Thursday, June 30, 2011

*Protection from the Lord*....when it rains!

Hello mi Familia!

Wow, it sounds like you all had an eventful and great week! It sounds like
you all had a lot of fun. How is everybody doing? All is well here, I am
doing great. Yes I am fine from crashing on my bike. Nothing happened,
just a little dirty is all lol. I have been more careful when it rains
though lol. It rained a few days this week. It rained hard too. We didn't
get wet once though. Okay I'll tell you a story. We had to go to the
church one morning because we left our bikes there over night because my
companion had a flat and we didn't have time to fix it. We got there and it
was raining super hard! (The other Elders took us in the car). Once we were
going to leave after fixing the bike, it stopped raining. We got to our
first appointment, and when we got there and got in, it started raining.
After, it wasn't raining. And we didn't get wet the rest of the day. It
was so cool! A protection from the Lord.

Man I'm so jealous of that brisket! I can still taste it Daddy! I'm glad
that you got to do that with Jordan, John and Jane. I'm sure that that was
so much fun. Wow, Uncle Jordan. Doesn't it feel great buddy to be an
Uncle? I love it! And I am sure that you do too! Congratulations Amanda
and Scott!

I'm glad that you got to see Ben finally. I love him, and I love that
family. I can't believe Kenna is pregnant! That is crazy. Tell them all
that I feel of their love and that I love them too. I'm very greatful for
them in my life.

I am so sad that Sister Tyson is back home. Last week I was looking on the
mission blog and didn't see her picture. I was really scared that that is
what happened. Please, when you see her, give her a big hug from me and
tell her that everything is going to be okay, from me. I miss her here.
She is a great missionary, and will pray that they will find out soon what
is wrong and that she will be able to come back very soon.

I'm so glad to hear that my big little brother is doing good! I love him so
much! I can't believe that he got hurt again. That would be great for him
if he was able to go to Missouri and help with the clean up. He will be

By the way Mother, yes E-mailing on Monday is okay. We are always here
around this time. I'm glad that your friend brought you back a Beckett
T-Shirt! Lucky lol. That is so cool. There is a member here that loves
the Red Sox. He always has a hat and shirt on for Activity Days. It always
reminds me of you Mother. I am also with you Mother seeing the time go by
so quickly. It is hard to believe that it is already almost July. It goes
by so quick. I don't like it. My mission is going too fast. I don't like
it at all. I'll work harder though and leave with no regrets.

That would be so great of you all to go to the Sacrament Meeting when
President and Sister Hale speak. There's really nothing that I need you to
say to them for me. Just that I love them. I'll see them one day shortly.
I love them so much. I really have mixed emotions. I love them so much and
don't want them to leave, but I am so excited to have President and Sister
Anderson come and lead us. "Follow the keys."

This last week has been great though. Madelyn was confirmed yesterday, and
the Spirit was really strong. I was able to have the opportunity to perform
the ordinance. I truly felt the Spirit very strong. I really felt the Lord
talking through me. It was a feeling and exprience that I can't explain.
My words flowed fluently. Her husband will be baptized really soon. He
wants to be and is going to be, we just got to work a little bit more. It
will come to pass though.

Well Family know that I love you all each individually all so very much!
Take care, have a great week, and be careful in all things that you do.

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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