Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Staying in Hialeah*

Hola mi querida familia!

How is everything going for all of you?! It sounds like all is going well
for you all, and that you all had a great time with my big little brother
Mateo this week. Those pictures were so nice to see. He really does look
like a military man with his haircut. It looks good. Another thing is man
those little kids are getting so big. I can't believe it. I can't even
believe little Carson. He was eating a sucker! (I don't know if that's how
you spell it). Last time I held and saw that little guy he couldn't even
think about what a sucker is! It is amazing to see the growth in these
little kids. I love them so much. I love you all so much.

So this has been a really great week for me too. I am staying here with
Elder Osborn in the great city and ward of Hialeah. I'm excited. We really
are working hard together, and he has a ton of fire to go out and do the
work and find the elect people who are going to hear the voice of Father.
My really good friend Elder Nielsen is getting transferred though. I'm kind
of really sad about that, but it's all good. We know that this is the work
of The Lord, and he is going because the Lord sees it fit for him to be in
another place.
We experienced another great miracle this week that I would like to share
with you all:
We had an appointment set and a good back up, but they both fell through.
We both then realized that a member called us that day seeing if we had time
to go and bless one of her neighbors houses. We told her that we had those
appointments, and if they cancelled or something, she would be the first
one. The Lord needed us to go and bless her neighbor's house that day
because both appointments fell through. We went to her house, and she took
us to her neighbor's house. Her neighbor has been involved with the
missionaries before. We knelt down and offered the blessing. After the
blessing she was crying, and was feeling good. The next day she herself
experienced a miracle as to where she had a very high hospital bill and
couldn't pay it, but now she does not have to pay it. It was a great
miracle for her, and she promised that she would come to church. She came
to church. It was fast and testimony meeting. She, the investigator, stood
up and bore her testimony about that experienced that she had, and she did
so so beautifully. It was a great experience for us. She thanked us over
the pulpet for that blessing, and for her neighbor, the member, for thinking
in her and taking that blessing to her. It was such a great miracle that we
experienced, and more importantly that she experienced in the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.
It was so great, and she is the sweetest lady. We love her a lot.

I love you all so very much and I am so very grateful for all of your love
and support and prayers on my behalf. Please know that you have mine as
well in return. Mother please be careful going down to and back up from St.
George. And yes I do not like talking about how much time I have on the
Mission because it makes me very sad. But yes, there has been so much
growth and change, and I expect it to keep happening. Please be careful in
things that you all do this week and in all of your travelings.

So I was thinking in a couple of things during your e-mails to me, and the
Spirit has inspired me to give to you some challenges and commitments. For
all of you: I challenge you, and ask for your commitment, to each learn
more about the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ this week, and to report
to me in a handwritten letter the new things that you have learned. I will
be expecting that letter the week of Sept. 19-25.
Mother and Father, I challenge you and ask for your commitment for you two *
together* to start and finish reading The Book of Mormon and to pray before
and after reading it. I promise to each and every one of you a new light
will come in to your life. A new love will come in to each one of you,
and for and towards each one of you because you will come to know our Savior
Jesus Christ just a little bit more. I give you my witness that these
blessings will come to pass on the condition that you do these things. I
have seen it come to pass in all of the people that have done these things,
including myself with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and I know that these
promised blessings come from The Lord and they are yours for the taking. As
a representative of Jesus Christ I promise you all of these things and do so
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Two of the sweetest little old Cuban ladies that you will ever meet. Their names are Rita & Pura. It was Rita's birthday a couple of days before, so we bought her a cake and took it to her. They are cute and I love them a lot. They are "mis viejitas bonitas." Don't worry Grandmother, you'll always be my only "Viejita bonita que yo amo mucho!"

Heavy rainstorm that came in while we were & after we got done teaching Rita & Pura

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