Friday, November 11, 2011


Well hello there my family!

How is everybody doing? I hope, and it sounds like all are doing well.
Tell Skyler and Morgan and Tom and Suzy to be careful going down to Cabo and
to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Also know that yesterday I wasn't able to e-mail because the internet was
down county-wide, so we had to put it off until today to come and do it. So
no worries, all is good.

Alright so now my area is Lauderhill East. It's back up North of the
mission. It's about 30 South of West Palm Beach. I have been waiting to
come to this area. My companion is Elder Flores. He is from Honduras. I
love this kid. I met him at the beginning of my mission at a Zone
Conference that we had one time. Ever since then I felt pretty close to
him. We both were shocked and so happy when we found out that we were
companions now. Our area is a car and a bike area. Our area is huge though
lol I mean super big. But it's really nice though. In our apartment
complex, we have a gym that we get to go and work out every morning. It's
so nice. The weather has been super good too. It's starting to cool off.
About mid day now it's about between 80-85 degrees, which feels really super
good haha. In the morning we wake up and head to the gym, and it's almost a
little cold. Man I am loving it. It really hasn't been rainy. It rained
once the other day and that was it. It's been super fun. That's not to say
though that I haven't missed Hialeah and back down there. Thank you Mother
for writing to Sister Martinez and thanking her so much for everything that
she did for me. She really was and is great and did a lot for me, along
with many others.

Happy Birthday Emily and Jessica! I love you!

So as far as my headaches go, there is nothing to worry about. It could be
because of the sun being on bike and stuff. There really is nothing to
worry about though I'm all good.

I'm glad that you had, and that you got home safe from your St. George trip
Mother. That is really cool and what a small world it is that you met
somebody who served here in this mission as well. That's so cool!

Ever since transfers, Elder Flores and I have been working hard. The day we
got put together we went to an appointment with this man named Willy. He is
a super cool guy. He called us before we went over and told us that he
doesn't want to change churches so we didn't need to come by. My companion
talked to him and said that we are just coming over to say a prayer and
leave the blessing of Christ upon him and his home. So he allowed us to
come over, and when we got there we started talking to him. He is an older
guy, but super nice. He leaves alone, his wife passed away a little while
ago. We taught him, and he now has a baptismal date. It was a very strong
and powerful lesson. The converting power of the Gospel is real. The
Gospel is real, and true, and I love it. We blessed his home just before we
were leaving, and he felt great with that blessing. Elder Flores and I
really love him a lot and we gave him a big hug as we were leaving.

Another experience we had this week is that we went over to a less-active's
home. I didn't know that they were less-active until after we left. We
taught them for a minute, and then we left a blessing upon them and their
home. I gave the blessing and I felt impressed to bless them with the
Spirit of Missionary work and that they could share the Gospel to all around
them. As we ended the blessing, the Dad of the child walked in
(Non-member), and he asked us to sit down and talk to him for a little
while, so we did. We talked to him and taught him, and at the end he said
that things make more sense to him now. He was and is a really good guy.
Him and the less-active family came to church this past Sunday. It was such
a miracle, and again another testament of the truthfulness of this Gospel
and the converting power of the Gospel.

Well family, everybody please take care and be careful in all of your
travelings and doings. Skyler, Morgan, Tom, and Suzy please be careful
going down to Cabo, and have a great time. Don't worry about the kids.
They're with Grandma and Grandpa, all is good. Please each and every one of
you individually please know that I love you and how much I love you. Be
good in all things, and be an example for good in all things. Take care and
have a great week! I love you!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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