Friday, May 27, 2011

"Be thou an example of the believers."

Hello mi familia!

How is everybody doing?! I really hope that all is well and that you all
are doing good at work and in everything! All is well for me. I am still
hydrated and walking, so all is well lol. This week has been hot, but not
too bad. One day we had to ride home really quick. We had to ride about
8-10 miles and change our clothes in about 30 minutes. Guess what... We did
it! I was so tired after, but we got it done lol. It was so much fun!

So a little update on my activities for this week. We got the chance to do
something extremely fun! Do you all know who the BYU Young Ambassadors
are? On Wednesday night they were performing here in Miramar, which is part
of the other Elders area but we live close by it. The Stake President here
bought us tickets, with the permission of President Hale of course. He
bought us tickets and we were able to go and see them perform that night!
It was so much fun! I must say though, we felt kind of bad being
missionaries in that kind of setting, even though we had the permission from
President Hale and that he was there as well haha. Then the next night,
Thursday night, they Young Ambassadors came to the chapel and we had a
fireside with them! It was beautiful! Being able to hear them sing and
give their testimonies, it was wonderful! We also had a less-active come to
that fireside. She loved it! It touched her heart so much. The Spirit
really was very strong. It was a very unique and special experience.

Just a reminder, next week I won't be e-mailing until Tuesday because it is
Memorial Day on Monday. So we are going to be working on Monday, and
Preparation Day will be on Tuesday. So just keep that in mind.
Also, I need something from you. When you send that package with my new
ties and everything, and if you already have I need another package lol, I
need a new journal. I am really running out of space. Thank you!

So just to let you know I did get Matt's letter to me this past Saturday. I
was so happy when I got it! It's always so wonderful to hear from him and
all of you! How is he doing? I hope that all is going well for him!

Daddy I'm sorry that you are going stir crazy. I can only imagine. I don't
really remember what the cold/weather is like anymore. It's just always hot
and sunny here lol. By the way Mother, you're welcome for the roses! I'm
glad that you like them! Thank you so much for planting those for her

It sounds like Jordan's talk went well! Nice funny with him Daddy lol.
Sounds like him and Devin also had a great time together!

That made me feel good to hear that Steve Bracken sends his love. When you
see him again, tell him that I send my love to him! That will be great to
give him the work painting the basement. So Mother, I guess your Red Sox
are a little bit better than my Cubs. I always wanted to see them play
together so that I could give you a run for your money, but now I can't
lol. I'm glad to hear that you have my Cubs hat on the railing still. I'm
always going to need a rail to put my hats on lol. Oh and to answer your
question, I kind of remember hearing something about that Babe Ruth used to
play for the Red Sox. Then he went Yankee. That's all I have to say about

So yesterday we had the opportunity to go up the the mission home and have
dinner with President and Sister Hale and their family, and also we had
Personal Priesthood Interviews with President Hale. It was a very choice
experience. It was so nice to sit down and talk with President Hale, and
also help Sister Hale prepare the meal. I had a great time helping her. I
felt like I was in the kitchen helping Mother or Granny. It was so much
fun. She's my Mom and I love it. I love her and President Hale so much.

Well family know that I have had a great week and that I am doing great. By
the way, June 18 is the groundbreaking for our beloved temple that the Lord
has placed for us here in South Florida. The work is going forth strong and
now the Lord's house is going to be here in South Florida. What a great
blessing this is. I love you all so much. Take care, have a great week,
and be careful in all things that you do and all places that you go and in
all places that you are. "Be thou an example of the believers."

Your Son,
Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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