Friday, March 9, 2012


Well Hello my Family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like everybody is doing good and I'm
glad to hear that. How is Carson feeling? Poor little guy. I hope all is
going well with him. I am doing great. It has been a great past couple of
days. I have learned so much this week. The weather has been getting
warmer, but it has stayed nice, around 75-77 degrees this week. It has
been really nice. However, I love the snow. I miss the snow. I'm glad
that you finally got some lol.

I'm sorry, I think I forgot to tell you last week that this week is
transfers so I wasn't going to e-mail until today. I don't remember if I
told you all or not, if I didn't, I'm sorry. So I am staying here in
Lauderhill East...YES!!! I'm so excited I love this ward so much. But,
Elder Perrotti is leaving. I don't know where he is going yet, but I'll
let you know next week. I may not write until Tuesday next week either
because of Martin Luther King Day, I don't know though. So we'll see.
Just know that if I don't, I'm ok.

Alright Pa, I'm officially jealous that you made ham and beans this week.
You have no idea how good that sounds to me right now lol. Wow when you
said that I was like, "oh wow I haven't thought about those for a while."
I can almost taste them. You get feeling better from your vericose vein to
Pa alright? Y'all come back now ya hear?

I will hopefully be sending you that package this week. If you could
please put some money on to my back account I would greatly appreciate
that. Thank you! I love you!

Oh man I really hope that everything goes well with Uncle Kit. Please let
me know how it goes and what they are going to do. I will continue to pray
for him and that all will go well. I'm glad that he is reading The Book of
Mormon and is at peace. The Book of Mormon brings so much peace in to our
lives. I'm so greatful for it. It really touches me that he wants to
share that with Grandma. Tell Grandma to pray before she reads, then read,
then pray again after she reads and she will feel the Spirit of God touch
her heart. As she reads, tell her to look and ponder and see how that
helps her strengthen her Faith in Jesus Christ. Tell her to apply the
teachings into her life. (1 Nephi 19:23-24)

I'm so glad and happy that you are working in the primary again! Little
kids are such a strength to me. There are some so cute kids here in this
ward and every time that I see them I just feel happy and peaceful. We all
need to become like little children. They're so excited to learn. They
feel the truth and know it when they hear it. I love little kids.

Well family I am going to be sending home some more pictures right now so I
need to go so that I can do that in time. I love you all so very much and
know that I am ok and doing great. I'm excited for Dallas to be coming
home this coming week. Take care all of you, and be careful driving in the
snow. I love you so much.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman


I held a RACCOON!!

Elder Perrotti on a COLD NIGHT!!

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