Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida Thanksgiving

Well Hello mi familia!!!
How is everybody this fine day that is about 70-75 degrees here in Florida with a little bit of run, but nice and warm. LoL I think about the snow alot and how weird it is to think of what time of year it is haha. No but itis really nice here, and I think that I am starting to adjust to thehumidity. We ride our bikes pretty far throughout the day. I sweat like crazy as you can imagine lol. But it's so good I love riding my bike.Although I've had two flat tires this past week haha. But it's all good because there is a bike shop here and the guy that works there is awesome.He's from Kansas. He's awesome lol.
m so glad to hear that you all had such a good Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good here too. Really different and weird not being at home, but it's all good. We had 3 meals. I am going to send my Camera Card home and show you some pictures of my Thanksgiving and stuff. So if you could send me another one that would be great so that we can go back and forth with two. K? K sounds good. But one house that we went to for Thanksgiving we went to at about 9:00 in the morning because they wanted our help to kill the turkeys that they had. That's right we killed 2 turkeys at their house,then ate them later that day. It was pretty sweet. The way that they cooked them was in like a soup with rice and stuff. Wow it was good.
Happy late Birthday Alicia! I love you!
One thing thatI woullike for Christmas is a watch. Please I need awatch. Nothing fancy, just something that can tell me the time lol. And willyou put it on my time here in Florida. I'm two hours ahead of y'allhere in Utah. Por Favor. Other than that Jerky and whatever else y'allwould like. Wait...PICTURES!!! POR FAVOR! Gracias. I hope that everything is going well with Jared, and the whole family. I'mglad to hear that he is doing good, and he will continue to do good. That'sa blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ.
Yeah I feel so old thinking that I am turning 20 lol. But everybody herecan't believe that I am only 19 haha. They think that I am like 28-30haha. I feel like a giant around here sometimes haha. It's awesome I lovethe Latin culture here. The people here are amazing. Most of the time theyare really open to hear about your message. So what do you all want from me for Christmas? I'm trying to think but Ihave no idea. So help me out, and I will do all of my shopping nextMonday.
Thank you mi familia. Elders Sepulveda, Lopez, and Robinson say Hello and that they love you. Oh by the way I haven't received your Dear Elder yet Mother, or any otherletters from anybody. They Holiday has made it hard, but it's all good.I'm expecting something soon though :) I am so happy to hear about they family progressing, and seeing all of themany blessings that we have received as a family. I was praying last nightand received revelation to tell you all as my family that I love you all sovery much from the bottom of my heart. You are my family. I can't explainhow Happy and so very Grateful I am that Heavenly Father has placed me inthis family. You all are my best friends, and my family. Families are soimportant. I hope that we can all continue to grow together, and learn muchtogether, and from one another. Families are key, and are center to thePlan of God. Those that don't have family, will have a family, and havefamily here in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all Sons and Daughters ofour loving Heavenly Father. We are all in the eternal family as brothersand sisters. You my family mean everything to me. I will do anything tokeep our family together and I will do anything for you. I love you ALLwith all of my heart. This includes ALL of my in-laws.

Love,Your Son, Brother, and UncleElder Hardman

After Killing the Turkey..Looks like JD really enjoyed his dinner

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