Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Elder gets Transferred...after Transfers*

Hola mi querida familia!

Wow, what a great letter. That sounds like it was a camping trip to never
forget! What a testimony builder! That is so amazing. Daddy, I am so
proud of you. You have grown so much, and I can see that growth in you.
You are being so blessed. You and all of the family. The Lord provides a
way in everything. I commend you all for being in tune with that Spirit,
and recognizing your answers. Remember, the Spirit is quiet and peaceful,
and can not be heard when it is drowned out by anger or any other thing that
is not in harmony with peace. Daddy, I can't begin to even describe to you,
and tell you how proud I am of you. That prompting to know that the battery
terminals needed to be cleaned was a true prompting from the Holy Ghost, and
God knew that you were in a state to receive that prompting. He loves you,
and he is so proud of you.

Well this week has been a very eventful week for me as well. So, do you
remember last week how I told you all that I wasn't getting transfered and
that I was staying with Elder Odar Barboza. Well, the Lord saw fit for me
to be transferred. I got a call on Tuesday at about 4:15 saying, Elder
Hardman you are being transferred, and you are also training a new
missionary, be in Plantation tomorrow by 8:30. So I went to Plantation, met
my new companion (Elder Osborn from Salt Lake), and now we are opening up a
new area. We both are in a different ward, and a different area. It has
been quite the week. We are 6 missionaries living together too. It is
still a bike area. It was pretty tough at first. I prayed for guidance and
comfort. I received it. My testimony has strengthened knowing that the
Lord does give you comfort, and the Lord always provides a way.

Our first
day, we went finding and we found one person who we are going to go back and
see. We have gotten to know the ward pretty well as well. Yesterday, a man
walked in to church who has come to church for a while, but the other Elders
have never been able to meet with him. He walks in yesterday and says, "I
want to be baptized on August 27, I feel that that is a good date for me.
He is in our area. We now are going to be meeting with him this week to
help him prepare himself for that day.

The Lord always provides a way. It
has been truly amazing, and I now feel very comfortable. I have also seen
the Lord take over Spanish. I have been able to understand people
perfectly, and I have been able to talk very well and the people have been
understanding me more as well. The Lord qualified me, and has given me that
gift. This week has been such a testimony builder. The Lord has put you
and I in a situation this week to grow and strengthen us in our
testimonies. I am so very greatful for you all growing stronger and
becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

I am so overwhelmed with love and
gratitude right now. What a great week full of experiences. You have
truly witnessed miracles from God in your lives. I have truly witnessed
miracles from God in my life. he loves you, and wants to bless you like
that always. Be obedient, and I promise you in the name of Jesus Christ
that He will bless you.

I love you so much family. Thank you for sharing so much with me. Take
care, have a great week, and be careful in all things that you do. I am so
greatful that you got back from Flaming Gorge safely. I love each and every
one of you so much individually. I am so very greatful that the kids had
such a great time with Grandpa catching the fish and spending that good time
with the family. Your safety is everything. I love you so much.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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