Monday, January 31, 2011

~A Day to Go Fishin~

Mi querida familia! Hola como estan? Todo bien aqui! Todo tranquilo. Yo he tenido una gransemana! Gracias por todo que ustedes han hechos para mi! Si yo recibi mipaquete! Muchisimas Gracias! Todo de los elderes dicen gracias por lascorbatas! ellos les encantan! Igual que nuestro converso nuevo! A el leencanto! El queria que les dijera muchisimas gracias por la corbata. Okay sorry I just wanted a little bit of Spanish in there. I don't knowwhy, but you know haha. Have the boys translate it for you.

So how iseverything going for you all? Sounds like you all had a great week! HappyBirthday you little stinker Kenley! I can't believe you are 2! Wow what acute little stinker I love that little girl, and ALL of those little kids!

So I have had a really good week. Nothing really in particular I guess.Except for the personal priesthood interviews that we had with President Hale this last week! It was so much fun to talk to him one on one, as wellas with Sister Hale! I really love them a lot! We talked about a lot ofthings, and it was a really good interview. I even made them that dessert Morgan! They absolutely loved it! I took a picture of the dessert, but I forgot that card at the apartment, so sorry about that lol.


*Elder Sent a pic on 1/31/11*

This was After 10 min out of the oven

The pictures I have for today are amazing though lol. But it was a really good time witht hem. So Daddy sorry that I forgot to answer your question last week, but I'mgoing to answer it right now lol. Yes I do get the chance to serve the finepeople of South Florida every once in a while. In fact we helped a recent convert move this last week. It took literally all day lol. But it was agood time, and him and his family really needed the help.
Okay Dad and everybody don't hate me, but I have something to tell you thatI did this morning. For this is the reason that I am e-mailing a little later than normal. WE WENT FISHING!!!!!! Yeah one of the senior missionary couples took us! It was so much fun! They also brought an investigator,and at the end he asked me a question that about killed me. He invited us to come with him on his 38 foot sail boat! Oh man I was SO sad! But very happy because I knew that I was being obedient. But I'll send you somepictures. I caught a "Blue Fish." Another Elder caught a Blow Fish lol.But we had to throw that one back because you have to have a special license to kill and fillet one of those due to the poison that they have. But yeah it was a lot of fun, and we're planning to go again soon.

Well family there's not a whole lot more to report on this week. Sorry but this letter is probably a little short. We got something else we're heading to do in just a little bit too, so yeah.

It's the work of the Lord, and I love it! Everyday I can feel my testimony and conviction growing stronger.I can also feel it from all of you guys! I love each and every one of you!Take care, and I will talk to you next week in the e-mail. I love you!
Your Son, Brother, and UncleElder Hardman

P.S. how is Jared doing? I hope that all is going well with him! Send himmy love and care and prayer for his protection.

Elder Sepulveda, Investigator, JD, Elder Collins *who took the elders*

JD's Blue Fish he caught....Sister Collins, Elder Neeley, JD, Elder Fine

YES, that is an AIRPLANE on a boat behind JD, The cool bridge lifted up to let it go by

What Beautiful Scenery!!

Normal boat size in Flordia..the BIG one not the litte one

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