Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold enough for a SWEATER VEST??

Some members bought these Vest's for JD and Elder Sepulveda because it has gotten so cold in FLORDIA! Don't they look LOVELY!!

Elder Sepulveda, a family in their area, Elder Hardman

First Baptism *BEFORE the mission*

Elder Hardman's Mother wanted us to share this picture. This was JD's first Baptism EVER....He was asked by Cami to baptize him this was taken in 2008. Elder Hardman is Working VERY hard to get MANY MORE BAPTISM'S

Letter before Christmas

Well, what a good week it has been, and I am really looking forward to this week. I'm going to keep you all in suspense, and not tell you anything until I call home on Saturday night lol. I am going to be calling home on Saturday at around 8:30-9:00 p.m. here, so 6:30-7:00 p.m. there. Again, I'll tell you all about why when I call home lol. Let's just say that I am rather excited haha. But as of right now, we don't really have any real set Christmas plans, but it's all good we're all really excited to have Christmas here on the mission.

Okay so it has been flippin' freezing here! I actually had to go and buy a flippin' sweater. It was crazy! And then a member bought Elder Sepulveda and I a sweater vest thing for Christmas. I'll send a picture of us with them on. We love them, they are really nice. I hope it doesn't show off my girlish figure too much. Elder Sepulveda is kind of sick from it all too.
On Saturday it was cold again and windy, but also it was raining so hard.
We had 8 appointments that day that we were determined to go too. And we're on bikes, so long story short, we got SOAKED!!! Haha but it was a great experience, and one that I will never forget, nor will Elder Sepulveda. We have a great time together. Speaking of being cold, it doesn't surprise me that you are cold Mother haha. You're always cold.

Mother thank you SO much for taking that letter to Lexi!!! I'm grateful to you for taking it to her. Good job on finding her house! Did you have any trouble? Haha probably not I'm just givin' ya a hard time. Love you Mother!

So we ride a bikes pretty far everyday. Our area goes from Jog Road to Highway 95. Then from Souther Blvd. to Purdy Lane I believe. There you can look it up on Google. It's something like that. People say I'm dropping some lbs. but I don't know I'll leave that up for you all to determine haha.

So yes I got my packages!!! Thank you SO much from all!!! They are amazing, and Elder Sepulveda is really excited to see what you gave him haha. We opened the boxes, but not the presents haha. Thank you SO very much for thinking of the other Elders too! So I have to tell you thank you so much for getting those things for Elder Sepulveda. He told me last night that his parents never do anything real special for Christmas. His Dad just gives him money to get whatever he wants. He says he would rather his parents give him one thing that is special instead of just money because it doesn't really have any meaning. So thank you so much for that, it really means a lot to him. He is a great missionary, and a great companion. I am so greatly blessed to have him as my companion, and for you my family supporting him, and giving him a little something.

Well family, that's pretty much all (until Saturday at least) haha. I love you ALL with all of my heart, and you mean everything. I am so very grateful and I thank you so much for your prayers in my behalf, and our behalf, because they truly are being answered. Have a great week, and I'll TALK to you on Saturday!

I love you!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

PS: Carson is getting huge! Who is he? LoL give all of the babies BIG HUGS AND KISSES from Uncle Elder Hardman

Monday, December 13, 2010

Beloved President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Hola Mi Familia!!!

Como estan? Espero que todo bien. Estoy bien no se preocupen.

So before I get into anything I want to share with you all what happened this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday. So this weekend was our Mission Christmas Conference. On Saturday we enjoyed a nice luncheon and company with the whole mission and all of the Stake Presidents, and also we were blessed to have the company of Robert C. Gay of the Quorom of the Seventy. After the luncheon we had a program with some singing and hearing from our beloved mission president and his wife, and Elder Gay. It was very spiritual and I loved it. I was very extremely uplifted and edified from it. For the past couple of weeks President Hale said that for the Sunday portion we were having a special guest coming to talk to us, so we needed to look and act good. So we were all really looking forward to that conference that night. On Saturday President Hale sent out a text to our zone leaders saying that it was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland coming. So we were all really looking forward to that. So yesterday we're sitting there waiting in the Chapel for them all to come in. Do you want to know who walked in, and I shook hands with? I'll give you a hint...It wasn't Elder Holland, and he lost his voice a little at last general conference. Give up??? His name is...

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I am not lying President Uchtdorf came to our mission to speak to us, and I got to shake his hand, and his wife's hand, and meet them personally! As you can imagine it was amazing. His talk was so very powerful, and was truly sent to talk to me. We truly were in the presence of a true Prophet of God. That was our Christmas presence from President and Sister Hale to us. They are good friends with the Uchtdorf's. It was truly a weekend, and a night that I will never forget. Sorry I don't have pictures because we were told not to bring cameras in. But some did for after he left so maybe I'll get some pictures from the other Elders.

Okay so now more stuff lol.

My week has been amazing, obviously. We also had a specialized training this past week, and a zone council, so I have been very up lifted and edified this week.
The weather has been really amazing. It has been kind of cold for being Florida, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it lol. People dress up like they are in Utah haha I love it. I love the people here.
So no I cannot see the ocean from where I live or anything. I think we are about 15-20 minutes away from the coast line. Idk I've never been there lol.
Mom your DearElder came about 5 days after you sent it I think. Because I think it takes 4 days to get to the office, then one more day after that. So there you go lol I know everytime I get done e-mailing I always remember that I didn't answer that question haha. So now I got my 3X5 card next to me and handy with me today lol. And I'm sorry but I have been slacking on my Journal, but I write in my study journal everyday I'll try harder to write in it.

Mother will you please deliver that letter to Lexi soon please? She lives the First Street on the right after 4800 S. heading East. She is the second house on the right. Her little truck is usually in the driveway. It was a shell on it. Please deliver that like today or tomorrow please lol. I want to hear from her. Thank you Mother I love you!

I don't know anything on my Christmas call yet, but I will for sure let you know next week. Sorry Mother and Father lol.

So truthfully Florida has been great to me. It has been really hard to adjust to everything because it is so different than Utah, but it is really good I love it. I'm just trying to overcome obstacles and everything. Nothing big don't worry. Just the normal mission trials and obstacles and everything you know? That's all dont' worry.

Okay so the Family Christmas party sounds like so much fun! "Grandpa Santa" haha oh man that made me laugh so hard. The little ones are so cute, and are so smart. I love them so much. So to go down to the chapel on Saturday for our Saturday seesion of mission Christmas conference, we took what they call, I think, TRAM. It's kind of like FrontRunner but not. The engine is like a UP Train. I thought of Grandpa when I saw that and thought how he would have loved it. Speaking of trains, sounds like the Christmas train is getting annoying already this year lol. Oh those little ones I love them so much. Devin and Alicia you be careful going to California!!! Return home safely!!! I love you guys!

I'm glad that you all enjoyed the pictures that I sent home. I'll try to send more home when I get the chance to.

Well family that's about all for this week. We have a couple Baptismal dates right now, but there hasn't been one yet, but I know that there is at least one coming soon. I'll let you know more on those later, maybe during the call.

I love you all with all of my heart, sincerely, and am so very grateful for all of your support and prayers for me in my behalf and the people that I work with. They are truly felt, and you our in our prayers as well. I hope that you can feel them. I love you all!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lovin' Florida Weather.....while here at home we are stuck with SNOW!!

Dear my Family,

Well how are all y'all?! I am doing just fantastic!

I'm glad that you enjoyed those few pictures! They were just a few. Thank
you so much for those pictures of home! Holy cow there is SO much snow!
It's so weird to see that, and to see how it is here. Haha I don't want to
rub it in or anything, but I walk out with my short sleeve shirt on, and it
is perfect. Not a drop of snow, but a drop of golden sunshine. Haha sorry
I really don't mean to rub it in. But, for being the time of year that it
is, I really do miss the snow and it feels really weird. But I really hope
that you have a white Christmas, as do I hope for ours! Thank you for all
of your prayers for that, and for me. I feel them all of the time.

Okay speaking of prayers, I have something that I want ALL of you guys to
do. Here in this mission, we have what we call "Mighty Prayer." Every
morning at 9:00 a.m. and every night and 9:30 p.m. (or at least there
abouts) we all kneel down in our homes and pray united as a mission. I am
asking you all to join with us. so it would be 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. for
all of y'all. We pray that the temple here in Ft. Lauderdale can be built
quickly, and that Cuba can be opened for missionary work, as well as other
parts around the world that are not opened to missionary work. Also, we
pray for our investigators, and whatever we may need and want according to
the will of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. So I ask that everybody
in the family do that as well. Do not feel bad if you miss a time because
there are times that we do, but do it. Thank you all so very much, and I
love you all for your willingness to do this.

I have a question. Mother did you receive that letter to give to Lexi for
me? And if so, did you deliver it? Thank you Mother! Yeah we e-mail early
every week. Well early for y'all lol. Also, Mother how many times have you
looked at the mission blog? LoL love you! Yes usually for P-Days we go out
for lunch, and we usually go to McDonalds. We go to McDonalds, because it's
FREE! Haha yeah that's right. A member in the other ward and somebody else
own it and gives it free to the missionaries. But I promise we're not
eating there a lot. My diet consists of chicken, pork, rice, rice, rice,
and rice. Haha I already know how you feel Matt lol. But, I am sincerely
so very grateful for all of the members that cook for us and feed us. They
are amazing people.

I am so very glad to hear that you all are enjoying your time with each
other, and doing things together. Remember Mother, and everybody, don't let
Christmas get commercialized. Remember Christ, and let your love for all
people grow stronger in your hearts everyday. That's coming from President
Uchtdorf. Have fun at the family parties, and remember that I am always
with you in your hearts, and I feel close to each and every one of you.

So about where I live. That picture of the Dolphin car was when we were
sitting at a Taqueira food place and it was there. It started driving away
and it dawned on me, "Hey stupid take a picture for your Mother and
Brother." So i took it just for you guys. I see some fast food
restaurants, a Walgreens, super markets, lots of people, and a lot of
drivers. Oh, and lots of creeks and water, as you can imagine. Lots of
Lizards, holy cow they run around here like a fat kid with a sucker. And
lots of frogs. It's pretty cool here. I also see the Hand of the Lord
here. He is working here through us.

I can't think of anything else that you can put in the package for me. Just
surprise me, y'all know me. I actually do have one favor. Will you get
just a small present for Elder Sepulveda? Really just a small little
something. And I have a favor of Morgan and Skyler. Can you get 4 more
matching ties for Elders Sepulveda, Lopez, Robinson, and I? Thank you all
so much!

This week has been pretty good though. We found I think 4 new
investigators, and set two baptismal dates. Please pray for that in your
Might Prayers that they can follow through and be baptized. Thank you all!
How did you all enjoy the First Presidency Christmas Devotional? It was
awesome! I loved it1 I was uplifted and edified so much! I know that
President Monson is the Prophet of God. I know that with all of my heart,
and that President Uchtdorf, Eyring, and all of the general authorities are
called of God. I have a strong testimony of that!

Well family I gotta go now. I'll send a few more pictures today for ya. Oh
and by the way, yes I do have a part now. Haha. It is a requirement of
President Hale. It's all good I know that there is a reason why, and I want
to be obedient.

I love you all with all of my heart! This is a great work, and I invite all
of you to continue reading, and praying everyday. At least, as often as you
can. I love you all! Please be careful and be safe in all of the snow, and
all of your travelings, and all that you do! Know, and feel of my love for
each and every one of you individually! I love you! Keep going strong, and
continue to strive to do what you want to do, and grow that love for each
other individually. Let it grow brighter and brighter until the perfect
day. Thank you for all of your support, words, kindness, and prayers for
me. I love you!!!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Here are a few pictures that JD sent home........

Who is this GIRL????
that's what we wanna know

Elder Hardman (& his Part)..Elder Sepulveda

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida Thanksgiving

Well Hello mi familia!!!
How is everybody this fine day that is about 70-75 degrees here in Florida with a little bit of run, but nice and warm. LoL I think about the snow alot and how weird it is to think of what time of year it is haha. No but itis really nice here, and I think that I am starting to adjust to thehumidity. We ride our bikes pretty far throughout the day. I sweat like crazy as you can imagine lol. But it's so good I love riding my bike.Although I've had two flat tires this past week haha. But it's all good because there is a bike shop here and the guy that works there is awesome.He's from Kansas. He's awesome lol.
m so glad to hear that you all had such a good Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good here too. Really different and weird not being at home, but it's all good. We had 3 meals. I am going to send my Camera Card home and show you some pictures of my Thanksgiving and stuff. So if you could send me another one that would be great so that we can go back and forth with two. K? K sounds good. But one house that we went to for Thanksgiving we went to at about 9:00 in the morning because they wanted our help to kill the turkeys that they had. That's right we killed 2 turkeys at their house,then ate them later that day. It was pretty sweet. The way that they cooked them was in like a soup with rice and stuff. Wow it was good.
Happy late Birthday Alicia! I love you!
One thing thatI woullike for Christmas is a watch. Please I need awatch. Nothing fancy, just something that can tell me the time lol. And willyou put it on my time here in Florida. I'm two hours ahead of y'allhere in Utah. Por Favor. Other than that Jerky and whatever else y'allwould like. Wait...PICTURES!!! POR FAVOR! Gracias. I hope that everything is going well with Jared, and the whole family. I'mglad to hear that he is doing good, and he will continue to do good. That'sa blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Yeah I feel so old thinking that I am turning 20 lol. But everybody herecan't believe that I am only 19 haha. They think that I am like 28-30haha. I feel like a giant around here sometimes haha. It's awesome I lovethe Latin culture here. The people here are amazing. Most of the time theyare really open to hear about your message. So what do you all want from me for Christmas? I'm trying to think but Ihave no idea. So help me out, and I will do all of my shopping nextMonday.
Thank you mi familia. Elders Sepulveda, Lopez, and Robinson say Hello and that they love you. Oh by the way I haven't received your Dear Elder yet Mother, or any otherletters from anybody. They Holiday has made it hard, but it's all good.I'm expecting something soon though :) I am so happy to hear about they family progressing, and seeing all of themany blessings that we have received as a family. I was praying last nightand received revelation to tell you all as my family that I love you all sovery much from the bottom of my heart. You are my family. I can't explainhow Happy and so very Grateful I am that Heavenly Father has placed me inthis family. You all are my best friends, and my family. Families are soimportant. I hope that we can all continue to grow together, and learn muchtogether, and from one another. Families are key, and are center to thePlan of God. Those that don't have family, will have a family, and havefamily here in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all Sons and Daughters ofour loving Heavenly Father. We are all in the eternal family as brothersand sisters. You my family mean everything to me. I will do anything tokeep our family together and I will do anything for you. I love you ALLwith all of my heart. This includes ALL of my in-laws.

Love,Your Son, Brother, and UncleElder Hardman

After Killing the Turkey..Looks like JD really enjoyed his dinner

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Report from Florida

Como estan? Todo Bien? Espero todo bien.

How is everything going back home? Honestly I didn't even think about the snow, because everytime I walk out the door it's a perfect 75 degrees, and not too humid. I think that I am starting to get used to the humidity. A little bit at least.

So as you already might know I am in West Palm Beach Central. It is a really nice area, and we live in a little town house. It is really nice I love it. Elder Sepulveda and I live with the Zone Leaders, Elder Robinson and Elder Lopez. It has been interesting because we didn't have any Investigators in this area. Needless to say, we have been contacting a lot. I made two potential investigators this week. Granted one of them was in English, but hey I'll take it. Okay speaking of language. Wow. I can't understand a thing most of the time lol. I feel bad because we'll go over to a member's house or something and they'll start talking to me and I just get this dumbfounded look on my face. It's so hard. This is such a challenge. Not to mention that my companion is a native from Puerto Rico.

But, he's been learning English so we haven't had a problem communicating. He is a great companion, and really really is striving to find the prepared people and wants to bring others unto Christ. He is a

great Elder, and I am so very lucky to have him as my first companion. I'm

just trying to get the hang of things. This is so hard!

Oh, this is a biking area too. It's really nice because that is what I wanted while it was nicer weather outside. But wow do I sweat. We all do.

My helmet is usually soaked lol. But it's okay. Yes mother I have been drinking lots of water it's all good.

So the plane rides were good. Except everytime on the decent I couldn't hear for a while after we landed because my ears were hurting so bad. It's all good though. So from Salt Lake to Georgia I was sitting next to this man named Dave. (Bare in mind it was a 3 hour flight). We got talking before we even took off from Salt Lake, and didn't stop talking all the way until we landed in Georgia. I hope you can guess what we were talking about. Anywho long story short, I gave him a Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool. He had a lot of questions, but I know that the Lord was guiding me in what to say. It was pretty sweet.

I'm glad that the party was fun and everything, it sounds like it was a great time. I'm glad that the kids did that for you Mother. Thank you all for doing that! Oh before I forget tell April that I got one letter of hers in the MTC about Karli Tyson. I don't know if she wrote any others than that one. ANywho, I'm glad that I could be there for the party! I hope you didn't cry too much Mother lol. Or anybody else for that matter lol. I'm sorry that it's getting so cold there, but hopefully you'll have a White Christmas this year. Elder Sepulveda and I are striving to have a White Christmas this year, if you know what I mean. We really want to have a White Christmas this year here in West Palm Beach.

The food here is good. Lots of rice and beans but it's all good. I'm happy that I am on a bike though. By the end of the night, Elder Sepulveda and I are so tired we have no trouble getting to sleep lol. We plan, pray, and hit the sack. It's crazy how tired we get. But that's a good thing.

I love the people here though. They are very nice, loving, and love the fact that I'm learning Spanish lol. They always want to hear from the Americano to hear his Spanish haha. It's pretty funny. Oh, my bike did get here if you haven't caught on to that yet haha. So don't worry about that.

I want to thank you all for you supporting me in every way. I thank you for your sacrifices to pay for this mission. I am so deeply grateful for your love and support.

I know that this Gospel is true. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, with Jesus Christ on the right hand of God. Jesus Christ has suffered so much, and knows exactly what we are going through. He wants us to be happy, and strong. He wants me hear on this mission. He knows that there is somebody that I need to find here. I don't know it, but he knows why I am here in this area at this time. He knows why I am learning Spanish. Even though it is so hard, he knows why I am. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all with all of my heart! I thank you so much for EVERYTHING!


Your Son, Brother, and Uncle

Elder Hardman

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*Elder has arrived*

He has ARRIVED.....
Jason Arrived on Tuesday,November 16, 2010 in Florida....before he left SLC he got to call and talk to his Mom and Dad. It was great for Mom to hear his voice, but hard to say GOODBYE.. We LOVE our Elder! We MISS him like crazy, but know he is doing the Lord's work and is where he should be. He is ready and excited to TEACH the people!
If you would like to write/or send a package to JD his address is:
Elder Jason Dean Hardman
Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission
7951 SW 6th St Ste 110
Ft Lauderdale FL 33324-3211
United States

He would LOVE to hear from ALL of you!!


Sister Hale.......Pres. Hale......Elder Jason Dean Hardman

Last Letter from the MTC

Before I say anything:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!!!! I LOVE YOU! How was all of your birthday? Sounds like you and Papa had a really good time! I'm very glad to hear that! FELIZ CUMPLIANOS!
Also... "I'M LEAVIN' ON A JET PLANE! I DON'T KNOW WHEN I'LL BE BACK AGAIN." Yes, I got my travel plans last Thursday and I am leaving this Tuesday!!!!!! I'm so flippin' excited! I am so ready! I love being a missionary! I'm still now sure what time I will call you from the airport, but it will be between 5:00 and 8:00 in the morning. I make a stop in Atlanta, then to Ft. Lauderdale! I'll hand write y'all a letter today and give you more details, I don't have my plans with me right now.

I love being a missionary. This is amazing. It is amazing to me how the Lord totally takes over and talks to people. I am merely the person who does it for him here on the Earth. He works in both. And he also works in each because sometimes only one person can say what the other person needs to hear. It is truly amazing, and it is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to be his messenger. I am in his hands. I'm not out here for myself or anything. I am only out here to take His Gospel to those people who are in need of it, and who have been prepared by God. This is not my work. This is His work. He needs me, and I am out here for him. What a great blessing that is. I am so excited to go and talk and meet with the people in Ft. Lauderdale because I know that that's where the Lord needs me to his instrument for those people. This is for Him, and for the people, not me. I love it! I say that in the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Okay now for "details."
Dad please call and check that my bike has been delivered. How unfortunate that would be lol. I really hope that my first area is a biking area. But either way, I know that that is where the Lord needs me at that time. I may not know specifically why, but I know that it is true. This Gospel is true. We are put in the right place at the exact right time that we need to be by the Lord in order to help the Children of God return back to him. I'm so glad that you could go to the temple with Kaitlin! I'm sure that that was a beautiful experience. Because I love the temple. Today was my last time that I can go to the Temple for 22 months! I'm so sad! But trust me, I made sure that I got a hefty feast of Spirit during initiatories, and a hefty feast of temple food afterwards lol.
I can't believe my cousin Kaitlin is getting married! I'm so excited for her! I love you cousin Kaitlin and Jordan!
This week has just been an amazing week. Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us on Wednesday! Yeah it was sweet! He talked on how the Answer to everything is always in the Doctrine. It is only in the Doctrine. To understand the principles and applications, you need to understand the Doctrine. The first two are essential, but are nothing without understanding the Doctrine. It truly has helped me understand that that is what Investigators need to understand in order to have the Holy Ghost confirm the truthfulness upon them because the Holy Ghost CANNOT bare witness if they don't understand. They need to make that connection for themselves, and need to understand through the Doctrine found in the Scriptures so that they don't become dependent on other people to answer their questions and stuff. It was truly amazing. Not a bad way to end my devotionals here in the good old MTC.
Okay so I have to admit, I'm really going to miss all of my district here in the MTC. We all have gotten so close together to each other. And our teachers. Our teachers are amazing, and truly led by God to teach us the things that we need to know in the Gospel, and how to take this Beloved Gospel in Spanish to those wonderful people in our missions. One of our teachers yesterday said that anything that we have learned has never been from him, but from God and Jesus Christ. He takes absolutely no credit. He is truly one of the most humble persons that I have ever met We all love our teachers.
Thank you Morgan and all those who work on my blog for keeping that up I love you!!!
Okay so that is really crazy that Karli Tyson got called to the exact same mission that I am going to! I read that and almost started to freak! I am SO excited for her, and if you see her tell her that I am.
Well family not a whole lot to report on this week, but if I think of anything else I will write it in the hand letter that I will write home today. I'm excited to get my package, and if you wanted to throw some beef jerky and some more easy cheese in there I wouldn't be too opposed. I'm just sayin' Ma and Pa. LoL I love you guys.
There isn't any other place that I'd rather be. I love you family! All of my family! Extended and all! Tell Stacy Jerry and Brady that I say Hello and that I love them. Tell Stacy she better write me in the mission sometime lol. Oh by the way thank you so much for sending my mission address. I'll need that. Thank you very much Ma and Pa.
Well family it be time to get going. I love you all so much, from the bottom of my heart! I love this Gospel from the absolute bottom of my heart, and is the true and only way to happiness here on this Earth, and in the world to come. I love you all very much, and thank you all so much for all of your love, and support, and prayers in my behalf. You too are being blessed everyday. Look for at least one way you can see the hand of the Lord in your life each and every day. I promise you that you can't go one day without seeing his hand. I love you guys.
Talk to you on Tuesday!
Your son, brother, uncle
Elder Hardman

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pictures of our ELDER

Thanks to Sister Roskelly Mom for putting these pictures on FB....The only pictures JD has sent home have already be I (Morgan) grabbed these from FB and put them up so you could all see some pictures. Hope you enjoy! He only has 2 weeks left and he is SOOO EXCITED to get out and SERVE!!

JD doing 2 things at ONCE....Laundry & Writing emails!
Mother is so proud!Having some fun in the hall

Enjoying class time

Studying really hard (or wants us ALL to think so)


Hola todas personas en my familia!!!! Como Estan? Bien? Yo espero! Estoy
bien! Hoy ha estado muy bien!
I'm writing early this morning because E' Shumway
and I decided to do that instead of while doing laundry lol.
Okay, so I do need a couple of things sent to me.
I need that camelbak bladder that is in my closet in my black camelbak backpack por favor Also, I need 3 pairs of garments shorts sent to me as well. I have ruined 3 pairs while playing soccer. Yes, Dad I have been playing soccer, but football is still my game lol. Love
you Daddy! Also,I need my address for my mission sent to me. Muchas
So I need to know, this has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks or so. How are the boat and trailer doing? Have they been
winterized? Boys go and help Dad do that please. Thank you!
So I got Kaitlin's wedding invitation! I love it! Oh man, I miss them. Good luck with everything Jordan and Kaitlin! You guys are amazing and I
love you! Wish I could be there, but my Spirit and love is there with you guys!
So we got another member of the Quorum of the 12 to come and talk to us this last Tuesday. It was M. Russell Ballard! It was amazing! He talked about communication mostly. And lots of other things. A point of his was that we can become friends with and talk to anybody!We just need to talk lol. Next week Elder Bednar is coming. I'm not supposed to know that, but I have connections lol. It will be my very last Tuesday Night Devotional here in
the MTC too!!!!!!
Flip Elder I am so excited! I'm supposed to be getting my travel plans this week!!!Hopefully maybe even today! But at least tomorrow I think! President Hale has been sending the weekly mission E-mails, and says that He and Sister Hale are awaiting my anxious smile coming around the corner of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. I'm so stoked! LoL.
My language is coming along pretty good. We had a language lesson yesterday that about made my head fall off but it's all good I think I'm at least some what getting it.
I know that I will get it though I'm not worried.
Yes I did get the package!!! It was amazing! Thank you so much for
everything everybody! Especially the chapstick Alicia lol. Yes, Burt's Bees is pretty amazing I'm not going to lie lol. Thanks for the fruit snacks Isaac and Kenley! I loved them! Thanks for making those cookies with Isaac Mother lol. I know that there must have been flower everywhere but that's okay lol. And for those pictures! Oh man I loved them! Keep sending pictures I love them!
Dad you're killin' me with the whole Utah vs. TCU game!!! Ah and it's even here in Utah!!! You're killin' me Petey! LoL. Just make sure you write me on Monday and give me all the details that you can!
Halloween wasn't Halloween lol. But that's okay yo no necessito una dia de
muerte en mi mision lol.
Well, familly that's pretty much all that has been going on this week lol. I
love all of you and you are always in my Prayers!!! Para Siempre Dios este
con vos! I love all of you guys!
Your son, brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hola Mi Familia

Well hello my family!!! How is everybody doing? I am doing good. I am feeling much much better now. It has been going around our whole districtlol.
We have had an interesting week in our district haha. Everybody has been getting sick. Plus, one of the Hermana's of ours had to go home because she has been battling some pretty serious sicknesses. She was born with a kidney disease and she got sick and everything has kinda gone down from there. But she is doing good. She got really upset one day, and ran out ofthe MTC boundaries and threw her tag down. Elder Shumway and I had no knowledge of this, and we were in the residence hall because I was sleeping...I did not feel good at all. It was time for lunch and so we got ready, and as we were going out of our building, Elder Shumway spotted them walking around the campus on the other side of the fence. We walked over to them,and she told us everything that had been going on. She had been having some trouble in her trio companionship. We talked to her, and she eventually came back into campus and went and talked to a District President. I know that Elder Shumway and I were being guided by the Holy Ghost to find them,even though we didn't even know it. It definitely wasn't a coincidence. Itwas a tender mercy and blessing from our loving Heavenly Father for one of his daughters. E. Shumway and I were just his servants, speaking the things that he needed us to speak at that time. It made my testimony grow leaps and bounds, and yes, Mother I did write it in my journal.

This week for our Tuesday Night Devotional Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us. I can't even say it was him speaking unto us. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was speaking through him. I testify that I know that that is the truth. He definitely is a servant of the Lord, as are all of the Apostles, and prophets, and our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson.They are true messengers, and people of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My testimony is greatly strengthened through that. It was the mostreal thing that I have ever felt. It is real!

This week has been such a Testimony building week. It has been full of learning. And I am so grateful for that because I KNOW that our HeavenlyFather and Jesus Christ are giving me these things to prepare me for the people who I am going to meet and bring unto Christ in Florida. I KNOW that is the truth. I am so excited, and I cannot wait to get there and use what the Lord has given to me for the children of our Loving Heavenly Father.

Okay, updates and stuff: I'm glad that Hermana Roskelley's Mom got that going and you can see all the pictures that she takes. She asked if our Mother's and families would want to see that, and there was no question in my mind for my Mother and family lol. I love you Mom and Dad. And yes I do write and do my laundry at the same time. I am getting pretty good at multi tasking lol. I'm glad you're proud that I can do that now Mother haha. Tell Jessica Happy Birthday for me, and that I love her so much too! And I hope that all is going well with her!

Morgan and Skyler thank you so much for the ties and that package!!!!!! We love our ties!!!!!! I always know that you will pick good ties!!!!!!Thanks again sister! And those pictures of those beautiful little babies! Raegan is getting so big!!! Give them big hugs and kisses for me!!!
Give all of the little ones a big hug and kiss from Uncle JD! Seriously...please do it from me! Haha I'm sorry that you had to shovel the sidewalks Daddy lol. Honestly,the thought didn't even cross my mind until Mom wrote me a DearElder about it lol. Love ya faja! Good job on the scrapbook Mother!!! I am very proud of you!!! Now just keep it going lol. I know that ya will. I'll try to keep the pictures coming lol.

Okay I gotta tell ya guys, there's a def Elder here named Elder Mercy. He is so tight! It's fun talking to him because it's so relaxing, and he's got such a good personality. Sorry I just had to tell ya that. I'm glad that y'all had fun at the pumpkin carving! I really miss the clamchowder lol. We actually were talking about all of our Mom's home madesoups as well lol. Elder Jensen Mom apparently makes some good clamchowder. But, I know who's is the best :) Yes, I did see the Daybell's!!! It was so fun! I gave them both a really big hug and they made sure that I knew that it was from you guys!!! I probably wasn't supposed to hug Sister Daybell, but it's all good lol.
I'm really glad that Isaac knows where I'm at now :) Keep working with all of those babies raising them up the way that our Lord Jesus Christ wants and needs them to be raised so that one day they can go on a mission too!
Yes D&C 90:11 is good if that scripture is available. Mother have you called E. Shumway's Mother yet? Call her. I know and E.Shumways knows that she would absolutely love it! Good luck with that job Mother!!! I will be praying for you! I know thatyou will get it, you are so qualified and you are just... you. Dad that joke was awesome haha!!!!!! I was laughing so hard!!! Everybodyelse besides Elder Jensen liked it lol. I haven't gotten my package from you guys yet, but I think it will come tonight. I'm hoping!!!!!! I'm glad that your California trip went so good Devin and Alicia! And yes,you are so very blessed to have such a good baby boy! He is truly ablessing in your lives, and in my life as well. As are all of the littlekids! And the little kids to come! I'm so excited to get more!

Thank you for all of your prayers and testimonies! I love them, and they help me more than you guys can imagine! Dad your Giants are in the World Series!!!!!! Por favor keep me updated!
Alright family well it's time to go. I love EACH and EVERYONE of you guys from the bottom of my heart!!! You guys are everything to me, and i know that families are truly a blessing! We will be together forever! I love all of you guys!!!

Love,Your little brother, son, and uncle
Elder Hardman

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hola Mi Familia

Hello everybody!!! How is it going? Things are going pretty good for me here, other than I am sicker than a dog right now. I've got a sinusinfection and it is killing me. It really slammed me about 2 days ago. But all is well. That is what Elder Shumway had as well, but he is doing much better now.
Well I have some exciting news that I thought that you guys might want to know :) This last Sunday we changed District Leaders. So now, I am theDistrict Leader! I'm pretty happy about it I'm not going to lie. I hope that I can help my District in every way that I can.

Well, tell the Hobbs hello for me, and if Lindsey misses me so much shebetter write me lol. i'm really looking forward to seeing the Daybell'scome in on Monday! That will be so nice to see them! Oh and another piece of good news. Every Tuesday night we have adevotional, and guess who came just this last Tuesday? Russell M. Nelson!It was sweet! He is such a sweet man, and has a strong Spirit. The Spiritwas so strong in the meeting!

Be sure to give hugs and kisses to all of the little babies for me. Isaac that cute little turd "JD's out of town." Haha that cracked me up. Theyare so funny! I miss those little ones somethin' terrible though. Yes, I did get the letters from Aunt Sharon a while back, and Grandma andGrandpa. I was planning on writing Grandma and Grandpa back today. Tell Aunt Sharon she needs to write me again and I'll reply back her letter wasn't long enough lol.
Morgan we are thinking some orange ties. Kind of like the one that youbought me. That color of orange. Any style, but we just want it brighter!Thank you sister I love you!!!!!! As far as packages go, you all know what I like and that I'm not picky. Don't even worry about something not getting eaten. Trust me, I have a district, and a zone, of hungry missionaries so don't even worry about thatlol.

I'm not counting down or anything, but I only have 3 weeks and 5 days untilI am out of here! I'm so excited! And no Matt we haven't had a truffle shuffle contest yet. I'm trying to getsome of us to do it though. I doubt that it will happen though haha. Idk though maybe we will see.

I'm glad that you all liked the pictures and the package. And yes Mother I do have a Florida shirt as well. I'm actually wearing it right now. I knewthat some of those pictures would make you cry though Mother haha. Elder Shumway said that his Mother would love it if you called her. She would really like that.
How is Ben doing? Will you ask Momma 2 how my buddy is doing? Also tellthose two little brats Heather and Kyla to write me. I haven't heard fromBen in a while, but I know that he is busy. Well family sorry that this letter seems short but we kinda do the samething every week in the MTC lol. But it's all good. Elder Jensen just leaned over and asked me, what are you writing about? It's so hard to knowwhat to write, we do the same stuff everyday lol. He's a funny kid. I love you guys!!!

Keep writing me! Letters are like gold out here lol.It's crazy. Well I love you guys!!!

Love,Elder Hardman

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love from *Oct 7,2010*

Well, how are things going at home? Things are going well for me here at the MTC. Just kinda doin' my thing and learning as much as I can.
First off, Matt, when is tha girl from your ward going to write me? Es noimportante pero yo tengo saber. Did you guys let the Burton's and the Kinikini's my love? Thank you for all of the letters!! i loved the ones from the littlebabies! they were so cute!
I'm glad that you guys had such a goodconference weekend. Conference here in the MTC is amazing! It iseverything and more that everybody made it to be. I was feeling the Spirit so Strong! I was really feeling close to all of you guys back home, and I know that that is exactly where everybody is.
Thank you very much for the package!!! It was amazing but I must say that the jerky is already gone lol. Yeah things usually don't last too longaround here. Especially since the food is so disgusting. We taste something good and take full advantage of it haha. Has everybody, exceptfor Mom and Dad, gotten their letters that I have sent them? I hope that you all have gotten them. I really needed all of those pictures that you sent to me! Thank you so much! That one of my Taz man makes we want to cry. That one and my puppy.
Yes Matt it is cool that you took the baseballs. I guess. I won't need them for a couple of years, and odds are they'll be gone by that time soit's cool. Matt Heavenly Father was definitely looking out for you with that job interview/bank robbery of yours. Thank you for the advice of being grateful. I am really trying to do the best that I can to give thanks immediately as I realize a blessing that has been given to me. Also, I'mtrying to always know that things are a blessing from our Heavenly Father,and not just a coincidence.

Elder Shumway and I don't have too many similarities, other than we both have good families. We just get along really well. Idk we do have a lot incommon but I can't think of anything in particular. He is a really loving,and humble kid. He is very patient and has a real positive attitude abouteverything. His family is active, except for one of his brothers I think. Thank you for the DearElder in Spanish Matt. I'm working on translating it,but I think I'm doing pretty good at understanding what you are saying.Keep it coming. Mother my hair is fine the way that it is. Nobody has had a problem withit, but I gotta get it cut soon it's atarting to get kinda long.

No I wasn't in the MTC Priesthood choir. I really wanted to be so bad but icame in about a week or 2 too late. But I did know quite a few Elder's in the choir. That is definitely not a coincidence with Joe and Kris. Tell them to keep talking with him, and please send and give them my love and testimony, and if they have any questions... tell them that I am MORE than happy to answer them the best that the Lord would have me answer them for them. Please tell ALL of the little babies "HI" for me and that I love them so much. Give them BIG hugs and kisses from Uncle JD and tell them that I will see them soon. Yeah the mountains are starting to look pretty good. The "Y" isn't myfavorite part, but I can look past that and see the beauty of all of themountains. It is definitely starting to feel like fall. Well family I love EACH and everyone of you guys more than anything. You are my rock, and I am so grateful to be blessed to be a Hardman. People love our last name by the way. Everybody is always saying... "Man I love your last name. It is so strong." I've always known that we have sucha sweet last name. Well I love you guys, and have a good week! Take care and be safe in everything that you do! I love you! Let me know if you need anything from me, questions answered or anything. I am more than willing to do so for anybody.

Love,Elder Hardman

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love from Jason

Hola me familia!!!

How is everything going? So I am being timed so I am going to make a list
of all of the answers to questions that everybody in the family has asked me

- Yes I am getting The Dear Elder letters the same day that you send them.
They print them off then they put them in my mailbox and give them to me.
- My Spanish is coming along pretty good. Somebody told me yesterday that
my Spanish was very good for only being here for 1 week. That came from a RM
so that made Elder Shumway and I feel pretty good :)
-Mother I am just trying to always think positive, and find the fun and
funny in all things. But I am doing good.
-Yes I am looking for and seeing goog in my life.
-Everyday we get about an hour for gym time. We can go out on the field and
play futbol or volleyball, I've even been playing horse shoes lol. Now the
gym is open so we can play basketball and things too.
-Elder Shumway and I are still getting along, and helping each other out a
lot. I love the kid. He talks in his sleep though. More like yells but
it's all good it's just funny to me now haha. Kind of annoying but it's all
good haha.
-My first Preparating Day has been amazing. We got to go to an early
morning session to the temple. After the session we get to eat at the
cafeteria! The food is amazing!!! It really makes me realize how crappy
the MTC food is lol. It is incredibly disgusting! Dad I have been starting
to drown everything out in A-1. They got that and some Cholula Hot Sauce so
it is all good lol.
-I haven't done the jell-o challenge yet because they haven't had jell-o
lol. But it's all good.
-I am on the bottom bunk. I was the first one in our room last Wednesday so
I got my pick lol.
-Oh yeah, I broke the ice pretty early with burping and farting. Now it is
just like I am at home lol I am loving it.
-I have my address book but I don't have everybody in the families address
in it so I would like that. Send me something that would help me get those
in there.
-Also I do not have pictures of the family. Honestly I didn't think that I
would want them, but now I really realize that I do need them lol. So
please send me some of those. Oh and before I forget will you send me some
towels that don't shed those little fuzzy things. My black ones are
shedding so flippin' bad. I hate it.
-And Matt, as much as I do want a picture of that, I can't lol. You'll know
what I'm talking about.
-Yes I have received both packages and they are amazing! Thank you so much!
-MTC life is starting to go pretty good. I'm starting to get into things,
and it has been very good for me.
-Alicia- The ice cream is pretty darn good, and I have plenty of chapstick.
Trust me, my lips are so moist lol. But if I ever need any I will only get
it from you lol. That was so cute Carson telling me Te Amo. He's so cute I
love it how you speak to me for him! Tell him that I love him!
-Tell all of the kids that I love them so much and give them the biggest hug
for me!
-I am starting to feel a lot better physically. My lungs still hurt a
little bit, but I am doing a lot better. Spiritually and mentally I am
doing pretty good on now. Thank you for ALL of the advice and support and
love that all of you guys have sent to me! I love all of you guys more than
-Oh man we had a TRC yesterday. That's where volunteers come in and we
teach them as a companionship and speak the language to them as well. It
was so amazing! Such a spiritual experience!!! Elder Shumway and I were
directed by the Spirit so much! It was amazing! That was where we were
complimented on our Spanish!
-I am so sad to hear about Uncle David!!! I was so sick and shocked to hear
that! Mom how are feeling? How is everybody else in the families feeling?
I hope that all is well!
-Yes I have seen Josh Burton, Tyler Brough, quite often at lunch and dinner
and things. Plus I have seen quite a few other kids that I know. I see
Smiley a lot lol. He's doing really good!
-I have heard from all of my siblings. Thank you so much for everything
everybody!!! I love you all!!!
-Matt thank you so much for sending me your testimony in Spanish. I could
understand a little bit but I'm working on getting to know more!
-I am rooming with Elder Watko, and Elder Jesen. They are so funny and
spiritual and cool! We all get along so good. Elder Jensen is from where I
am going!!! It has been good talking to him about things that go down in
-Devin thank you so very much for the scripture!
-Oh yeah and guess what? Wouldn't ya know it but I've got another in-grown
toe nail lol. I'm getting it taken out tomorrow. I get to go off of campus
again lol. I'm not going to lie I am pretty excited lol.

Well everybody it is time for me to go.

I hope every one of you individually know how much I care for you and truly
truly love you! You guys are my rock, and I am so grateful for everything
that EACH and everyone of you have done for me! I love you guys

Nos Vemos,

Elder Hardman

Alright this one is for Skyler:
"Alright I'm not going to be able to sleep until we get this cleared up.
You mean like freakishly big right?"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MTC "The BIG Day"

Elder Hardman has finally entered into the MTC. We all gathered together Tuesday night to spend time as a family before he entered into the MTC the next day. The following morning, we all traveled down to Provo the one of many CHUCK-A-RAMA. It was fun to be together with JD before the big moment.
Now that only two people are allowed to drop the missionaries at the curb, we said our goodbyes at the temple. Yes, some were balling and others teary eyed.
Only a couple of days in, we received a call home that Jason has pneumonia. : ( But we know our Jason and know he will pull through this. He is staying positive, happy, and really trying to have fun, but still work hard.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hasta Luego Elder Hardman

Our beloved Jason gave a wonderful farewell talk in church. As his family, we are all so proud of him and know that Jason is going to be an amazing missionary and instrument to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Jason will be serving the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mission; spanish speaking. He will be serving the people of Florida from September 2010-September 2012.