Thursday, June 30, 2011

*Madelyn was Baptized*

Hello mi Familia!


Wow, how is everybody doing?! I really hope that all is well. It sounds
like you all are doing great. I am doing great as well. Elder Odar and I
have had an amazing week.

It sounds like you all had a great time on your Texas trip! My brother
looks so good! I too am so proud of my big brother. I am greatful that Ray
and Jean are in our lives, and that they showed such great hospitality to
you! They are great people, and they look great as well! I loved the
pictures that you sent me Pa! They were great! I really am so proud of my
Brother. I think about him a lot. How is his elbow doing? I hope that all
is well with that. I have been praying a lot for him that his elbow will
heal quickly. But yeah now you all know how heat and humidity is lol.
Hopefully that drink you spilled in your lap Mother cooled you off a little
bit lol. That was funny thanks for sharing that with me. It's disgusting.
That's all you do, sweat. It is so important to stay hydrated. I was
joking the other day with my companion that in Utah after it rains sometimes
it gets SO humid. HAHA! Yeah I'm wrong. I didn't know what humidity or
heat was. I'm afraid that I am going to absolutely freeze in Utah haha.
Hermana Rivas told me that the weather was beautiful while they were there
and they loved it. I can only imagine. Ma and Pa you look good! They
showed me the picture that they took of you, as well as some of the
mountains. Super nice pictures to see! Yes I did get the package that you
sent me. I got it last week. I loved the pictures, thank you!

So Saturday was a really big day for South Florida. We had our temple
ground-breaking. What a special experience that was. It was very spiritual
and I knew that the Sacred house of God is being built in this area. I am
so excited and I love it. Also, a little while after the temple
groundbreaking, Jose and Madelyn (our investigators) were married. They
took one more important step to making that sacred covenant of baptism with
the Lord. It was a choice experience. I don't have any pictures of it just
because it was something really simple. It was great to see them come
closer to Christ.
Then on Sunday, Madelyn was baptized. What a powerful baptism it was. She
has made some really good friends in the ward, and when one of them got up
to talk she only said a few words and Madelyn stood up and hugged her and
just cried. I had never seen her cry like that. Jose also was crying. I
had NEVER seen him cry. It was a very special time. She made this very
sacred covenant with the Lord. She has a background of many different
religions. She was very hard at the beginning. After the baptism yesterday
she told me, "Good job Elder Hardman. You worked hard. I was very hard at
the first. Now I have a testimony of this Church." It was a very sacred
experience that I will never forget. I do have some pictures for the
baptism that I will send.

Madelyn & Elder Odar Barboza

Madelyn's Baptism

*nice part elder*

Madelyn's Baptism

Well family know that I am doing great, and I pray for you always. I love
you all so very much individually and hope and pray that you all can feel
that. Everybody please take care, have a great week, and be careful in all
of your travelings and everything that you do.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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