Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello my dear family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like everybody is doing fine. HAPPY
Me, I am doing great. It has been such a good week, and a lot has been
accomplished this week. This week as a District and with the Zone Leaders
we set a goal to give 50 blessings. We all worked so hard to reach this
goal. One of the areas in the District got the highest number of blessings
ever given in that area since we started blessing people's homes. These
Elders worked so hard and they deserve so much. We came out at the end of
the week with 49 blessings! That is huge! Everybody worked so hard! My
area as well I think experienced one of, if not the higest number of
blessings given. The Lord really blessed us this week in helping us find
these people to bless them. I felt a sense of excitement come over myself
and come over the District. It was something indescribable, but I could
not be prouder of the missionaries who are in my District. I love them all
so much. Kind of an indirect blessing that I have seen from working
towards this goal as well is how the relationships between the missionaries
in each companionship has grown, and how our relationship as a District as
a whole has grown so much too. This was such a good week and I love
missionary work.

I'm glad and happy to hear that you got my package. I'm so happy to hear
that you enjoyed it. First off, explanation on everything. Those CD's
that I sent home: we moved out of our old apartment and into a new one,
and as we were cleaning things out and moving, I came across a box that had
been there since I got there. It was filled with these CDs and more. So I
picked a few out and sent them home because I can't listen to them here.
The sand I got at Christmas time as part of a white elephant that we were
doing. A Sister who was in my District before Christmas, but got
transferred, I guess picked that sand and did that. It was pretty cool.
The pennies that I sent home, that were in my shoe, were one a really old
penny which I just thought it was cool how old it was, and the other like a
Canadian penny or something. I just thought that it was cool.

That is a choice experience being able to meet that lady that Sister Tyson
and Sister Briggs found and taught. That is so special. It sounds like
you had a very spiritual week as well this week Mother. I know that what
you were feeling about how The Lord was preparing you for something that
day was true. Remember how in the Scriptures He says, "I will go before
thy face." He always goes before our face. That's something that is a
huge reality that I have seen on the mission. The Lord goes before our
Thank you so much as well for sharing me about Drake's prayer. That really
touched my heart, and I too agree that all of these kids' parents are
raising them up so good and teaching them such great things.

I'm so happy to hear that Kaitlin and Jordan had their little girl. That's
so precious. She sounds like a big little girl though lol.

So funny story this week. As we were knocking doors the other day looking
for people who will let us bless them, we were walking from one house to
the next and I was looking at the ground while walking. We were at a
trailer park and a lot of these trailers have a little metal awning that
covers some of the windows on these trailers. And as I was walking and
looking down, BAM! I smacked the old noggin right on one of those things.
Haha just absolutely plastered my head on that thing. It gave me like an
instant goose egg and that part of my head, basically right at my hairline
on my forehead, went purple and you could see the lines of that metal
awning. "A lot of pain nothing to worry about." (Movie quote). No but it
went down quick and everything, nothing to worry about. My companion and I
were laughing so hard. My companion thought that somebody stuck their hand
out the window and hit me haha. It was a good time. That's what I get for
looking at the ground while walking.

Well family, that basically does it for this week. Thank you all so much
for your prayers, and your love on my behalf. I feel of it everyday. I
love you all so much, and take care this week. Be careful in all things
that you do and while driving. Take care.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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