Thursday, June 16, 2011

~Staying with Elder Odar Barboza~

Hello Family!

How is everybody doing?! I'm glad to hear in your e-mails that you all are
doing well. I'm so happy to hear about my big/little brother. I am so
proud of him. Please do give him a big hug from me and make sure that he
knows that I think about him a lot and hope that he is doing well and that I
love him so much. I am doing well this week. It has been a pretty great
week! We have one baptism set for this coming Saturday. i hope that all
goes well for this baptism. Please pray that all will go well, and that all
things will work out. It is going to be great!

Okay so here's the transfer information. Nobody is getting transferred I
am staying with Elder Odar Barboza! I am so excited about it! I wanted at
least one more transfer with him! he is a great missionary, and is teaching
me a lot! The reason for e-mailing so late in the day is because the
library doesn't open until 12:30 on Tuesdays, and also we went to a members
house for lunch and talked for a little while with her.

Haha sorry Mother that I tried to hide that whole thing with my back from
you. How can you translate my spanish? Google? But just to let you know
all is well with that. I just strained it. I wasn't even lifting
anything. All I did was I stepped out of the back of a truck, and just kind
of stepped down wrong. It's all good though I feel great now! I always
keep in mind that I can only lift 50 pounds and that I need to lift with my
legs. Thank you! But just know that all is well, I feel great! I was not
able to ride my bike or go out and work for 2 days, but enduring to the end,
and the power of the Atonement is what healed my back, and healed it quick.

I am so happy that you all got to meet with the Rivas family! They are
really such sweet people! She text us and said that they absolutely love
you Mom and Dad! They know that you are wonderful people! So as to why I
sent my camel pack home is because It takes up too much room in my backpack,
plus I have a water bottle and people give us a ton of water and juice to
drink. So thank you for that! It's good too because the weather is getting
even hotter and more humid. I sweat more and more everyday it seems like
lol. It's good though, that's what's helping me lose weight! I'm glad to
see that Hermans Rivas saw a difference, that makes me feel better lol.

So I have not received the package yet. It's probably because whenever
there are transfers, for about 4 days or so they keep the mail in the
mission office until they know exactly where the can send it. They don't
know where people are going to be moved around to until after. Thank you so
much for sending me that package though! I can not wait to see the pictures
that you sent!

I am also really glad that you get to go down to Texas and see Matty! As
well as Ray and Jean. What sweet people they are for acomodating you for
that! Just please give them all a big hug and warm regards and love from
Elder Hardman. And Mother, don't be nervous, all will go well. All is
well, all is well. Just remember that I have gone through the same thing.
Remember how nervous I told you that I was to get on an airplane coming here
to Florida? But once you get up in the air it's not too bad. Plus, I kind
of liked that feeling of take off lol. There's an airport in my area, and I
love seeing the airplanes take off and land. So just don't be nervous
Mother, keep a prayer in your heart and the Lord will comfort you. He loves

Please do give Elder Cameron my love to him as well as a big hug.

Well family I am doing well, and the work of the Lord is moving forward. I
love each and every one of you so dearly, and hope and pray that you can
honestly and truly feel that everyday. I love you all so much! Be careful
and be safe in all things that you do and all of your travelings. Always
remember who you are.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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