Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy New Years!

You all want to know what I did on new years eve? We had to be in the
apartment by 8:00 pm, an hour or so earlier than normal, we planned for the
next day, I drank a bottle of white grape sparkling cider, brushed my
teeth, said a prayer, and went to bed. It felt great! I woke up the next
morning thinking, "I feel like a new man." (name that movie). It was so
nice to be able to sleep a little bit more. There were fireworks going off
aparently, but I didn't hear a single one. I was out like a light. I
didn't complain one little bit.

So how is everybody doing? It sounds like everybody is doing good and I'm
glad to hear that, except for maybe my poor puppy dog. Aw poor little
buddy that story makes me laugh too but it makes me sad too. I don't have
a clue what happened that made him fall and end up down there. Poor little

Thank you so much for my birthday! I loved it! I had a really good
birthday. In the morning I opened my package, then we studied, then we
went and did some service for a ward member. I got cut up so bad doing
that service. She had a plant that was super shart that we had to do alot
of digging around and taking out some plants. It was still fun though.
Then, as you know, Sister Martinez came to visit me and brought my a ton of
good food. She brought me Baliadas, Fritanga, and Croquetas. All spanish
food and it was SO good. I wasn't surprised to see her because she text me
in the morning wishing me happy birthday and wanting to bring me something
for my birthday. I was surprised that she remembered my birthday
though. I'm glad that she e-mailed you and asked you too. They are a
great family and I love them very much. Thank you very much for sending me
that letter that she sent to you. It was just a nice day of work. Also
later that night we went to the chapel for a meeting and one of the ward
members, the Calevoso family, gave me a new pair of pants and a pie for my
birthday. They are so sweet and I love them so much. They are such a
great family and they truly mean a lot to me.

Elder Chinchilla is a missionary that I lived with for 2 transfers down
when I was in Hialeah. That's how he knows Sister Martinez as well. He's
a great and funny missionary from Costa Rica that I love a lot.
Landon Hancuff going to Alabama! That's so cool! Man I am so excited for
him, he is going to absolutely love serving! Is his call in English or
Spanish? I'm so happy too that Eric Kinikini is preparing to go on a
mission as well! I'm so happy to hear that Afui is doing so good. I would
like to hear from him. I wrote him a letter a long time ago, but didn't
get any response. I'm hoping that I sent it to the right mission and the
right address. Will you please give Sister Kinikini my address so that she
can give it to Afui so that he can write me please? Thank you so much!

So things are going really good here in the mission and here in the area
for Elder Perrotti and I. We have been finding some great people to be
teaching and are working very hard to help them come unto Christ. We have
learned alot this week. Everything is settling down more and I am doing
better. I have felt better since talking about it.

GO UTES!!! That's super cool that they were the only PAC 12 team to win
their bowl game! I was starting to wonder when their game was and

So the weather right now is a little cold and I am loving it. I made my
little can of snow the other day, and man do I miss snow. It was so cool
to see "snow" again. Haha it was a fun time. That little can even came
with a little white shovel! It was the coolest thing. I've got a picture
of it that I'll send home.

Well family know that I am doing well and I am so very greatful for your
support. Thank you for everything that you do for me. I love you all so
much, and take care this week in everything that you do.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Snow on my Birthday!!

Elder Perrotti & Elder Hardman eating Churrasco

The District

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