So Mother, I guess your Red Sox
are a little bit better than my Cubs. I always wanted to see them play
together so that I could give you a run for your money, but now I can't
lol. I'm glad to hear that you have my Cubs hat on the railing still. I'm
always going to need a rail to put my hats on lol. Oh and to answer your
question, I kind of remember hearing something about that Babe Ruth used to
play for the Red Sox. Then he went Yankee. That's all I have to say about

So yesterday we had the opportunity to go up the the mission home and have
dinner with President and Sister Hale and their family, and also we had
Personal Priesthood Interviews with President Hale. It was a very choice
experience. It was so nice to sit down and talk with President Hale, and
also help Sister Hale prepare the meal. I had a great time helping her. I
felt like I was in the kitchen helping Mother or Granny. It was so much
fun. She's my Mom and I love it. I love her and President Hale so much.

Well family know that I have had a great week and that I am doing great. By
the way, June 18 is the groundbreaking for our beloved temple that the Lord
has placed for us here in South Florida. The work is going forth strong and
now the Lord's house is going to be here in South Florida. What a great
blessing this is. I love you all so much. Take care, have a great week,
and be careful in all things that you do and all places that you go and in
all places that you are. "Be thou an example of the believers."

Your Son,
Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Saturday, May 21, 2011

All is well, All is well

Well hello mi familia!

How is everybody doing?! I really hope that all is well with everybody and
that everyone is safe! It sounds like it has been a hard week for
everybody. I am so sorry to hear that it has been such a tough week, but it
sounds like everyone is handling it the way they know to be right, turning
to our loving Heavenly Father who knows us personally and our situation and
gives us what we need. I am greatful to all of you and for your
testimonies. Keep strengthening your testimonies, that's what gets you
through good times, and through hard times. Don't worry about me though I
am fine. All is well with Elder Odar Barboza and I.

So you have expressed some desires to know what to say to Grandpa to help
him. Listen to him. Help him understand your testimony that you Know that
God knows him individually and that he is a Son of His. I promise you that
people will always say something that will help you to help them feel of
that Spirit. Also, remember that people have their agency to choose. I
know it's hard, trust me we/I see it all of the time in the mission field.
Don't get discouraged. Just always love that Old Man, because I love him a
ton. Give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek from his missionary.
Give Grandma a big hug and kiss on the other cheek from her missionary.
Tell them that I love him, and hope that he recovers quickly, and that my
thoughts and prayers are with him.

So this week has been a pretty good week. Elder Odar Barboza is a great
companion! He teaches me something everyday. That's the fun part, even
though I am training him, I learn something new from him everyday. It is
really fun to watch him grow each day. He is going to be leading out very
soon. He is going to be a great leader. He is just developing those skills
right now. I am willing to do all that I can and need to do to ensure that
he lays his foundation to be the missionary that the Lord needs him to be.

As far as the weather goes this week, it actually hasn't been too bad.
There was a couple of really hot days, but other than that we have enjoyed
some great cloud cover, which has helped it to cool down a lot during the
day. It rained like crazy a couple of nights ago. We got home, and like 10
minutes later it started pouring! We got a little wet on the way home with
the start of the storm, but not enough to that it bugged us. It was just a
nice little sprinkle. It actually felt quite good lol.

The trainings this week were so spiritual and edifying! I gained so much
knowledge to take with me so that I can be the missionary that the Lord
needs ME to be. I know that He is with me, and helps me in all things. One
thing that I learned this week was how you might have a bad day, but
Heavenly Father knows you and gives you a "laser targeted" blessing. He
does that because he loves you. It is "laser targeted" toward you.

Well family, I think that's about it for now. Have a great week, be careful
in all things that you do and your travelings. Know and feel how much I
love each and every one of you individually so dearly.

Your Son,
Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

All is well, all is well

*a Familiar Face*

JD found a familiar face

*Elder Hardman* *Sister Tyson*

Friday, May 6, 2011

*Meet your new...*

Well hello there Family of mine!

How is everybody?! I hope that all is well and that everybody is doing
great! I am doing great, don't worry about me. It has been a great week,
and a hot one at that lol. For some reason it seems like I sweat more this
week even than before. But it is all good, I'm starting to get used to it.
It's a little easier to acclimate myself since I am riding bike. I love
riding my bike! Elder Bowler got his bike fixed this week. So get this, we
went and picked up his bike when it was done and it cost him around $70. As
we were walking out, ANOTHER major part broke. He had to fix it right
there. Another $35 later. That poor Elder I felt really bad. We couldn't
believe it lol.

Okay so are you all ready for transfer information? We just found out last
night, and then tomorrow is the meeting for transfers. That's when I will
be able to talk to Hermana Tyson. It's going to be great! Okay...
So....Elder Hardman is staying, and Elder Bowler is transferring! However,
there's another catch to it. Elder Hardman (me)!
Yeah I am training now. I get my new companion tomorrow! I am so excited!
However I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous as you can imagine haha.
It is SUCH a great blessing that the Lord has given me, to trust me with a
new missionary to train. I am SO very greatful for this opportunity! It is
going to be great!

I am also looking forward to seeing President Hale on tomorrow at transfer
meeting. I haven't been able to tell him about my story about back
surgery. It is truly a miracle that I can ride my bike and go on a mission
and do all of these things without any problems! Don't worry Mother, no
problems. I'm not hiding anything haha. That cracked me up when you said

Okay so for the next big thing... the Mother's Day phone call. The only
detail that I can give you right now is that I will probably be calling
sometime around 5:00-6:00 p.m. your time, so about 7-8:00 p.m. here. I
really look forward to talking to all of you! I need your help with
something though. I've only got 30-40 minutes to talk. I want/need to be
strictly obedient to ensure the Lord's trust in me to carry out His work.
So I need your help to help me end on time. Thank you family! I will call
Dad's cell phone. I really hope that I can talk to the little kids! I
really miss them so much! Give them all the biggest hug and kiss from Uncle
Elder Hardman!

So to answer your question, yes I have written some of the missionarys in
the ward. I have written Elders Kinikini, Bracken, and Cameron. I still
need to write Elder Burton. Speaking of which, wow my little sisters are
16! That's so crazy! Tell them "Hello" from Elder Hardman and Happy
Belated Birthday! I too can't believe my buddy is going to be home this
Friday. Wow, where did it go? I'm glad that he doesn't want to come back.
I agree with Brother Bracken, that's how it should be. He's a great
missionary, and can't wait to see pictures of when he comes home!

I am very glad to hear that my big brother Mateo is adjusting well at Boot
Camp. He will do great! I am very happy to hear that he is going to church
with his bunk mate! What a great missionary. Remember, every member a

So family just know that I am safe, and am too grateful for Heavenly
Father's protection over me! Thank you for praying for me! Please know
that I too pray for all of you too!

There's not too much of an update on investigators. Just still working hard
to help them make that sacred covenant with God, and receiving the Gift of
the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We're also working hard to find
new investigators! It is going to be great having this new missionary with
lots of fire and desires wanting to teach and find investigators!

Well family I love you all, and hope and pray everyday that you can feel
that love from me, and especially from our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ for each and every one of you! Take care, have a great week, and be
careful in all things that you do and to all places that you go and at all
places that you are. I love you! I leave you with my testimony greatful
for this restored Gospel and for this time that I have to share it with
others. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your Son,
Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*Meet MAX....ELDER LOVES him..look how BIG he is*

*Elder's will be Elder's..they are people too*

*Delicious Sausages the they bought and cooked...he is missing the BBQ*

*Zone Council May 2, 2011*

~Really Good Week~

Well Hello there my Family!

How is everybody doing and everything going?! I sure hope that all is well
with each and every one of you! I am doing great don't worry about that.
It has been a really good week.

So for Easter Sunday, right after church there was a baptism for the other
Elders for a lady, we went home after that and made something to eat, and
went out and worked the rest of the day. It was such a great day
yesterday. The couple that I have been talking about that we are teaching,
they hadn't come to church the past couple of weeks, but yesterday they
It was such a joy to see them! They had a beautiful experience at
church yesterday too! The Spirit was so strong in all of the classes and
sacrament meeting yesterday. It is truly a miracle of what they experienced
yesterday! Later on in the day we got a text from them saying how much they
were grateful for everybody at church and for our direction at church for
them. They had to leave a little early because one of their kids was
getting a little fussy, but it was okay they had an amazing day! Also, the
girl that we are teaching came too! She had a great time as well! I love
these people so much, and will do everything to help them make that oh so
sacred covenant of baptism with our loving Heavenly Father.

Mom that is so cool that you have been able to talk with some of the
missionary mom's! I haven't had any contact with Sister Tyson yet though.
I'm sure that I will see her in about a week though.

REMINDER! Not this
Wednesday, but the next are transfers. So next week I won't be writing
until Tuesday! Just a quick good reminder! Thank you!

So as far as how much I use my Spanish, I use it everyday all day. Yes
there are people that I talk to that are english, but I use my Spanish all
of the time. I love it!

I have been thinking about Matty a lot this week. I will write him a letter
of encouragement. It hurts me to know that he is struggling. I can only
imagine how hard it is. I hope that all is well with him, and he is in my
prayers, as I know that he is in yours. But yes, we can do hard things.
When we do our part and show our Faith, the Lord takes care of the rest.

Sorry everybody but no pictures this week. So as far as the weather goes,
it has still been really hot and humid, but yes it's getting a little easier
to tolerate. It's still really hard though and don't think that I'll ever
get used to it. Don't worry, I am drinking lots and lots of water. I'm
sure that I sweat WAY more than I drink though. It's impossible to keep up
with how much I sweat lol. It's good though, it makes me feel good.

President Hale is back! We received a text on Wednesday night saying that
Thursday he would be coming back! So we now have our beloved Mission
President back with us here in sunny South Florida, our home as a mission
family. He is truly a living walking miracle. What great unity we have had
in the mission, and a chance to show our Faith.

Well family, I hope that all is well with each and everyone of you and that
you EACH know how much I love and care about you so deeply and
individually. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you do and in all places that you go. I love you so much!

Your Son,
Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

~Heat WAVE~

Hola mi familia!

How is everybody doing?! I really hope that all is well with everybody!
All is going really good with me here, just working away and sweating my
duff off. It has been extremely hot and EXTREMELY humid this week. It
rained like 3 or 4 days this week. Yesterday it rained like crazy. The
streets were flooded and it was just insane. We were at a members house
when the rain hit luckily, and got a ride to our next appointment. It took
us a while to get there though just because we had to go real slow through
the water. it was quite deep lol. It was kind of fun to see and be in
though. I can't imagine what it's like during a hurricane lol.


So yes I did get my package and let me just tell you, thank you SO much! I
absolutely loved it! The egg that you put my memory cards in was a little
bit of a teaser though lol. You know, usually when your older and you get
an Easter egg like that, there's not candy in it....... LoL I'm just
yanking your chain. It was perfect! I really did think that there was
money in it though lol. Thank you so much for my sunglasses! However, I
think that I am going to send them back because I really want/need those in
a later time. I have a pair right now, and the camo... Oh man, miss my camo
lol. But thank you so much for thinking of that though! I'm not trying to
put it down I promise, it was great! And if you would like to, in your next
package send me some pictures. That would be great! I'll send a few home
today. I haven't been sending them home because I haven't been taking
pictures lol. But this week I've got a few.

So it sounds like you had a great time with Matt, Mele, and Leilaa. And of
course just like you said Dad, there's always a catch lol. I don't doubt
that the frame looks great! How is Matty doing? I have been thinking a lot
about him and what he's going to do. Is he nervous? I hope not, he is
going to do amazing. How are Mele and Leilaa doing? I hope that all is
going well with them! You bet that my prayers are going to be with him and

Update on President Hale is that he is doing great! He is just recovering
and anxiously awaiting returning to South Florida. His surgery went very

Okay so yeah the iguana can swim after we knocked it out of the tree lol.
And yes Mother I know, I watch my pranks don't worry.

So it sounds like you all are gearing up for a great Easter weekend! I
love Easter. A day set aside to remember and learn more about the Savior's
resurrection, and what exactly that means to us individually. I challenge
you all to find out what that means to you individually by studying the
scriptures and Preach My Gospel about it. I promise you that you will find
great significance and blessings in your life each individually.
For me, I'm just going to be working on Easter lol. It will be a great time
to find and teach families that are together about our Savior and help them
come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel.

A little update on the work. The girl that we are teaching has met the
requirements for baptism and we are going to be setting her with a baptismal
date this week. The couple that we are teaching didn't come to church
again. It was truly sad, but they will come don't worry. We are teaching a
couple of less-active families, and one of these families is a part member
family. So we are working with them.

Thank you so much Mother for handling my finances! That really means a lot
to me!

Well family, that's about it for the week. I hope you all know and feel how
much I deeply love each and every one of you individually! I am so very
grateful for your love and support that you have and are giving me! I love
you dearly! Be careful in all things that you do and in all your
travelings! Take care, and have a great week!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

*one of elder's furry faced friends....her name is Brandi*

*this is Peter...the small furry friend*

*Beautiful Sunset one Evening*