Monday, December 13, 2010

Beloved President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Hola Mi Familia!!!

Como estan? Espero que todo bien. Estoy bien no se preocupen.

So before I get into anything I want to share with you all what happened this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday. So this weekend was our Mission Christmas Conference. On Saturday we enjoyed a nice luncheon and company with the whole mission and all of the Stake Presidents, and also we were blessed to have the company of Robert C. Gay of the Quorom of the Seventy. After the luncheon we had a program with some singing and hearing from our beloved mission president and his wife, and Elder Gay. It was very spiritual and I loved it. I was very extremely uplifted and edified from it. For the past couple of weeks President Hale said that for the Sunday portion we were having a special guest coming to talk to us, so we needed to look and act good. So we were all really looking forward to that conference that night. On Saturday President Hale sent out a text to our zone leaders saying that it was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland coming. So we were all really looking forward to that. So yesterday we're sitting there waiting in the Chapel for them all to come in. Do you want to know who walked in, and I shook hands with? I'll give you a hint...It wasn't Elder Holland, and he lost his voice a little at last general conference. Give up??? His name is...

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I am not lying President Uchtdorf came to our mission to speak to us, and I got to shake his hand, and his wife's hand, and meet them personally! As you can imagine it was amazing. His talk was so very powerful, and was truly sent to talk to me. We truly were in the presence of a true Prophet of God. That was our Christmas presence from President and Sister Hale to us. They are good friends with the Uchtdorf's. It was truly a weekend, and a night that I will never forget. Sorry I don't have pictures because we were told not to bring cameras in. But some did for after he left so maybe I'll get some pictures from the other Elders.

Okay so now more stuff lol.

My week has been amazing, obviously. We also had a specialized training this past week, and a zone council, so I have been very up lifted and edified this week.
The weather has been really amazing. It has been kind of cold for being Florida, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it lol. People dress up like they are in Utah haha I love it. I love the people here.
So no I cannot see the ocean from where I live or anything. I think we are about 15-20 minutes away from the coast line. Idk I've never been there lol.
Mom your DearElder came about 5 days after you sent it I think. Because I think it takes 4 days to get to the office, then one more day after that. So there you go lol I know everytime I get done e-mailing I always remember that I didn't answer that question haha. So now I got my 3X5 card next to me and handy with me today lol. And I'm sorry but I have been slacking on my Journal, but I write in my study journal everyday I'll try harder to write in it.

Mother will you please deliver that letter to Lexi soon please? She lives the First Street on the right after 4800 S. heading East. She is the second house on the right. Her little truck is usually in the driveway. It was a shell on it. Please deliver that like today or tomorrow please lol. I want to hear from her. Thank you Mother I love you!

I don't know anything on my Christmas call yet, but I will for sure let you know next week. Sorry Mother and Father lol.

So truthfully Florida has been great to me. It has been really hard to adjust to everything because it is so different than Utah, but it is really good I love it. I'm just trying to overcome obstacles and everything. Nothing big don't worry. Just the normal mission trials and obstacles and everything you know? That's all dont' worry.

Okay so the Family Christmas party sounds like so much fun! "Grandpa Santa" haha oh man that made me laugh so hard. The little ones are so cute, and are so smart. I love them so much. So to go down to the chapel on Saturday for our Saturday seesion of mission Christmas conference, we took what they call, I think, TRAM. It's kind of like FrontRunner but not. The engine is like a UP Train. I thought of Grandpa when I saw that and thought how he would have loved it. Speaking of trains, sounds like the Christmas train is getting annoying already this year lol. Oh those little ones I love them so much. Devin and Alicia you be careful going to California!!! Return home safely!!! I love you guys!

I'm glad that you all enjoyed the pictures that I sent home. I'll try to send more home when I get the chance to.

Well family that's about all for this week. We have a couple Baptismal dates right now, but there hasn't been one yet, but I know that there is at least one coming soon. I'll let you know more on those later, maybe during the call.

I love you all with all of my heart, sincerely, and am so very grateful for all of your support and prayers for me in my behalf and the people that I work with. They are truly felt, and you our in our prayers as well. I hope that you can feel them. I love you all!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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