Friday, November 11, 2011

*a BIGGER MISSION for Fort Launderdale*

Well hello this week!

Hello my family! How is everybody doing? It sounds like you all are doing
fine and good. It sounds like you all had a good trip to Idaho this week
and visiting with Great Grandma on her birthday. Thank you for giving her
a big hug and love from me. Thank you so much for the pictures! By the
way, little miss Jessica is so much little miss Jessica anymore. Holy cow
she is tall! I couldn't believe it! Wow, it's amazing and so fun to see
pictures like that!

Haha that's my boy little Carson, getting your first real bump and bruise!
Haha that made me laugh so hard when I heard about that. Yes Alicia, boys
do things like that. Haha but none the less, be careful little guy.

So as for weather for me this week, it has been nice and cool again. There
were a couple of days when it was pretty hot, but it wasn't too bad. We've
been driving with the windows nice and it has been feeling nice. So yes I
am driving to our appointments and everything that we are doing now. And
also speaking of weather, I think that you're right Daddy, the weather is
what's giving me the headaches because my headaches are gone now. I
noticed that the other day I was kind of like, "wait a minute, I haven't
had a headache for a while." It's been nice. Although yesterday I had
one, but it had been a while so it doesn't worry me. All is good with my
headaches! Don't worry about a thing. By the way, I must say I can't
really remember what snow feels like, or really looks like in person for
that matter. Our Bishop in this ward that I'm in right now got back from a
trip in Provo and said that it was cold and a little bit of snow. It got
me thinking that I don't really remember snow lol.

So some cool news for and from our mission, I forgot to tell you last week,
is that our mission got extended in size. We now have a new zone up to the
North from the Orlando mission. They were added to our mission by
revelation through the brethren. It is really cool, and it is a big area.
From what I have heard, most of those areas are English, so I don't know if
I'll ever be able to go up there. Either way. I want to stay in Spanish
so that's ok.

Well Mother, I'm glad that you have enjoyed your birthday month so far.
Happy Birthday Mother and I love you! But just remember, your Birthday is
only on one day, not a week or two. Just sayin'.

So this week has been a pretty good week. We set a few more baptismal
dates with our investigators. It was kind of a cool story. In our
missionary coordination meeting after church yesterday we were talking
about a couple of our investigators and some recent converts said, "we
might know them, can we go with you today." Of course! We said. So they
went with us, and it was who they knew. They had been out of contact for a
few years it sounded like. It was a miracle, and a witness of the works of
the Lord. What a great blessing. It came just at the right time too. We
were about to lost these investigators, and now they are preparing to get
baptized. The Lord gives us the miracle after we show and after the trial
of our Faith and just in the right time. It is His time, not our time.
Always remember that in everything.

Well family just know that all is well with me, and I hope that everything
is good and well with each and every one of you! Please take care and have
a great week and be careful in all things that you do. take care in all
things that you do. All is good here with me.

I love each and every one of you. Please know that and feel that each and
every day, and the love that your Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ
have for each and every one of you. Please know, and if you don't
know, learn about the love of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, it's a love
you can't describe. It is unconditional. Read the book, "The Continuous
Atonement" By Brad Wilcox. Your testimony will grow.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

This is the cutest little boy ever. His name is Paolo. He came up to me
last night while I was sitting on their couch and pointed to my plaque and
said, "What's that."
"My plaque." I said.
He pointed to his shirt and wanted me to put it on him. Then he pointed to
my tie and wanted me to put that on him too. It was the most cutest thing
ever. He walked around with it on for a little while.

He did that before to other missionaries from what I heard, but it was the
absolute most cutest thing ever.

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