Friday, November 11, 2011

*Driving in the RAIN & Halloween*

Well hello to my dearest Family!

How is everybody doing? It sounds like, and I hope, that everyone is doing
well! It sounds like Grandma and Grandpa had a fun weekend with all of the
grandkids! Thank you so much for sending me the pictures, I loved them! I
too can't believe it is Halloween already. But, you all thought that I was
going to dress up as an LDS Missionary today right? Yes I am an LDS
Missionary, but today I get to dress up in "normal" clothes. Because today
is Preparation Day, while we are in the apartment I get to wear normal
clothes! Yes, something a little strange for me. My "normal clothes"
right now is a white shirt, tie, and slacks and a plaque. So "normal
clothes" are weird. I hope that that all made sense to you all lol.

So as far as Halloween plans for today, we are going to relax, then work
from 5:00-7:00 then we are going back to the apartment for the rest of the
night. We are thinking about carving pumpkins ourselves and having a bunch
of candy, but we'll see how the pumpkin carving goes whether we do it or
not. But we will have a lot of candy lol. Also as far as activities at
the church for Halloween, the primary held a little party with a costume
contest and stuff. It was fun, but we didn't stay for very long we went to
an investigators house after that.

So as far as memory cards and journals I am doing really good. I have 2
empty memory cards, and 1 empty journal still, so I am doing really good on
those. Honestly I have thought of what you could send me for Christmas and
Birthday. I really need maybe about 3 new pairs of garments, 2 new white
shirts a couple new belts, more ties, and a new pair of shoes. One pair of
my shoes are getting pretty worn out. As far as anything else, just
pictures and a whole lot of that Hardman family love.

I figured Mother that you called the mission office last week lol. You
probably talked to either Sister Steimley or Sister Collins on the phone.
Both of those ladies I love so much. I love calling in to the office for
something and just saying hi to Sister Steimley. If it's been more than a
couple of weeks that I have called in for something she says, "Elder
Hardman I was starting to have withdrawals." She is, and all of the senior
missionaries, are amazing. We have the best.

I am in a car and bike area now, and I am driving. I know I kind of
thought the same thing like, do I even remember how to drive it's been so
long lol. But I still do know how to drive. It's been fun being in a car,
although I really do love my bike. I took her out a few days ago and I
loved it. I missed her a lot. For being in a car, I have been having to
have a good work out in the mornings. Yes Mother, I promise that I always
take my back in to consideration. Heavenly Father reminds me of that
constantly, so don't you worry. Thanks for being a Mother though, but not
only that, thanks for being my Mother.

We had a really powerful experience this week. A few days ago we went to
one of our investigator's house and his Dad was there from Peru. He has
not been feeling well, so we gave him a Priesthood blessing. Yesterday we
went back and he was just a running around saying that he feels like a
cannon. The power of the Priesthood is real. I told him as we were
talking, "looks like somebody received a Priesthood blessing." And he
said, "I believe so." It was a very powerful experience with a true
manifestation of the Priesthood of God.

All is well for me family. I am loving this area. The past couple of days
it has been raining super hard and the streets have been flooding. It has
been a ton of fun to drive in. I'll send home some pictures that were
taken as we were driving. I was the one driving, and I loved it, it really
was so much fun.

You all please be careful going up to Idaho and come back safe and well
ok? Please give Great Grandmother a big hug and a kiss from me. Tell her
to keep recovering and that I love her so much.

Well family, please take care and have a great week and be careful in all
things that you do and in all of your travelings. I'm glad to hear that
Skyler and them are having a really good time. Tell them to be careful
coming back and that I will continue praying for them. I love you all each
and every one of you individually so much. Please always feel and know of
that love, and most of all of the love that your Heavenly Father and His
Son Jesus Christ have for you. What a great work this is that I am in, and
I will continue sharing it with others.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

DRIVING IN THE RAIN......I don't think he likes it one bit..LOL!

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