Saturday, April 2, 2011

*It's Getting Hot*

Hola mi Familia!

How is everybody doing?! I hope that all is well with everybody! I am doing great! However, it has been an extremely hot week. It has been reaching up to about 100 degrees, with all of the humidity. I have never sweat so much in my entire life. I think that I have dropped about 6 or 7 pounds this week just by sweating. It's kind of nice though riding my bike and sweating. It makes me feel like I'm doing good exercise and keeping myself healthy. Don't worry Mother, I am drinking A TON of water!

It has been good though. And no, I don't really think that there is a Spring here. Basically hot all of the time lol. So it has been a great week. Nothing special has happened really, but it has just been a great week. I'm so glad that you all were able to see those videos that I sent home to you! I thought that you would like them. Did you notice that I almost fell off of my bike in almost every one of them?haha yeah there's a lot of bumps and I don't really pay attention to them most of the time.

So to answer your question, no this area is nothing like West Palm Beach. You don't see houses and/or cars like that. This is a pretty wealthy part. I love it though. The people are really nice and receiving us well, and my spanish gets better and better every day. Honestly, everybody down here is Spanish. LoL it has been great. I get a taste of every kind of culture from basically every single country in central and south america, and Cuba and Puerto Rico. Any kind of spanish you can think of basically lol. It is great though I love it! It keeps me on my toes, and it's helping me to understand how to teach each individual person to their needs and what they need. The members here are great! We just bearly got a new Ward Mission Leader two Sundays ago. He lives in our area. The last one didn't, so it is very nice to have him there! He's the one with Max, my big dog. He has a greatf amily. His wife is excited because the rule is is that we can't eat with members after 5:00 unless an investigator or non-member is there. But, that rule doesn't apply for the Bishop, or the Ward Mission Leader. She loves cooking for us lol. Definitely one family I am never going to forget!

Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Kit!!! That is so cool that you got the piano sold! What a blessing that is! And so quick it happened too lol. That was a nice comparison between that story, and tying it to the Gospel Mother! Very missionary like. You teach like a Prophet! Good job Mother. By the way Mother, don't worry, questions are good. You search and ask for guidance to find the correct answer, and walk away extremely uplifted and edified. I really would like all of the e-mails printed out for me and put in abook. I am not able to do that. So if you could help me out with that,that would be great and very much appreciated! Thank you very much for your efforts to preserve my pictures from the mission! They are very extremely precious to me, and are very sacred to me. They are from the best time of my life, here in beautiful sunny South Florida. So I really do thank you and appreciate that sacrifice that you are making for me!

So I have been getting extremely tan! But, only on part of my face, and a little past my elbows lol. I say part of my face, because of my helmet and sunglasses. I kind of have a tan line from my sunglasses (which makes me feel right at home because I've got my raccoon eyes back, which I absolutely love!) and from the straps of my helmet. Haha it's pretty cool, but yes Mother, I am using sunscreen.

Well family, hope you know that all is going well with me. I really hope that all is going extremely well with each and every one of you! I pray and hope that you can feel and know of my love for each and every one of you each individually! Big hugs and kisses to the little kids from Uncle Elder Hardman. I love you all so much!


Your Son, Brother, and Uncle

Elder Hardman

PS...Sorry no pictures this week. I forgot my connection, and not didn't take to many either. Love you!

PPS... I haven't heard anything on Elder Vilorio. E-mail them and see howthey, and he, are doing. That would be great, I know that they would love that!

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