Friday, July 15, 2011

*Elder get's in a Wreck...AGAIN...that DARN BIKE*

Well hello my dearest Family!,

Happy Birthday Carson and Leilaa!!! I love you so much! Thank you Alicia
for that picture of Carson. It meant a lot. What cute bright eyed little
kids we have in this family. They are so special.

How are you all doing on this fine and beautiful day? I am glad to see that
all was going well! I am doing great. I am recovering. I was starting to
feel pretty good, and then I sneezed, and all of that pain in my chest came
right back and stayed. I might be going to get an X-Ray soon. I don't
know. But we have been working and doing great. I got out of the apartment
on Tuesday. I didn't ride my bike though because I needed a new helmet. We
got rides from members and it was nice. We started riding our bikes the
next day because I got a helmet. Wow a lot of people have told me that here
too Dad, that it's a good thing that I hit my head or else something bad
could have happened haha. Let me guess, Jimmy and Steve were a couple of
people who said that? Haha. But I am doing good and recovering.

Jose's baptism was so great. He was and is so ready to make that sacred
covenant with God. It was a very powerful baptism. He is excited to
receive the Priesthood authority so that he may bless his families in the
ways that he wants to and knows that he can with the Priesthood. He and
Madelyn have been sharing the Gospel a lot with their family. They are, and
are going to be great missionaries. I am so excited to see them grow and
progress. I will send home a picture of his baptism.

Wow, it sounds like your time with President and Sister Hale was so great.
I really miss them a lot, and am glad that you got to meet them. They are
very dear people in my life, and I really really want them there when I get
home. I told them that I do, and look forward to seeing them again. That
is really special that you got to here from President Uchtdorf, a living
Prophet of God. I'm sure that that was a choice experience. What also was
a choice experience is that you got to hear from Spencer, Cameron, and
Catherine. I love those kids a lot. It was fun to see them and talk with
them whenever I had the chance. They are super special and a perfect
example of Faith and love. They were super fun to be around. I agree 100%
with President Hale Daddy when he told you that I got leadership traits from
you. It is very true. He is a very wise and loving man. That experience
with Sister Hale is something very special to me. Like I have said before,
she is like my Mom. I love her so much. If you ever talk to her and/or
President Hale, tell them that I miss them too. That's really cool that you
met Sister Lealaogata. She was so much fun. She was in my District in West
Palm Beach for a little bit. She was real fun. Also Elder Moon's Mom.
That is really fun. What a choice experience it was for you to be around
the people that I know and love, and know how special this mission is.

So I have been thinking and planning on doing the same thing with my helmet
Mother. I am going to send that and my pants home. I really do want to
keep that forever. It is a perfect symbol of obedience. When you do what
the Lord has commanded you, he can protect you according to your obedience.
Also, that it is a perfect example as to why you always wear your helmet. I
will ALWAYS wear my helmet when I ride my bike, or do anything of that sort
that a helmet needs to be warned.

Speaking of packages, I don't mean to or want to sound rude or anything,
when are you going to send that package with ties and stuff? The transfer
is winding down, and I don't know or think that I will be with my companion
after this transfer. Just curious. Thank you!

Well family I am doing great, and hope that you are all doing great as
well. I love you all so much. Take care and have a great week, and be
careful in all things that you may do this week. I love you!

Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman


These Elder's don't go hungry! JD made the Meat...his companion made the

Rice & Beans Ensalada

Elder also added this little note, after he had emailed already:


Even though this was a bad accident, the hand of the Lord was present. He
protected me. We were close to home, we have that rule that we have to wear
a helmet (which I never used to do at home, but I am going to continue to do
for the rest of my life), and that my companion was with me, and that that
cop was nearby, and also there was another lady who saw the whole thing who
turned around to make sure that I was ok. The hand of the Lord was
definitely present, and he protected me and saved my life on so many
levels. He prepared me for this event. I did my part, by wearing my helmet
and not riding crazy or mindless, and he did his part and protected me. He
only could have done that if I did my part. Always do your part and show
your Faith, and he will protect you and he will provide.

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