Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Elder Robert C. Gay and Elder M.Russell Ballard visit*

Hello my family!

How is everybody doing on this great and beautiful day? I hope that all is
going well with all of you! It sounds like all is going well, and that you
all have had a great week. Thank you Mother for getting back safe from
Idaho with Aunty Sharon. I'm glad to hear that Great Grandma is doing
better. That story gave me a little bit of a scare at first, but all is
good. She is doing great.

Okay so to clear you up Mother, my area is Hialeah and we are living in
Hialeah. I had to go up to Plantation that day because that is where we
hold transfer meetings. I hope that that clears you up a little bit now
lol. So our apartment is pretty cramped right now. the other night I was
asleep and woke up in the middle of the night to a huge crack. I thought
that it was my box spring to my bed, but it wasn't. I realized that I
couldn't sleep on one side of my bed though because it would still make
cracking noises. So I fell back to sleep for the rest of the night and when
we woke up in the morning I got out of bed and felt like I was going to fall
through the floor. Our tile had broken in the middle of the night. I guess
the glue or something went bad. So right now we have a guy at the apartment
fixing the floor so we had to move everything out of there into other
rooms. We're pretty cramped, but it is all good. We are all getting along
though and all is going great. There has been a lot of sicknesses roaming
around though, and I think that I am starting to get it right now. Oh well
though all is good.

So guess what? I got to hear from somebody yesterday, and also meet him and
shake his hand. Any guesses? Actually there was two of them. The first
was Elder Robert C. Gay of the seventy, who also is an area 70 for our
mission. The next, Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorom of the Twelve
Apostles! It was so great and amazing to see him and hear his words. He
talked a lot to us about becoming Master Teachers and that we can do it. It
truly was a great and choice experience that I will never forget. The
Spirit was very strong during that lesson.

Elder Osborn and I had a very spiritual experience this week. We, in this
mission, are doing something that's called, "Harvesting the Field," where we
knock and doors and ask and offer people a blessing from Jesus Christ for
them. I will copy and paste my story that I wrote to President Anderson
about it:
I have become more confident in Harvesting this week, and have been
confident that we can get in to every house. We had a really spiritual
experience while Harvesting during the week. We had planned to go to a
building to go and knock. It was a building that we had previously knocked,
but not completely. As we were in the elevator, we said that we stopped on
the 2nd floor, so we needed to go to the 3rd floor. But then my companion
told me that we should go to the 4th floor. We then realized that that was
where we needed to go because we had stopped on the 3rd floor, or so we
thought/think. We go knocking and nothing. We had two more doors left on
that floor. The very last one opened and said the he was busy working on a
job application. We told him that the blessing is in the form of a short
prayer and will only take a moment of his time. He opened the door right up
and let us come in. As we were talking with him for a minute, I felt the
Spirit right away confirm to me that this was going to be a great blessing,
and that he needed it very much. As we first knelt, his wife walked in the
door. You could tell she had a look like, "Who are these people, what are
they doing here, and why did you let them in?" We asked her to join us and
too said that she was busy. We told her the same thing, and she came and
knelt down with us. We gave the blessing. It was very powerful and I could
feel the Spirit guiding that blessing. At the end the lady's countenance
changed totally. We asked if we could come back two days later, and they
said of course. We went and saw them and the man told us, "Just that day I
was feeling like I was being guided by the Spirit, and then you showed up.
The Lord brought you here for a reason." It was a great miracle. You could
definitely see the difference in his countenance as well. You could tell
that he recognized that that blessing helped him a lot. He asked for a
special blessing so that he could learn english to get a job, and I felt the
Spirit confirm that to me that he was going to learn english to get a job.

I am so glad to hear that my big little brother Matt is doing so well. I am
so very proud of him. I plan on writing him a letter today. Hopefully that
last address that Daddy gave me for him will still work. It's not the very
first one, but the second address of his.

Well family I hope you all know how much I love you all so so very much, and
I am so very greatful for your love and prayers on my behalf. Please know
that I too do pray for each and every one of you. Take care, have a great
week, and be careful in all things that you do and in all of your

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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