Friday, November 18, 2011

*Answered Prayers*

Hello My family!

How is everybody doing this week? It sounds like you all are doing so good
and I am so grateful to hear that good news. What a great week it has been
for me too. Elder Flores and I have had some great experiences this week.
I'll share one with you in a minute. So I'm glad that you had a hard
Birthday week Mother lol. I'm glad that you got to have some good fun

So to help Joe, you need to bear strong testimony that you know that God
lives and Jesus Christ lives and about the Plan of Salvation. You need to
testify what you know from your heart. Also you can read and study in
"Preach My Gospel" ch. 3 lesson 2. These are the basic, yet very powerful
doctrines that we teach to people so that they can *feel* the Gospel.
Pray, study, pray, then your testimony will grow. Also, you need to
challenge him to meet with the missionaries. Missionaries are set apart to
teach the Restored truths of The Gospel. I'm not saying this just because
I am a missionary, it's the fact and reality of it that the missionaries
are ordained of God to help Joe in this specific time. He needs to meet
with them. That's the only way the he is going to get the answers to his

So this week we had a really cool experience. I'm going to copy and paste
what I e-mailed to President Anderson:
Last week also in my letter I told you that I want to have an experience
where we knock on the door of a person and they say that they have been
praying for somebody to come by and pray with them. Well, just that
happened. I have been waiting all week to tell you about it. On I think
Tuesday, maybe even Monday, we were walking and harvesting. We saw this
kid walking down the sidewalk so we decided to run after to talk to him.
We got done talking to him then there was a man sitting out in front of his
door smoking. We go up and start talking to him and he invites us in. We
walk in and around the corner was him Mom confined to a chair do to medical
problems. We explained what we were doing and she said ok. We knelt and
gave the blessing, and as we stood up she said, "You know I have been
praying that I could go somewhere to pray with someone, but it looks like
it came to me." It was a beautiful moment in my mission for me because the
Lord answered my prayer.

It was an experience that I can't nor ever will forget. Knowing that the
Lord answered my prayers because I was obedient, because Elder Flores and I
were obedient. God grants us blessings according to our own personal
righteousness, which includes our own personal obedience to His

Well family I don't have much time left. Just know that I am doing great
and that I am loving the work. I love each and every one of you
individually. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you are doing and do and in all of your travelings.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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