Friday, February 18, 2011

~Keep Him in your Prayers~

Hello everybody! How is everybody?
I hope that all is going well with everyone. Everything is going good here, except for the past few days I have been sick.Yesterday I had a temperature of 102.2, and when I woke up this morning I woke up with a temperature of 102.6. I'm taking medicine and everything, it's just when the medicine wares off I go back to not feeling very goodagain. It's okay, I'll live.
Happy belated Birthday Grandpa!!! I love you! Happy Early BirthdayGrandma!!! I love you!
So as you all may know now from the blog, I am in Miami Lakes South now with Elder Bowler. He is a great companion. He is from Colorado, and has been out for about 14 or 15 months now. I've been feeling bad that he's had to kick it around the apartment with me being sick, but I just cannot do anything. Yes, this area is a biking area again. And I'll tell you what,it's tough. We have to ride our bikes for 20 minutes before we even get into our area. Where we live is the other Elder's area (Miami Lakes North),and we live with them too. So yeah, it's crazy. My goal this transfer is to lose 20 pounds. I have already lost 8. But, that could be due to me being sick. I don't have much of an appetite as of right now. But, I can almost guarantee you that I am going to reach that goal, if not more too.
So, Elder Sepulveda wrote me and told me that one of our investigators is going to get baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited for that! I do miss Elder Sepulveda, but I have a great companion now. When Elder Sepulveda ends after this transfer, in April he's going to come back and find me, and we're going to go out and teach with him just being a member. It's going to be sweet! I'm really excited for that. Before I forget, has the Vilorio family called you yet? I sure hope that they have. Everything has been fine with this transition of areas and companions. At first it was a little weird, but that's normal. But now I'm feeling perfect and ready to go. I've got something to do in this area. If I didn't, the Lord wouldn't have sent me here. So I just gotta buckle up and keep going. This week we are going to have a Zone Council, and Elder Golden from the Seventy is coming to talk with us. I'm really excited for that! It will bea great experience!
I too am glad to hear that Jared is back on American Soil. That is such a huge relief! So is he back for good and not going back to Afghanistan, or what? I sure hope that he doesn't have to go back ever again! Speaking of that, Matt when do you leave for basic? Be careful and have fun and do good. Where is it at that you are going again? I can't remember lol.
So far in this area we have two baptismal dates right now. One will get baptized for sure, the other one we're still working with more. It's very exciting though I can't wait! So this area that I am in right now is different than West Palm Beach. Down here it's a lot more rich. But that's okay the people are still great, I love working with them.
Our Ward Mission Leader is awesome. He served his mission in Carlsbad, California. He was describing one of his areas to me,and it was sweet. He was literally in the mountains with a 4 x 4 truch, and just out in the middle of nowhere. My kind of livin' lol. But even with that, the Great Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission is better. What a great mission we have.
Well family, not much else to report on this week. Oh, I'm not going to be e-mailing again until Tuesday next week because of Presiden't Day. Just sayin'. I'm not going to be able to send any pictures home because we e-mail at a library now. I'm going to have to buy a little adapter thing first before I do. So hopefully next week. I'm sorry! I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and continue to be in my prayers. I ask that you continue to keep me, my companion, and our area,and the whole mission in your prayers. They are truly felt, and I am grateful for them. I love you all! Have a great week, take care, be careful in everything that you do. Don't drive and talk on your cell phone at the same time, especially in the snow and ice. I love you all! Give allof the little kids big hugs and kisses from Uncle Elder Hardman!
Your Son, Brother, and Uncle
Elder Hardman

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