Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Much Prepardness...NO IRENE!!~

Hola mi Familia!

How is everybody doing? I really hope that all is going well with all of
you. It sounds like everything is going ok. It sounds like you all had a
great weekend as well. That Ute fan weekend looked amazing! Man all of
those pictures were awesome! I'm so proud of my little ones in red, and man
do they look good in it. It looked like they had a blast! That's so cool
that they had a good time with swoop, and also got to meet a couple of
players. That's so awesome! And of course I remember the Kreugers! Man I
can't believe it's coming football season again. Everybody is busting out
all of the Dolphins stuff down here, you would love it Mom and Devin. There
are Dolphin stuff galore.

So as far as my package. Could you please put a bag of dried fruit from
Costco in there? That sounds really good lol. And whatever else you would
like to send me. Thank you!!!

Before I forget, I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday next week because, if
you can hardly believe it, transfers are next week. I'm pretty sure that
Elder Osborn and I are going to be staying together for at least 1 more
transfer. It will be good, I love training him. He is a great missionary
who's skills are developing everyday.

Thank you so much for that update on Sister Tyson. Another one of the
Elders that we live with knows her too so he will be glad to hear that
update. I'm glad that the doctors finally figured out what it was.
Hopefully she can come back out real soon. I miss her here. When we went
up for all of those mission conferences I thought to myself, where's Karli?
I hope that she gets on the mend and completely healed very quick.

So as for my hurricane experience, there was none. Monday morning last week
we found out about the hurricane, we had to just buy a few more things, we
were basically prepared, and just waited for the word to evacuate and go to
the shelter. We never had to. Hurricane Irene took the different course,
and all we got was a couple little rain storms, nothing bad at all. It was
kind of fun though with the anticipation of a nasty hurricane coming our
way. But, like you said Mother, I am in the Lord's hands. Leave it that
way. I am good. President Anderson will always keep you updated and
reassured when there is a hurricane or something coming, or if something
happens. Don't worry about that.

Elder Osborn and I have had some amazing experiences this week. Here are a
couple of them:
Elder Osborn and I have had to very spiritual experiences and miracles this
week. Two in particular. One is a man that we harvested named Pablo. We
haven't been able to go in to his house to teach him yet, but we have been
by several times to see him. We went over to talk to him a few days ago,
and he was out washing his car. We talked with him for a while, and we felt
impressed to give him a Book of Mormon. He gladly accepted it and said that
he was going to read it. Yesterday we passed by and we went down by his car
to talk with him again, and he pulls out The Book of Mormon from his car and
tells us that he took out his Bible and took it up stairs and is reading the
Book of Mormon and making it a priority. He said, "This seems to me
something written by God. I don't know why, and I want to know why, pastors
are neglecting talking about this." It was so amazing to see the power of
The Book of Mormon already working with him.

Yesterday night it was about 8:30 pm, and we were heading to go and do some
more harvesting. We were wondering where to go, so we decided to go to some
buildings that we have been knocking. We went to the specific building in
that complex, and we started climbing the stairs. We had finished the
second floor earlier that day, so we were going to go to the 3rd floor. We
get there, and the very first door we knock, he lets us in very kindly. He
tells us to sit down, so we do, and we start talking to him for a minute.
He tells us that his family is in Cuba, and he is here alone for about 9
months. He got a little emotional and said, "It's not easy." He then
started telling us that he was just passing through a hard time because
he received a picture of his sister and other family from Cuba and you could
tell that he missed them a lot. He was in the kitched making him some food
and he said that he looked up and just said, "Help me." Then he said, "No
more than 30 seconds later, you knocked on the door." He got very emotional
at that time and said, touching his hand to his heart with tears in his
eyes, that feeling gets to me. We left the blessing and told him that he is
going to be ok. He was telling us that he had a lot of Faith, which we
could tell too. We have a return appointment with him on Tuesday at 8:00.
It was an incredible experience, and truly a miracle from God.

Also, we had a great baptism this week as well. This man's name is Rafael.
He is a very nice Cuban guy. He received the missionaries about 2 years
ago, and some of the ward knew him. Elder Osborn and I's first Sunday here
in this ward (he had come once the week before, which was the first time in
a while from what I understand) he walks in and says, "I want to be baptized
August 27." What a miracle it was and is. He wanted to bring change in his
life, and he knew that baptism and confirmation was going to do that. He is
a great man, and we love him a lot. He had and has so much Faith and Hope
that baptism is what's going to bring those changes that he would like in
his life. One time when we were teaching him he had a question, and as we
were thinking how to answer that question he says, "Well either way I am
going to get baptized, I just want to know." What a miracle. We always
taught him at the church, and everytime that we pulled up he was sitting
there in his car waiting for us reading in The Book of Mormon. What a
prepared man. It was and is interesting to see how the Lord prepared this
man. It takes for all men to humble themselves before God to realize and
know how much they need him in there lives.

Rafael is the one in front of JD..there were 2 baptisms in the ward. Jd had the privilege to confirm Rafael. A member was able to Baptize him. It was really great!

JD & the other Elders

I hope you all know how very much I love each and every one of you
individually. I really do. I pray for you, and I thank you for your
prayers, love, and support in my behalf. Take care, have a great week, and
be careful in all things that you do.


Your Son, Brother, Uncle
Elder Hardman

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