Friday, May 6, 2011

~Really Good Week~

Well Hello there my Family!

How is everybody doing and everything going?! I sure hope that all is well
with each and every one of you! I am doing great don't worry about that.
It has been a really good week.

So for Easter Sunday, right after church there was a baptism for the other
Elders for a lady, we went home after that and made something to eat, and
went out and worked the rest of the day. It was such a great day
yesterday. The couple that I have been talking about that we are teaching,
they hadn't come to church the past couple of weeks, but yesterday they
It was such a joy to see them! They had a beautiful experience at
church yesterday too! The Spirit was so strong in all of the classes and
sacrament meeting yesterday. It is truly a miracle of what they experienced
yesterday! Later on in the day we got a text from them saying how much they
were grateful for everybody at church and for our direction at church for
them. They had to leave a little early because one of their kids was
getting a little fussy, but it was okay they had an amazing day! Also, the
girl that we are teaching came too! She had a great time as well! I love
these people so much, and will do everything to help them make that oh so
sacred covenant of baptism with our loving Heavenly Father.

Mom that is so cool that you have been able to talk with some of the
missionary mom's! I haven't had any contact with Sister Tyson yet though.
I'm sure that I will see her in about a week though.

REMINDER! Not this
Wednesday, but the next are transfers. So next week I won't be writing
until Tuesday! Just a quick good reminder! Thank you!

So as far as how much I use my Spanish, I use it everyday all day. Yes
there are people that I talk to that are english, but I use my Spanish all
of the time. I love it!

I have been thinking about Matty a lot this week. I will write him a letter
of encouragement. It hurts me to know that he is struggling. I can only
imagine how hard it is. I hope that all is well with him, and he is in my
prayers, as I know that he is in yours. But yes, we can do hard things.
When we do our part and show our Faith, the Lord takes care of the rest.

Sorry everybody but no pictures this week. So as far as the weather goes,
it has still been really hot and humid, but yes it's getting a little easier
to tolerate. It's still really hard though and don't think that I'll ever
get used to it. Don't worry, I am drinking lots and lots of water. I'm
sure that I sweat WAY more than I drink though. It's impossible to keep up
with how much I sweat lol. It's good though, it makes me feel good.

President Hale is back! We received a text on Wednesday night saying that
Thursday he would be coming back! So we now have our beloved Mission
President back with us here in sunny South Florida, our home as a mission
family. He is truly a living walking miracle. What great unity we have had
in the mission, and a chance to show our Faith.

Well family, I hope that all is well with each and everyone of you and that
you EACH know how much I love and care about you so deeply and
individually. Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things
that you do and in all places that you go. I love you so much!

Your Son,
Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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