Friday, March 9, 2012

Where in Flordia is ELDER??

Hello my dear family!

How is everything going? It sounds like everybody is doing good,
except for maybe Big D recovering from Strep. But, I'm really happy
to hear that a new precious little baby boy is going to be born into
our family. What a blessing! That reminds me of something that
happened yesterday. We were out knocking doors and we knocked into
this family that let us in. It was a couple with their two little
twin granddaughters. The Grandma was sitting on the floor feeding
these little girls that were almost 1 year old. When we looked at
these two little girls, one of them just looked up at us and just
smiled and it was so precious. A little while later they both looked
at us and just smiled. It was so cute I loved it. It made me feel so

Ok, so where am I? I am in the second farthest South, next to Key West

area in the whole mission. I'm in Homestead West. It's a fun
little area. I feel like I am in the "Idaho" of Florida. There's a
lot of Strawberry and Corn fields. It's so fun down here. I know
that I'm supposed to be down here. We are on bike down here in this
area too. We teach both English and Spanish down here. Our ward is a
bilingual ward. They have translator head sets and one guy who
translates. We sing in Spanish and in English, and the speakers every
week are either Spanish or English. It's quite interesting, but it's
good. Our investigator loved church this week. The Spirit is still
there even though translation is done and people have head sets on. I
love it. It's a lot of fun down here. The weather has been kind of
hot but kind of nice too, so bike riding has been pretty good. Key
Largo is part of our area as well. We're going to be going down there
about mid March to go see some people. We'll either get a ride down
there from a member, or take the bus. We'll see. To get here to this
area we had to take a little bus ride from our Zone Leaders' area
which is just a little farther North, down to here and then the other
Elders that we live with picked us up. We live with Elder Edwards and
Elder Rugg. They're great and fun Elders.
My companion is Elder Moultrie from West Point, Utah. He's an awesome
Elder, and we have some baptisms lined up and ready to go this coming
week and for the week after. The people for the week after are some
people that Elder Moultrie and I found our very first day together.
It was so fun.

However, having said that I love it so much down here, I still miss my
last area. I think about the people if not everyday I think. But, I
know that they're an eternal part of me and I will see them again. I
am keeping things in my journal, not every day, but I am doing my best
now to keep things in my journal so that I can remember them.

My health is doing just fine. I can't really think of anything that I
need you to send me. I just need somebody to send me a letter this
week because I need to renew my library card now that I'm in a
different county, and I need to show some kind of proof of address.
So I'm looking forward to a letter this week.

Mother, Aunt Sharon be careful going down to St. George. Give the
little girl a big hug for me. The baby not Kaitlin lol. But, you can
give Kaitlin and Jordan a big hug from me.

Don't worry about sending these letters to my MTC teacher for now
because I don't have his address on me. I'll try to remember to bring
his address so that you can, but don't worry about it too much.

Well family, that catches you up for this week on the life of Elder
Hardman right now. He's doing good, don't worry. But I love you all
so very much and ask for your safety everyday. Take care, and have a
great week.
I love you!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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