Monday, July 18, 2011

*All is well for Elder*

Hola mi familia!

How is everybody doing today? All is going well here for me, and I am

I went to the doctors on Wednesday and he told me that it is probably
a nerve problem, but he sent me to go and getr an X-Ray just in case. I
just bearly called them and they said that my chest X-Rays were normal. So
no problem there. My chest does still hurt though, but it is getting
better. So is my head. Thank you all so very much for your prayers and
concern in my behalf. Tell Jane Bracken hello for me.

That's fun that you
all got to go and see the Richard's Family. Also, tell Sister Belka hello
for me as well and tell Nathaly congratulations from me! Send them my

So it has been a really great week. We had the chance to have Personal
Priesthood Interviews with President Anderson on Friday. It was really
great to be able to get to know him better, and how we can further the
work. He is a great man and a great Mission President. Sister Anderson is
amazing too. We had a chance to sit down and get to know her and talk with
her as well as we all went in to our interviews with President Anderson.
They are really sweet people and I love them a lot. They haven't said
anything about the blog. I'm not sure what is going on with that, or what
is going to happen with that. Sorry i wish that I could help you out with
that more.

So it has been a rainy, and hot week. Some days it was really rainy, and
other days it was scorching hot. Even on the days that it was rainy it was
scorching hot. The humidity gets bumped up just a little bit on those days
too. It's pretty gross, but I love being here doing the Lord's work. We
have been introduced to a new finding method, and I love it. It's called,
"Harvesting the Field." We enter in to people's houses, and we leave a
Priesthood blessing upon the home and family. We don't dedicate the home,
we leave the Lord's blessing upon that particular home and family. It is
seriously amazing and I love it.

Thank you for sending me those other pictures to me last week with President
and Sister Hale. I loved the pictures. I miss them a lot. But I am
greatful to have them in my life forever.

I am also really looking forward
to the package! I can't wait to get it! Thank you for sending it! On that
subject, I won't be writing until Tuesday next week because next week are
transfers. Can you believe it? I sure can't. I don't know what is going
to happen. I could leave, Elder Odar Barboza could leave, or we could both
stay. All possibilities are very possible this transfer. We'll see, and
I'll keep you updated. Elder Odar Barboza is doing great. He is a great
leader, and has a lot of skills. He is really good and discerning people's
individual needs, and how to be sesistive to people. A true example for

Well family, know that I am doing great, and I am so glad that you can enjoy
this coming weekend celebrating the 24 of July. Please stay and be safe in
all things that you do, and to all places that you go. Always remember who
and where you are, and who and what you represent. I love you all, each and
everyone of you individually. Take care, and have a great week.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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