Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi Hardman Family ! Another photo. He is doing great, working good and a little sick. He is enjoying his mission a lot !!
He really love it.
Here is waiting for give a blessing to sister Sabalza, another mom of him. She love your son a lot. She bring food for him at church. He loves AREPAS
she made for him, is like a tortilla with meat or eggs inside. Your son have a good appetite and he like everything. He is a great missionary.

This week was very hard for them. He usually pass to my house to talk with us. Sometimes is frustrated for the persons that are annoying or rejected
the message, or when is tired or not feeling good. We prayed a lot for them, sometimes had headache and he is riding his bike and the weather is not good, to much sun, about 102 degrees
or heavy rain.... but he love Florida and we love Elder Hardman. Be proud of this guy, he is great.
I' m taking care of 4 missionaries :)


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