Friday, November 11, 2011

*OUR Prophet Speaks*

My dearest family,

How is everybody doing?! All is going well for me, and it sounds like
everything is going good for you all! I am glad to hear that you all had a
good conference weekend, and that you learned a lot. I too learned a lot
from General Conference. What a great blessing it is in our lives. We get
to hear from God's living day prophet hear upon the Earth today. I hope you
all realize what a great blessing that is. I want you all to study about
what a Prophet of God is, why they are important, and then ponder why it is
important to you. I want you all to know how real it is that we have a
living day Prophet here upon the Earth today. He leads us and guides us.
He has communication with God, for our benefit. These things are not just a
good idea, however they come directly from God. I hope you all realize the
blessing that is, that God has given us a Prophet, and they we have been
born and are living in this time.

One thing that edified me a lot during conference came from President
Uchtdorf saying that we need to have self-reliance. We do need other people
in our life, but we to need to be self reliant. We are entitled to
receiving revelation from God. We can do so through sincere prayer and
looking through him. He wants, and commands us to pray to him in the name
is His beloved to receive answers from Him. As President Monson, and many
others said, the answers will come. Look for them. They may, and may I add
usually do, come line upon line, precept upon precept What a great blessing
prayer is. We having a Heavenly Father, a person with a physical body of
flesh and bone just like us, a higher and most powerful being, asking us to
pray to Him. Wow, what a great blessing that is. There is a most powerful
being over the whole universe, and asks us, His children, being
insignificant, to pray to him. Wow, what a great blessing.

There are so many things from Conference that lifted and edified me, and I
now have the desires to go forth becoming the missionary, husband, father,
and priesthood leader that He needs and knows that I have the potential to

The childrens choir on Saturday touched my heart dearly, as you can imagine
why. That was so beautiful and they did such a great job. Heavenly Father
loves His children.

As for the weather here, it is still hot. I have been told that it is going
to be cooling down soon, but we're still waiting for that to come lol. It
has been good though. Still just sweating like crazy. I've become pretty
used to sweating so much though, and it kind of feels good lol.

Thank you for writing to Sister Martinez. Yes she did get it and she is
grateful for it. Spanish is still coming along. I am learning more and
more each and every day. It's fun because there are so many people frombasically all South and Central American countries that you learn so many
things. It is great. I still have been eating good lol.

Wow I can't believe my little cousin Cameron is turning 20 today. Happy
Birthday Cameron! I love you!

So as for last week it was just a rough week, but hey they happen.
Everybody has them. For that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves us,
and sent His only Begotten Son to suffer for us so that we can endure our
trials with Faith in Christ, knowing that all will go well and that Heavenly
Father will take care of us. All is good.

Well family I love you all so very much, each and every one of you
individually. I am so glad to hear that Matthew is doing good and is going
to be transferring to Las Vegas soon. Send him my love and big hug to him.
I love you all so very much. Take care, have a great week, and please be
careful in all of your travelings and doings each and every day.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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