Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling good after a crash on his bike!

Sorry everyone..I'm have been a little busy and got VERY FAR behind...so sorry!!

Well hello my family! How is everybody doing on this fine sunny day?
All is going very well for me here. To answer your questions, all is going well with my health. My head is feeling good, without anymore headaches from my accident, and my chest is feeling better. Like I said last week, Nothing is broken, it's just a nerve that I bruised that will take at least couple of months to heal. But it is all good, I am feeling so much better.
Speaking of that, this morning I sent off that package with my helmet and my pants. Yes Mother, will you please send me a replacement pair? Thank you! Also, I did receive that package from Morgan and Skyler. Thank you so much! I loved everything in there so much! Elder Odar Barboza, Elder Diaz, and Elder Dent send their love and gratitude and thanks for those ties. We all 4 wore them on Sunday. I Love that Red! I started singing....U...T...A...H...UTAH fight fight fight! Haha I love it! Nice red! Also, thank you so much for that shirt and hat! I love them! You know me, Camo. Plus, I am super proud of my brother so I have been wearing that shirt. I love it thank you so much!
So as far as transfer information goes. I am so very greatful that the Lord has seen it fit for me to be able to stay with my companion Elder Odar Barboza again! I love it and I am so excited. Our area is progressing, and he is progressing amazingly as well. It is going to be a great transfer, and we are going to work hard.
So it has been an extremely hot week, but a rainy week as well. I have been staying hydrated. We have gotten wet at least 4 times this week. We get out and like 10 minutes later the clouds just open up. There was one night where we just got a little damp, but our path was lit the whole way home. I say that because we were right under a bunch of lightning that was just lighting up the place. It was kind of scary because we really were so close to it. It would flast and like 1 second later a big clap of thunder would come. It was insane. It reminded me of that trip Daddy when you and Grandpa left me at the campsite when you and him went down to the Marina at Flaming Gorge to go and cover the boat. I felt like crying again lol. It reminded me so much of it.
I am really sad, but very greatful to hear about Great Grandma. I hope that you gave her a big hug and kiss from her great grandson. She is a great lady and a wonderful example of strength, faith, and enduring to the end. What a great lady and a great example. Everybody loves seeing the picture of her and knowing that I have a Great Grandma. I love showing it off too. I'm greatful that you were able to travel up and back. Good job Daddy! An all dayer, with Mom and Grandma and Grandpa catching flies lol.
Oh man I am so excited for you all to be able to go on the trip to Flaming Gorge! Please be careful going up, while you are there, and coming back. I know that the Lord will protect you. Have a great time though! And yes please send me some pictures next week. It's been a little while since I have seen a mountain lol. I saw a hill a couple of days ago and thought it was huge haha. So yes I am excited to see the mountains again. I am sure that the little kids are going to love it a lot. I know that I always did being with Grandpa and Daddy as a young boy spending time up in the mountains. Give all of the little kids a big hug and kiss from Uncle Elder Hardman.
So this week Jose was confirmed. I was given that great opportunity and privilege to perform that ordinance. It was great. He is so excited to be able to have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and guide his family in the way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so excited to gain the Priesthood, and understands the sacredness of it. He is so excited, and it is so great to see that excitement from him. I love him and Madelyn and their family a lot.
We have gained a few really good investigators this week. It has been a great week. Elder Odar Barboza and I have had some great learning experiences and teaching experiences this week. One of our new investigators is so excited to read the Book of Mormon, and build and complete his foundation on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a great man. He has a great wife too. Really nice Cuban people. They have big hearts, and a lot of love for us. They always tell us that their house is our house. He tells us that he loves us, as well that we love him a lot. A true honest seeker of truth and of the fulness.
Well family it's time to go. I love you all so much. Each and every one of you individually. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things that you do. Always remember that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Be good! Go to the temple, read your scriptures, and pray daily, and I promise you that you will see a great change in your life.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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