Friday, November 11, 2011

*Sept 26*

My dearest Family,

How is everybody doing this week? It sounds like you all are doing good. I'm glad to hear that. I am glad to hear that Isaac and Kenley are over at the house. Give them, and all of the other babies a big hug and kiss from Uncle Elder Hardman. Tell them all that I love them so much, and am grateful for the support that they give me. I think about them often, and they help me get through trials that I may be going through.
As for me I am feeling fine. I am getting over a cold or something that I have had for a few days. My headaches are getting better. I haven't seen a doctor, but they are getting better. So all is well.

Yes Mother, on Saturday I got your letter. Thank you so very much! That's good that you haven't been being a typical state worker lately Mother lol. I too am so very grateful that you have such a good job and such good people to work with. No your e-mails aren't too long for me to read and then write you, it's just that last week I didn't get yours until a while in to my time.

So Miami Beach was super cool. We had the greatest training. It was about The Doctrine of Christ, and How to Begin Teaching (PMG Ch. 10). I learned so much, and feel the Holy Ghost guiding me, as well as Elder Osborn, since that time and training. It was so good and spiritual. Elder Pacheco was driving. He lives with us, and is from Puerto Rico. He's a good Elder. Elder Furch was with us that day too. It was a great time. Seeing ocean water was awesome. We saw a jelly fish and many other cool fishes. Man it was awesome.

So as far as Preparation Day activites, that depends on the week. One week we'll go to the church and play dodgeball, another week I'll write letters and take a 3 hour nap, and so forth. The naps are great as you can imagine lol. Also it consists of cleaning the apartment and everything. This morning we did a major apartment cleaning. President and Sister Anderson are coming down on Wednesday to inspect and to have interviews with President Anderson. I'm super excited. You all would be so proud of me for how much I cleaned this morning, It was fun though I liked it. It always feels good to have cleanliness, because without it the Spirit CAN NOT dwell. That is a fact and true, and I have a testimony of that and am so grateful for that knowledge.

So as far as my week has been, I won't lie it has been a rough one. Elder Osborn and I have been tested on our Faith, and our patience this week. It just has been rough, but nothing to worry about. We will get out of it, we just need to prove our Faith, and over come the trial of our Faith. We will receive blessings, we just need to keep going forth.

We have one investigator that is amazing. She came to church yesterday, and we love her a lot. We also had a couple of new investigators that came to church yesterday. It was great.

All is well with me though family. I love you all each individually so very much. Please take care and be careful in all of your travelings and doing every day. I thank you all so very much for all of the prayers in my behalf, and please know that I pray for you too and your safety and care, and that you'll have love in all things.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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