Monday, January 3, 2011

~Chistmas letter...& Birthday~

Hola mi Familia! Como estan? Estoy super bien en este dia porque hoy es mi cumpliano! Si yotengo 20 anos ahora. Ustedes pueden creerlo?! Porque este manana yo estuvepensando un poco sobre cuantos anos yo tengo ahora y yo no podia creerlo.Pero estoy feliz porque soy su hijo, hermano, tio, primo, y sobrino y todoel resto. no les gusta leyendo en espanol? Okay perdon yo voy a escribiren Ingles ahora entonces. I don't know why but I just felt like going off on a Spanish tangent rightthere lol.

Oh yeah sorry I totally forgot to tell you all that on the week of transfer meetings our Preparation Day is on Tuesdays. So sorry aboutthat. Mother I just knew that you were going to call the mission office haha. But I'm not getting transferred. Elder Sepulveda and I are stayingin our area. I'm pretty darn excited for it. Elder Robinson is leaving.He is the zone leader that we live with. He is amazing, and truly has beenone of the biggest influences on me right now. I look forward to hangingout with him when I get home. He's from Farr West, UT and loves theoutdoors. So, it will be pretty great.

Thank you SO much for all of the Birthday Wishes! They mean a lot. DaggomI'm getting old. 20 Years Old!!! Wow, it's amazing. I love it. It'salready been a good Birthday1 Thank you SO much for the package!!! It wasamazing! I love everything in it! And Dad, you know me. Easy Cheese,Crackers, and Salami? Wow, you know your Son SO WELL!!! I about cried whenI saw all of that. And the Card just about had me in tears haha. I was like..."YES! it is so funny!" I really was laughing so hard! So, thank you for everything!! I love you all!!
So the baptisms and the wedding were great!!! It was truly amazing, and an experience that I will NEVER forget!
Morgan thank you so much for the video of Drake! I could view it, but I couldn't hear it. But, I could tell what he is saying. He is so cute and getting so big! Everybody give all of the little kids big hugs and kisses from Uncle Elder Hardman!

Not a whole lot has happened in 2 days lol. But, it has been a great 2days. It's been so cold, the cold humidity just cuts right through ya. Ihad 2 sweaters on, and I was still cold (not to mention my insulation that Ihave built in). That's when you know that it's cold haha. I tell you what! I hope that everybody had a very Merry Christmas, and is going to have avery wonderful New Year! I'm really excited for illegal fireworks being legal down here haha.

Well family I love you all SO much with all of my heart! Feel that, and know that everyday!!! You are also in my prayers, and I hope and pray forthe best for each and every one of you! I love you!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

Christmas Day!

Christmas Breakfast FRENCH TOAST

One of the brothers that got baptized then he was married right after

Everyone that was baptized on CHRISTMAS DAY!!
What a great way to spend his first Christmas away from home...doing the Lord's work on the day of his birth..
Some of the people that were baptized on Christmas day!!

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