Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Preparing for Irene to hit Florida*

Hello My Family!

How is everybody doing? I hope that all is going well. It sounds like
everything is going well for each of you! Hey Big D...U..T..A..H..UTAH
fight fight fight! I am so excited to see you with a big red football
jersey on with me! That is going to be a beautiful day. Dad, I am proud of
you for standing up to what you know is right to Hailey and buying Isaac the
right jersey :) Haha that is so much fun. You know that I am just teasing
you all. I am glad that you are back in school though Big D and ready to
work hard. I am also happy to hear that Alicia has a good job. She is
really good at taking care of those sweet and special kids.

So this week has been a very great week. On Saturday we had another Mission
Conference where we heard from Elder Gibbons of the Seventy. It was great.
We actually interacted with him while he was talking, we didn't just listen
to him. It was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about growing in
my Faith. I just felt really energized and ready to go and get people into
the Gospel. It was a great, spiritually filled meeting.

So things are going so good with President Anderson. He is amazing, and I
truly love him a lot. I love Sister Anderson as well. She is a very
spiritually filled lady with a lot of knowledge. They are great. Yesterday
was stake conference for us and he came. he had all of us missionary stand
up, and he bragged about us for a little while. One thing that he said was,
because he had asked the question, "Do you know how to get to Heaven?" (To
the whole congregation). Then he said, talking about us, "They know how to
get to Heaven, and they know how to teach your neighbors and friends to do
so as well." It felt so good. The Spirit was really strong. He had the
whole congregation look at us. I felt so good.

One new procedure that we have with President Anderson is the Harvest
Approach like I was telling you about. Other than that, things have just
advanced and become very good, but no really big changes. I still have my
hair do though lol. That's not going to change.

So we are all doing really good in our apartment. It is really crowded with
six of us, but it has been going really well. We all have become better
from our sicknesses, and our floor is all fixed now. It didn't take the guy
too long to do it. It's nice to have our room back though. It has been
really fun though. We all do our work, and have a great time together. I
haven't done too much cooking for everybody as of lately. We haven't really
had the time and all resources to do so. One of the members wants us to go
and cook for them though. That will be really fun. I love that family.
They are the Gonzalez family. They are from Costa Rica. I love them a
lot. They are so fun loving and caring. They are great missionaries too.
They do a lot of missionary work. They have a son on his mission in Boise,
Idaho. He loves it there.

Well family okay here comes some news, but don't worry everything is and is
going to be ok. Mother, especially you don't flip. There is a hurricane
heading our way and is supposed to hit us Wednesday evening. We will be
going to a shelter, which is a local High School, to help people out. We
become a service mission instead of a proselyting mission. Don't worry
though, everything is going to be ok. It is called hurricane Irene. We are
getting all of things prepared. We went through and took some inventory.
For that I am going to be pulling out $40 cash. Oh by the way, in case you
are wondering, I pulled out $60 because I bought some covers for my Spanish
Scriptures directly from Nicaragua and they are made out of pure leather,
hand made. They are amazing, I will show you some pictures.

But again, don't worry. Everything is ok. Please do not try to call the
Mission Office. People will keep you updated (I believe President Anderson,
and all is going to be ok.

Well family I love you all each and every one of you individually. I hope
that you can feel may prayers and love in your behalf each and every day, as
I do feel yours. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you do.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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